A congressman eloquently schools someone who insulted people with 10th-grade educations.

People matter, all lives matter. The number of people who have invented or started great successful enterprises that did not graduate high school is countless. I am not advocating for dropping out of high school in anyway I think education is the best path to a successful life. But for whatever reason someone was not able to continue their education does not mean that they are lesser of a person.

Rep. Ted Lieu is an Ivy League-educated congressman who represents the 33rd district in California.


Congressman admits relationship with airline lobbyist – US News

Having a sexual relationship with a coworker is never a good thing. but having a sexual relationship with a lobbyist representing the very group that you are supposed to be overseeing is a crime, plain and simple.


The Associated Press
FILE - This May 16, 2013 file photo shows House Transportation and Infrastructure Full Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa. on Capitol Hill in Washington. The chairman of the House committee that handles aviation legislation is acknowledging that he has a private and personal relationship an airline industry lobbyist Shelley Rubino in a statement Thursday, April 16, 2015, but said she doesn’t lobby him. Rubino works for Airlines for America, a trade association for major U.S. airlines. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)


“Downton Abbey” Congressman Resigns

I guess he can start a career in fitness instruction and if she goes to jail he may be able to defend himself to a point

March 17 2015

Illinois Republican congressman Aaron Schock resigns over charges that he and properly used campaign funds and donations. this all started when a reporter went to his office and thought he was on the set of Downton Abbey. The decorator was there and she said that she had given this to the congressman for free. this started people looking at him and put him under the microscope. Today it was revealed that he charged double the mileage that he has on his car for reimbursement by taxpayers. he was the first congressman elected who was born in the eighties. And because of gerrymandering this is a safe Republican seat.