Leaked Documents Allege the NRA Has Been Spending $100,000 a Day on Lawyers – Slate

I’m a blogger, not an investigative reporter. But I’ve got a good sense for numbers. So let’s see 35 million dollars a year on lawyers, 42 million dollars a year to an advertising agency, 60 million dollars towards the campaign of Donald Trump. that’s a lot of money for one nonprofit organization!

The NRA went from a gun safety organization to an organization that protects mass murders and their perpetrators.

the NRA and gun rights organizations in the US love to say that their rights are inalienable under the second amendment. Have we ever looked at the wording of the second amendment? The first words are a “well regulated militia”, regulations are in the first few words of the amendment. It was never meant to be an all out flooding of the market with high capacity and armor piercing bullets. Military-style weapons should be in the hands of the military. their arguments make as much sense as saying that we all have the right to have our own private nuclear Arsenal.

And as far as these leaked documents, they’re coming from Oliver North, one of the sleaziest people that we have had to deal with since the Reagan Era. He was the guy who sold weapons 2 hide from Congress the funding of an illegal act. Wayne LaPierre you go to bed with dogs you’re going to wake up covered in fleas.

The NRA has become a merchant of death and a very corrupt one at that.


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The bloody hand of Wayne LaPierre.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre at the 148th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits on April 27, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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Past Presidents Volunteered On MLK Day. Donald Trump Is Spending It At His Golf Club – Huffington Post

Donald Trump made a cottage industry of criticizing President Obama. What he criticized President Obama most for was the fact of President Obama would play golf on the time he had off from the White House. He said that President Obama should not be out playing golf while the country had problems. Well, first of all President Obama took office when our country was Free Falling Towards a depression. President Obama needed time off and took a whole whopping 29 days of golfing during his first year in office. 45 on the other hand has taken 127 days to golf during his first year.

The only volunteering I have seen is when 45 went to Texas and gave some Jell-O two people after the hurricane and his most famous was throwing rolls of paper towels at a crowd in Puerto Rico that certainly needed more than just paper towels. Those people needed food. Those people needed power for their homes and freshwater to drink. Those people still need our help but instead of helping 45 goes out and plays another round of golf.

I have said this before on my blog. Hypocrisy what is thy name? Thy name is Donald J Trump.


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Bernie Sanders supporters sue to have California’s voter registration extended until election day – LA Times

Now the Sanders supporters are looking like spoiled brats. How do they think they have a case to sue in order to extend something that they should have done when they turned 18. I know I voted when I was 18 and registered on the day after my birthday. I guess the rules don’t mean much to them. This is been a pattern that has been a Hallmark of the Sanders supporters. Now they say that they did so for the extension but it was Hillary Clinton supporters that did. They lie continuously and it’s getting old.