Could there be an “organic” label for a product’s climate impact? – CBS News

As a consumer I rely on ratings to make sure I purchase items that will stand the wear of time. I’m also looking for things that are not going to harm the environment part or in the case of soaps and shampoos are not going to harm me. The organic label has gone a long way to show us how we can ethically eat food but now we need to go one step further. Clothing is the next frontier. Clothing that does not have an impact on the world’s resources or at least as little impact as possible is what the American Consumer and for that matter the world consumer is looking for. I would be thrilled if I saw a label that said that something I was buying, even if it were a little bit more expensive, would help reduce the ravages of climate change. Even China, the country that Trump seems to want to bring out each time to criticize the Paris Accord would because of market forces be forced to mend their ways and get in line with what are planet desperately needs.


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Chuck Todd’s Biden-Ukraine Take Shows Press Learned Nothing From Trump 2016 – Esquire

It’s rare that a national news anchor quivers or shows emotion in his or her voice when on the air. The time that I remembered the best was when Matt Lauer first realize what was happening on September 11th hand how his voice changed. I was living in France at the time but when Walter Cronkite announced the death of President Kennedy you got the same emotion in the voice. Today was one of those days. Chuck Todd sounded alarmed. Look, I have not been one of his biggest fans of late but he did his job today.

Yesterday at the end of my last blog post I jokingly asked China to find the 20 minutes of missing transcript from the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine. Who you that Trump would ask China today, right in front of everyone to hear, 4 dirt on Joe Biden. I guess the no collusion no collusion while truck is out the window and now they’re going for the no quid pro quo. He’s colluding in plain sight.

Turns out this is a republican thing. Nixon contacted the North Vietnamese, the country we were at war with before the 1968 election and told them that if they stopped negotiating with President Johnson he would give them a better deal when he became president. At the same time the Soviet Union approached Hubert Humphrey who ran against Nixon in 1968 but Humphrey, a Democrat, went right to the FBI the way you’re supposed to act when a foreign country tries to get you to collude with them.

more cracks in the armor are appearing today. Judge Napolitano stood outside of Fox News and went through all the reasons why what Trump has done is not only impeachable but he should be removed from office, that’s on Fox News!

I had to go back to my Netflix pablum of shows because I can’t at this point watch too much of this stuff without it’s affecting me. My poor cats gets scared when I start screaming at the television like a mad men. but when you see the president of the United States betraying everything that you truly believe in it’s hard.

At the end of the day, I believe that Trump and his cohorts are Miss judging the American electorate. His use of profanity has to have an effect on moms who don’t want their kids growing up with a foul mouth. we all use profanity but he’s the president of the United States and has to be held to a higher standard. Young people are going to go out and vote this time because I really believe that they see an earth falling apart around them and they are angry at my generation and those that came before them for ruining the planet. I have hope as we all must have because without hope there’s no point and waking up the next morning.


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Real Time with Bill Maher Friday September 27th 2019 I was there

As fortunate to get tickets to go see Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. it’s located at the CBS studios in the heart of Hollywood and is one of the more iconic buildings here in Los Angeles.

He started off of a one-on-one talk with Salman Rushdie he was talking about his new book Quiote. it’s a modern version of Don Quixote that revolves around the presidency of Donald Trump. The magic of this book is the fact that Donald Trump although the main character is never mentioned. there are other parts of the book which seemed really interesting including the fact that unfortunately Salman rushdie’s sister was killed by opiate overdose. In the book he uses strippers on poles dancing to lure doctors in. turns out all they needed was about $30,000 to lure doctors in to giving out these deadly drugs.

The panel discussion was lively. One of the panelists got booed several times, Noah Rothman is no virgin to my boose here in my apartment while he’s doing his thing on MSNBC. When he said that there were good scientists on both sides of climate change the room erupted. Interesting Lee the former head of the EPA under President Obama was there and she was a great foiled for him. I thought that Bill Maher was office game but maybe because I was watching it live. I watch him religiously every Friday night and I think now that Game of Thrones is gone it’s the only reason I keep HBO.

I was truly looking forward to seeing Barney Franks who has been one of my heroes for decades now. I guess my politics have moved away from his because I did not agree with many of the things that he said. He’s against the impeachment and thinks that it’s going to give the unmentionable one in the oval Office a second term. I don’t think so

I got home at about 10 p.m. and got to watch the rerun of Lawrence O’Donnell telling us that now there has been a Wall Street journal report that says that Donald Trump has been squirreling away all of the conversations he’s had with Russia and Saudi Arabia in a private server meant for only the most highly classified information our country has. Why would he care to Hide these conversations when he has conversations with the under hundred and ninety-three countries of the world all the time? Inquiring minds want to know.

Inquiring minds want to know.

if you live in Los Angeles or ever get a chance to come make sure to get tickets to go see Bill Maher, it’s well worth it.

Watch “FULL Real Time With Bill Maher 8/23/19 | Real Time With Bill Maher August 23, 2019” on YouTube

Watch the whole show but if you want to watch Bill ask the current occupant of the White House to Champion climber change then you’re in for a treat at 57 and a half minutes into the show.

