Manafort could face ‘rest of life in prison,’ judge says – POLITICO

This man should have never even been a thousand miles from the White House. He is a Russian infiltrator through and through. He is backed dictators in Eastern Europe and has tried to remake their Persona into one that looks like him actually. I hope they throw not just the book but the whole encyclopedia at him. In my eyes he is a traitor and there’s no other words for this man. I’m happy that the judge is making it quite clear to him that he is never going to see the light of day once this trial is over. The judge clearly statEd that the evidence is overwhelming in this case and that manafort is a man of great wealth and could flee so two ankle bracelets it is and the only time he can leave his condo is to go to doctor’s appointments and visit his lawyers and of course Court appearances.

He’s already a prisoner.


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{Trump Whines}: Shutdown Fight Could Make Me Miss (‘My Party’) – The Daily Beast

Poor Donald, he can’t have his party. Now he’s pouting and whining and tweeting away while he watches our government shutdown. He met with Chuck Schumer yesterday for flowers and came to an agreement but he doesn’t know how to leave anybody he’s never had to leave anybody. It’s clear from his business record he doesn’t know how to do deals he is incompetent. All he cares about is going tomorrow Largo and getting a hundred fifty thousand to $250,000 a head for his reelection and also some of it goes into his pocket because he owns or should I say the Russians own the venue.

So on the one-year anniversary I’m going to go to the streets and walk side by side in the women’s March. We As Americans need to tell this President and this corrupt GOP. We will not stand for this. March we will and March we must.

The Trump shutdown continues…


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ANDREW HARRER – The Daily Beast

Donald Trump Says Campaign Could Benefit His Businesses – CBS 

It’s interesting how he sees the world. He says that his campaign is going to help his business and yet he’s suing a restaurant Geoffrey Zakarian for pulling out of a contract to open a restaurant in one of his properties after his bigoted and racist presidential announcement in 2015. Chef Jose Andres had already pulled out from one of Trumps resorts. Trump properties have seen a drop in sales since his campaign started. No one wants their name associated with Trump and his company’s. If things go bad for the Trump corporations he will just declare bankruptcy as he is done 4 times in the past. That’s how he pays his bills and let’s small businesses go under because of his greed.


Screenshot from the deposition in the lawsuit. Photo credit CBS San Francisco

Donald Trump concedes he could come up short in November – CBS News

Please, do not be fooled by this. He is a master of the media and knows that the more his face is on television the better it is for him. He will say and do anything to be on TV. So now he’s trying to go the humility route. That’s not what his supporters want to hear. He’s Invincible, supposedly, and the only one that can fix America, supposedly. And now he’s going off message.

He will come up short in November and it’s n-no way thanks to our media that have been like whores around him. I’m more worried about the long-term effects of what he has done to our political system then to his presidency.


Trump: ‘Second Amendment people’ could deal with Clinton – CNN 

If something happens to Hillary Clinton Donald Trump should be held criminally liable. This is like someone screaming fire in the middle of a movie theater. He should know that his first amendment rights are not Unlimited. And to even make a suggestion that someone harm his opponent makes him ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States. I am so mad right now that I don’t know what else to say that wouldn’t be obscenities.

This is not funny anymore Donald Trump.


HUFFPOLLSTER: Americans’ Interest In The Election Could Mean High Turnout In November

The words High turnout scare the crap out of the GOP. High turnout is what translates into Los for the GOP. There is no comparison between Hillary and Trump. In November before the election Hillary’s favorables will have gone up and unless a pod person takes over Trump his will stay where they are. The 10 key States that will decide the election are all trending towards blue. Even States that were never In Contention like Georgia are showing that Trump has a lead of 1% well within the margin of error. We cannot take this election for granted but I don’t think we are going to take this election for granted. The thought of trump as president of United States makes me want to gag.
If there were as many racists As Trump is betting on then President Obama would never have been elected in 2008 and then reelected in 2012.


Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Could Not Be Further Apart – NBCNews

When talks, but any kind, don’t go well the talking points are that it is going positively. And that’s all you heard today from the Republicans that met with Donald Trump. It was positive. Over and over again it was positive. You are saying positive way too much.
Paul Ryan actually brought charts into the meeting to try to explain to Trump how things work. I don’t think he got through. Trump did make a point that he is won more votes than anyone before and that his poll numbers are really high. That is very hard to disagree with but I think Paul Ryan is playing the long game. Paul Ryan wants to be president. The main reason he did not want to be speaker of the house and was The Reluctant Bride for so long is that rarely do speakers of the house become president. And he really is power hungry. His misstep in 2012 being the vice presidential candidate to Mitt Romney’s failure is forgivable in terms of the electorate. But jumping on board with Donald Trump and Donald Trump bringing everything down around him is not forgivable.
There’s a Chinese curse that says may you live in interesting times. I guess we are all cursed.


Delegate math: How Tuesday could close door on Sanders bid – WashPost

Delegate math: How Tuesday could close door on Sanders bid
I love how this Washington Post article says that Bernie Sanders has no honest way of getting the nomination, after Tuesday, if Hillary does as well as the polls are saying. But then of course there’s that word honest. It says that the Sanders campaign plans to reevaluate they’re continuing campaign after Tuesday’s elections. Let’s hope they re-evaluate and go for party Unity.

In this April 21, 2016, photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens during a campaign event in Hartford, Conn. Clinton can’t win enough delegates on April 25 to officially knock Bernie Sanders out of the race for president, but she can erase any honest doubts still left that she will soon be the Democratic Party’s nominee.(Jessica Hill/Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton will consider picking another woman for VP. Could it be Elizabeth Warren? – The Washington Post

If Secretary of State Clinton pics Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate it will make it difficult for Bernie Sanders supporters not to vote for this ticket. This would be a stroke of Genius and I hope that it is one of the options that the Secretary of State is considering. Sources within her campaign have said that she is seriously considering another woman to be her running mate.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)