Report: Donald Trump’s companies at least $650 million in debt – CBS News

Donald Trump has called himself the king of debt, perhaps you should have called himself the Emperor of debt. Ironically a huge amount of the debt is being held by Goldman Sachs. He does not like transparency. People who don’t like transparency are usually doing something wrong. 

Where are his taxes?


Bernie Sanders: $15T in tax increases proposed, hitting most taxpayers, report finds – POLITICO

I have been accused by many of my friends in the Bernie Sanders camp of having bought into  the propaganda from the Hillary Clinton campaign. Not only do I find that insulting, as I am my own man and I have the ability to read at a greater than 5 grade level. I wish I could believe in what senator Sanders is selling. But its fantasy. I have said this on my blog many times and the analogy holds true. Do United States is very much like a supertanker and if you try to turn it to the left or the right too sharply it will capsize. What senator Sanders is proposing will capsize the economy of the United States.
The article below is from political, not exactly the best friend of the Clinton campaign. If anything it has a lean towards Bernie Sanders. So it’s as close to an impartial view as can be expected in these weird days of campaign 2016. I trust you my readers to be intelligent enough to make their own decision, and so I let you read this article.


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