Starbucks will temporarily close 8,000 U.S. stores for racial-bias training – NBC News

Sexual harassment training has been around for a couple of decades now and most companies that have more than 10 employees. Companies did not do it because of some altruistic reason they did it because they were being sued by there employees who had been sexually harassed. Now it’s time for corporations to step up to the plate regarding racial bias and how they treat their customers. In the incidents with Starbucks that spawned all of this interest many white customers had said they had spent their whole day there without buying a single thing and using Wi-Fi and an electric plug. And yet the Starbucks employees thought it would be proper to arrest two African-Americans for doing the same thing.

I applaud Starbucks for taking this step, but it reminds me of when Chipotle close their stores down because of the bacterial outbreak, it’s too little and too late.


for full article about Starbucks closing stores click here to NBC article

A Starbucks customer drinks coffee in Palo Alto, Calif., on Feb. 26, 2008.Paul Sakuma / AP file

Delegate math: How Tuesday could close door on Sanders bid – WashPost

Delegate math: How Tuesday could close door on Sanders bid
I love how this Washington Post article says that Bernie Sanders has no honest way of getting the nomination, after Tuesday, if Hillary does as well as the polls are saying. But then of course there’s that word honest. It says that the Sanders campaign plans to reevaluate they’re continuing campaign after Tuesday’s elections. Let’s hope they re-evaluate and go for party Unity.

In this April 21, 2016, photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens during a campaign event in Hartford, Conn. Clinton can’t win enough delegates on April 25 to officially knock Bernie Sanders out of the race for president, but she can erase any honest doubts still left that she will soon be the Democratic Party’s nominee.(Jessica Hill/Associated Press)