Email snafu reveals White House outreach to Obama and Clinton alumni – POLITICO

First we have a President who doesn’t want to use security protocols on his phones and refuses to tweet on anything that has any kind of security on it. He says it’s too inconvenient.

And now the irony of ironies, White House emails coming out. An email scandal involving Trump? Oh you must mean Hillary Clinton? Know it is Trump, and Karma is truly something else.


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When it comes to selling President Donald Trump’s Iran strategy and other foreign policy initiatives, the White House has been blasting out its talking points to an uncharacteristically inclusive list of foreign policy heavyweights. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Early exit poll: Clinton winning ground game – POLITICO

Donald Trump treated his presidential campaign the way he treats the buildings that have his name on them. He outsourced to the ground game, in the same way you Outsource the management of those buildings. The ground game is the part of the campaign that make sure your supporters get to the polls. There are voters who will go to the polls come hell or high water and there are those that need a gentle reminder. Donald Trump put more resources into getting those people out to the polls that needed a gentle reminder. Instead he put that on the back of the Republican party and its infrastructure in the states. But let’s not forget he wasn’t very popular with every Republican. There is a report about a reporter who went to the headquarters of the Republican party in one state. This office was a storefront. There were no Trump signs in the window. When the reporter asked where do Trump signs were he was told they were in the back in boxes. So it’s no surprise that Hillary’s campaign has reached out to over five times more people then the Trump campaign.


Clinton Holds Clear Edge on Having Presidential Qualities – Gallup

Tonight on The Daily Show I was more scared than ever before on Halloween night. The show was the voted to depicting what our country would be in 2020 after 4 years of trump. This Gallup poll clearly illustrates that we need Hillary in the White House. Each one of these so-called Revelations about Hillary are nothing compared to what Donald Trump has been accused of. My God if Hillary had been accused of sexually molesting 12 people, in cahoots with the Russian government – rhaegar election, going on trial for fraud in Trump University and a foundation that only takes people’s money and bribes others with it, Hillary would already be in jail. Like Seth Meyers said tonight it’s as if during the OJ trial people focused on whether or not the white Broncos registrations are up to date. And that’s what we’ve come to with our media speculating away and not focusing on the real issues with Donald Trump and his inability to be president of the United States.



Clinton seeks to use new FBI inquiry as galvanizing force – The Washington Post

And galvanized we must. 

The thought of Donald Trump in the White House makes me sick to my stomach. Our Supreme Court hangs in the balance. Can you imagine how all of our accomplishments of the last eight years will be rolled back because of Donald Trump nominations to the Supreme Court. This is our time to shine and show FBI director Comey that his son is not going to work.

This is not Politics as Usual. This man cannot be the president of United States. He will make George Bush II look like a prince.

I am preaching to the choir here but if you even have $5 to donate to Hillary Clinton campaign right now please go to and do so.


The Latest: Adelsons spend big in effort to defeat Clinton – The Washington Post 

Voter turnout will be the key to winning this election. All the money that people like Sheldon Adelson will throw at this campaign will be meaningless if we go out and vote on November 8th or before. This is what Citizens United has brought to our country. Billionaires with their own agenda trying to shape our country and their image. That’s not what America is all about. They are putting their finger on the scale so that the Republicans keep the Senate and win the White House. And for the record, just like the evangelicals who are saying they are going to vote for Trump despite his deplorable comments about women, Sheldon Adelson is supporting Trump even though Hillary Clinton would be the best choice for Israel which is his top priority. Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he wants to go to IP stock where Israel and the Palestinians are viewed as Mutual by the United States. Israel wants a two-state solution. The Palestinians want one state solution with Israel gone. I don’t understand how people like Sheldon Adelson spend money on a man who you cannot trust.

I will say this again voter turnout will decide this election. Please don’t be fooled into complacency by the polls. Think about brexit. Do we really want to wake up on November 9th and say what have we done like the British did?


I wonder if he and Donald Trump share the same hair stylist if you want to call that hair styling

Clinton plans to directly address sex assault claims against Trump, aide says – The Washington Post

I believe this is a very correct decision on the part of the Clinton campaign. Trump’s remarks are inexcusable. Now people are coming out and putting a face on the abuse. Hillary should not to be shy about bringing this up. We have heard about Bill Clinton’s and takes for the last 25 years and it has not change the fact that he is still one of the most respected people in the world. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it a thousand times. The Clinton Foundation saves lives all over the world, the Trump Foundation gives out bribes.


Hillary Clinton greets supporters after a rally at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts on Oct. 12 in Las Vegas. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Election Update: Clinton’s Debate Performance Is Helping Her In Swing States – FiveThirtyEight

With a little bit more than five weeks before the election we are seeing things coming together for Hillary Clinton. October is looming honest and there’s always the chance for an October surprise. I think that this election cycle has been so surprised then unless it is a major event we are coasting to a Hillary Clinton win. Even Saturday Night Live said exactly that.


Hillary wins the first presidential debate against the snorting Donald Trump

Donald Trump was rambling most of the time. He lied about half the time his mouth was moving. He interrupted her, something that Americans don’t like. And now let’s talk about this morning which seemed to be some sort of a lie detector because it seems that each time he snorted he lied. He snorted a lot tonight. He evaded the question about Russia because I believe he owes a lot of money to the Russian oligarchy. My favorite of his Whoppers was that nuclear disaster is a bigger threat than what he called the global warming which is in fact incorrect terminology the term should be climate change. He evaded questions about not paying people what they would do. I saw the story about the company that I’ve been building wooden crates for 3 generations.  Donald Trump hired them to build the boxes where are the slot machines the rest of the pond. He never paid them and the company went under and it killed the patriarch of the family. Donald Trump is that kind of man.

I would like to play poker with Donald Trump. He has a tell. Each time he was about to lie he snorted.

Donald had demonstrable more makeup on then Hillary Clinton. He was also a lighter shade than his normal orange hue. Perhaps he’s adjusting has winter is coming.

I wish that the moderator had asked Donald Trump to just show us the letter from the IRS stating that he’s under audit. That would reveal nothing about his finances but it would reveal that he may be lying about the audit.

And let’s talk about stamina. He actually became incoherent towards the end. He was fidgeting and look like an 8 year old who had not done their homework. He made no sense when he was talking about nuclear weapons and then went into a completely different subject and one that’s much more trivial Rosie O’Donnell.

Henry Clinton was forceful and gave concrete plans on how to make America a better place. Building on what we have done over the last 8 years. This is not a time for us to be changing course but instead we need to move on her plans and really make America great. We don’t need to make America great again America is a great place. People all over the world wish they could be in America. 

And in the end Donald Trump has sold himself as a winner and his supporters and I wonder if its supporters saw a winner tonight. I know I didn’t.

Donald Trump is not the leader this country needs Hillary Clinton is.