Polls show Trump approval rating softening among GOP, independents – TheHill

I bring up Watergate on my blog a lot. It’s the only thing that I have to compare to the craziness that we’re going through right now. The one thing that I can tell you for sure is that John Dean’s testimony caused the downfall of Nixon.

At the time of his testimony in front of the Watergate committee Nixon had approval ratings in the mid-forties. Sound familiar? Within a year his approval ratings plummeted to 21%. just like a rats jumping a sinking ship the GOP followed suit. So reading that the GOP and independent voters are starting to soften on Trump is very telling.

I watched the whole testimony of Michael Cohen today in front of the House oversight committee.what was fascinating to me and two other observers of the body politic is that as much as the GOP members of the committee attacked Michael Cohen they never defended Donald Trump. You would think that allegation after allegation that were flung to the committee members from Michael Collins testimony would have been at least given some window dressing of making an attempt to defend the leader of the GOP. But nobody did.

Look, I am more than aware that politicians are politicians and you can’t ask a lepard to shed their spots. to me the reason that President Clinton was never convicted by the Senate was because his approval ratings were soaring. That’s not the case anymore for Trump. It never was the case for Trump to be honest. He has had the worst approval ratings of any president in his first year in office. And even worse he’s had historically high disapproval ratings.

Do I think today was the wooden stake in his heart, no. But it’s the beginning and with a democratically LED house we are going to see more and more of these hearings chip away at the fake veneer of this presidency.


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Trendline amongst Republican voters on Trump’s approval. Screenshot from thehill.com

Bill Clinton Boosts Democratic National Convention Night 2 Coverage – Variety

This is from the Associated Press:

RATINGS: Democrats had nearly 5 million more viewers Tuesday night than Republicans did for the corresponding night of their convention last week. That’s from the Nielsen company’s measurement of the six biggest commercial networks that showed the convention from 10 p.m. until its close. For a second straight night, CNN led the way with 5.93 million viewers, followed by NBC’s 5.28 million. After winning last week with the Republicans, Fox News was sixth and last.

The National Party conventions are infomercials. And the Democrats are winning the infomercial War. Let’s hope it translates into votes in November. Below is the article by variety about how Bill Clinton help boost the ratings on Tuesday night.



I took this picture before the California primary in late May in Inglewood California.

Democratic Party Reverses Course, Will Release Platform Document

I will preface this by saying that A party’s platform is rather irrelevant after the November elections. And most of the time the platform is only relevant to a party opposing party. So this fight over what is and what is not going to be in the platform of the Democratic Party is only useful for Donald Trump or the nominee of the Republican Party. The most important thing that would have damaged the Democrats in November was Bernie Sanders unreasonable stance regarding the israeli-palestinian conflict. The Democrats were able not to include that language in this draft. We need to keep pressure on the Democratic party to make sure they don’t buckle in on this issue. Donald Trump will say that the Democrats not the friends that Israel needs in a region filled with enemies.



Republicans aims to regain control of House floor from Democratic sit-in – CNN

The Optics of it all. This is pure genius on the part of the Democrats who started the sit-in. And what’s most ironic is that they’re holding the house hostage that wants to vote on a bill that will remove fiduciary responsibility from people that handle your money. The only people in the world that want this bill to go through are the banks. To make it simple this law was passed under President Obama’s administration and it says that if you handle someone’s money you must handle it responsibly. The banks hate this because acting responsibly is not in their nature. So now the eyes of the nation are looking at a cell phone transmission from the floor of the house and in half an hour speaker Ryan will call the house to order to vote on a bill that only the banks want. This is going to set them up for 30 second commercials over and over again between now and November. This is a nightmare for Paul Ryan. And nobody deserves nightmares more than Paul Ryan.
This is why the Republicans no longer call the Democratic Party by its name and only say the Democrat Party. Because this is democracy at work at its finest.


Chicopee, Mass. ‘superdelegate’ Debra Kozikowski backs Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential run | masslive.com

Bernie Sanders supporters say that the super delegate system is not rigged. This proves it is not. This lady waited until all primaries were over and is backing the person that has won the most pledged delegates. The system is not right, end of discussion.

Debra Kozikowski, vice chairwoman of the Democratic State Committee, is among the 25 unpledged, or "super delegates," Massachusetts will send to the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Sanders: ‘The Democratic National Convention will be a contested convention’ – CNN

The caption at the top of the CNN article makes Bernie Sanders look more ridiculous than ever. It states that “Hillary Clinton will be clinching the Democratic nomination for president in the next few days”. And this man is talking about late July. Back a year ago when Bernie Sanders announce to run for president I had a good opinion of him. I have completely lost that opinion and now find them kind of reprehensible. Naming a Palestinian sympathizer to be put on the platform Committee of the Democratic National Convention was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I’m sure you have your own moment when Bernie Sanders became untenable. Please feel free to share those in the comments section.


Watch “Feel The Turn | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS” on YouTube

Samantha be like John Oliver is getting a reputation for being truthful about subjects. She is impartial and sometimes I don’t agree with her but I’ve never found her to be unfair. So she looked at the Nevada convention and she made the only logical conclusions that are to be made. Sanders supporters don’t follow the rules and get mad because they’re not very good at following rules. Oh I know I’ll hear people telling me well the rules are made to be changed. Sure but not in the middle of the game. That’s called cheating.

Trump fuels Democratic voter surge -POLITICO

Trump fuels Democratic voter surge and Republicans are seeing very modest new voter registration numbers. In the swing States they are only looking at 6% increases over previous Republican registration particularly in swing States. The reason the numbers of people coming out to vote in the Republican primaries are not first time voters would rather regular Republican voters that don’t vote in the primary. So all the hand-wringing that one hears over the lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic ranks is going to be history when Trump is on the November ballot. The 6% increase of Republican voters that are new to the system in swing States would not be able to win the election for the Republicans because Democrats won by more than that.


Bernie Sanders choices for the Democratic platform committee proves he’s not a Democrat

There are few people that’s annoying me more than Cornel West. He attacks President Obama left and right even though he claims to be a African American activist. He calls every one brother and sister. That’s one of Bernie Sanders brilliant choices for the platform committee. Next comes James Zogby a pro-palestinian activist. He’s figuring out the best way for the Democrats to be defeated by alienating African Americans who support President Obama and the Jewish vote that supports Israel. I know platforms don’t have a lot of say on how the president elected on it behave. But this is going to be a great weapon for Trump to be using for the next 5 months. We might as well have a communist on the platform committee and just put some Nails into the coffin of the democratic chances to win the White House this year and for that matter the Senate. I think that Bernie Sanders is trying to destroy the Democratic Party from within. He is no Democrat
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