The new Post-ABC poll shows just how badly Donald Trump blew his convention – The Washington Post

This morning I saw Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, say that Independents are flocking to Trump, if this Washington Post/ABC News poll is to be believed, that is not the case. The problem for Trump is that the next few weeks people are going to be watching the Olympics and much of the coverage on television is going to be about the Olympics. This period allows people’s feelings to cement.

Interviews at his rallies shows that even his ardent supporters are starting to ask that he become more stable. The temperament issues is a very big thing with the American people and their leader. 3 months is a long time in politics but Trump is starting to fall quicker than anyone I’ve seen before.



Bill Clinton Boosts Democratic National Convention Night 2 Coverage – Variety

This is from the Associated Press:

RATINGS: Democrats had nearly 5 million more viewers Tuesday night than Republicans did for the corresponding night of their convention last week. That’s from the Nielsen company’s measurement of the six biggest commercial networks that showed the convention from 10 p.m. until its close. For a second straight night, CNN led the way with 5.93 million viewers, followed by NBC’s 5.28 million. After winning last week with the Republicans, Fox News was sixth and last.

The National Party conventions are infomercials. And the Democrats are winning the infomercial War. Let’s hope it translates into votes in November. Below is the article by variety about how Bill Clinton help boost the ratings on Tuesday night.


I took this picture before the California primary in late May in Inglewood California.

“John Oliver to The Repulican National Convention: Don’t Use Our Song [Last Week Tonight 7/25/2016]” – YouTube

The Republican National Convention was full of music. And most of it was not authorized by the musicians. John Oliver takes a look at the week that I call the “Travesty in Cleveland” and it’s musical low notes.


Please click on the link below to watch the video of John Oliver. 

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Cruz gets booed after he declines to endorse Trump during convention speech – POLITICO

I love how Republicans hold a grudge. I knew that Trump repeatedly calling him lying Ted Cruz was going to eventually cost Trump something. And today it was GOP party Unity. What an embarrassment. This is from the convention. From said this over and over again. So he gives Ted Cruz a prime-time speaking slot and Cruz insults him by not endorsing him. Shakespeare would be proud.


Pam Bondi and Rick Scott will speak at GOP convention – Miami Herald

Oh how the once-mighty Republican Party Has Fallen. The Republican party of Donald Trump can’t even get media whores  to speak on primetime Network television. Some of the least popular people in the United States political scene will be speaking. That and a couple of has been football and basketball coaches. I am making plans not to watch the spectacle. Anna spectacle is exactly what it’s going to be.


Donald Trump: Sarah Palin won’t speak at RNC because Alaska is too far away – CNN 

Sarah Palin may not have been able to book a flight on Trump air. Or maybe the Trump campaign has just completely forgotten about jet airplanes. 3000 miles to go to the National Republican convention doesn’t seem like a long way. That’s about the distance that most people on the west coast are going to travel if their delegates to the Democratic Convention. I think the real reason is the fact that Trump was made uncomfortable by Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech and he yanked her off the schedule. 

Sarah Palin you’re fired!


Donald Trump Expected to Announce Running Mate Before Convention – New York Times

First Donald Trump said he would not announced his vice presidential candidate until the convention now he’s going to announce it before the convention. I have one word for him:

Or in this case I think a picture is worth a thousand words. This man cannot be held down to a single position or belief. Whenever something doesn’t hit the fan right he changes his story. But he wants to be our president and Truth does matter. Please read the New York Times article below. This is truly a case of lipstick not making a pig look any better.


Trump’s convention stars: His kids – POLITICO 

Look, I get it, he’s a father and very proud of his kids. But Trump’s kids have humongous problems in their history. The apples did not fall far from the tree in this case. They are ruthless and run his business like it’s a crime Empire. Then you throw in their penchant for killing endangered animals and we’ve got a trifecta here. At the end of the day the convention is not to bolster Trump’s kids it’s to make Trump look presidential. We shall see how all of this works in just a couple of weeks.


RNC confusion: Despite report, boxing champ Mike Tyson isn’t coming to GOP convention – CNN 

In his normal diplomatic way it seems that Donald Trump invited Mike Tyson then disinvited Mike Tyson in a bizarre, well this is Donald Trump, tweet.

The CNN reports that this aging if not plain old group of performers will be making appearances at the Republican National Convention. Some of the groups original members have all died. I can’t wait how this list stands up to who the Democrats will be having. Here is the list quoted from the CNN article:”And for entertainment at some of the ancillary events surrounding the official confab, look for Journey, the Beach Boys, Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry  and Poison frontman Bret Michaels, Bloomberg reports. Other bands slated to perform at events in Cleveland include Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd.” Since none of these groups are real favourite of mine it looks like I won’t be watching the RNC.


Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump’s convention – POLITICO

Out of 50 politicians that Politico surveyed that would normally be chomping at the bit to speak at the convention only a few said they might be interested. Almost everyone else had talking points. They ranged from I’m not going to be attending the convention this year to I am not interested in the speaking position at the convention this year. This is remarkable because a political convention is a 3 Day infomercial for that presidential candidate. And no one wants to be on stage with Trump. We have three weeks until the convention and I will repeat this over and over again one week in political terms is the same as a year in regular terms so let’s not call the body dead yet. Trump could be roaring back to life next week and all of this will seem as far away as the 24-hour sit-in the Democrats had in the house only last Tuesday.