Trump fundraising emails overseas prompt complaints here and abroad – The Washington Post

Maybe one day when the Democrats have been in power for a very long time they will become underhanded. But for now the Republicans are Masters at cheating. Sending fundraising letters to foreign leaders is against federal election rules. Trump has the nerve to talk about Hillary’s emails when these emails are punishable by prison sentences. Republicans will say that some underling sent this and it was a mistake. And we the people are supposed to forget all about it. How embarrassing? To have members of parliament getting these emails in the middle of a crisis in their country. Donald Trump should not ever get near the White House. And is our duty As Americans to make sure that he doesn’t.


Hillary Clinton ally hits Sanders with FEC complaints

The word complaint here is kind of misleading because these are actual illegal Acts. And for someone who has made himself out to be Mr. Clean politics this is quite shocking to read. I urge you to look at the individual complaints and see how if they are cooperated can be devastating to Bernie Sanders and his campaign. Coordinating with a Pac is illegal, end of discussion.

Photo credit Charles Rex Arbogast, AP

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