Bill Maher pledges to be his supporter if he doesn’t want a t and embraces the fact that we are burning our planet away. This may be all funny but I was talking to a friend today and I don’t know how young people today can face the future. I’m 65 and I have maybe 30 years left if I’m really lucky but the worst of the worst won’t happen for 50 years and Bill Maher is right we need to do something and we need to do something now and if it means my voting for Trump if he embraces climate change then yes I will do that as well. But, unfortunately you know that if he embraces it today 5 minutes from now the Koch brothers will call him, oh I forgot, the Koch brother will call and tell him to change his tune or else.


Trump Slams Russia Investigation And Green New Deal At CPAC – NPR

If it wasn’t CPAC I would think they were all on drugs, on second thought maybe they are.

Between railing about the green New deal and how they’re going to take away our cheeseburgers, SUVs and for God’s sakes airplanes they had a clown come to the show.

Unfortunately the clown is the President of the United States.

They are so outside of the mainstream of American thought that it has become akin to going to a NRA convention. both organizations are outside of the mainstream of American soft, both organizations have people desperately clinging onto power for power’s sake and both organizations should be dismantled.

and there are people out there that are buying this Hook Line & sinker. I’ve got to put in a little word hear about Joe Biden’s comment that Mike Pence is a decent guy. to me it is indicative of the fact that Joe Biden should not be the nominee of the democratic party. Mike Pence is not a decent guy, Mike Pence hates the lgbtqi community and Mike Pence was in charge of the transition. You can tell me that the governor of Indiana comes to Washington and sees all these Russians running around and doesn’t ask a single question. It’s not believable and therefore it can’t be true.


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President Donald Trump hugs the American flag before his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. How can one man be so pathetic?

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Grassley raises voice after McConnell interrupts Senate speech – TheHill

Me thinks not all is peachy on the Republican side of the Senate.

Chuck grassley is not one of my favorite people. Chuck Grassley understands what McConnell has just set off. This is much worse than what Chuck Schumer did when he change the rules in the senate for confirmations to a majority as opposed to a 60-vote needed. Chuck Grassley understands that there’s going to be a democratic presidents maybe in the near future. Chuck Grassley understands that this is a president that is going to be disastrous for the Republican Party. sure the Republicans cheat but when they do they open the door for others to do the same.

I look forward to a democratic Congress and President. But if there’s a Democratic president she can declare National emergencies for things that are actually National emergencies. Something like climate change or gun control.

This false emergency is a smoke screen to hide behind for the Trump Administration and all of the problems that is besieging them.


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Screenshots from Twitter. Video will not play, but you can search for it on Twitter

Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week – The Washington Post

The Trump regime and its Cadre of collaborators who are in the pocket of big corporations that don’t want to see regulations that will help our planet survive. These companies don’t live on a long-term plan most Executives only last five to seven years in a company all they care about is what they can do now. The future that’s not their problem and it seems they don’t really care about their kids, grandkids or the future of our planet.

we have an EPA administrator who is so deep in a quagmire of scandals it’s amazing that this man still has a job. In any Corporation he would have been fired by now. But he’s following exactly what the Trump regime wants. Do everything to increase the economy on the short-term so that they get reelected. What’s happening though is the price of gas. Has anybody noticed how quickly it’s going up? You can mark the date of when we pulled out of the Iran agreement as the beginning of the rise in fuel prices. You may think the Trump regime would want the fuel prices to remain low, but you are wrong. They want to blame the countries that have the predominance of oil for this increase. Of course they will never ever ever criticize Russia and its giant oil industry.

on this Fourth of July I hope we as a planet will take heat and do something to protect the future of our children and grandchildren if we are to have a planet at all.

There is no Planet B as President Macron has said.


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(University of Maine Climate Reanalyzer)

Trump administration moves on two fronts to challenge California environmental protections – LA Times

How dare they?

On a recent town hall meeting over the phone with my representative Jimmy Gomez he told us about something that runs in the Republican party in Congress. It’s called ABC or anybody but California. we are the largest state in the Union in population. We are the largest economy in the Union. We are if an independent country the fifth largest economy in the world. And it seems that they hate us for it. They hate us for our clean air, clean water and beautiful way of living. I don’t want to leave the union I just want to make a more perfect union.

Scott Pruitt when he worked for the state of Oklahoma sued the EPA countless times. He has publicly said that the EPA should be dismantled, and let’s not forget the fact that he takes bribes. He’s living in a condominium one block from the Capitol building in Washington in some of the most pricey real estate. He has every right to live there if you paid for it. Instead he’s paying 1/3 of the going rate for that apartment that he leases from an oil company that he’s given special permissions to drill in preserved lands. Sure he takes first class flights, he says he doesn’t like the people in coach telling him what they think about him. I guess he feels more comfortable with the millionaires who he kowtows to. If he acted like a real governmental official he would be looking after the best interest of our country and our planet but he doesn’t care.

It’s time that we fire him and his boss, end of discussion.


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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks to agency employees in Washington. (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

Presidential candidates reveal views on science and technology

As it is to be expected Donald Trump thinks that climate change is dubious. But he makes himself sound caring by saying that he would like to help get clean water to those who do not have it and fight malaria and famine in the world. What he leaves out is that climate change is a factor in not having clean water and the spread of disease and the lack of food. Our nation cannot elect a man who does not believe in climate change. He is more worried about the fact that he had to change hair sprays then he does about the health of our planet. This is a man who said he could not understand how Hairspray that he uses in his seal Department would affect the ozone layer.

And this is me showing you my inner geek. Donald Trump is looking more and more like the Baron Harkonnen of the Dune series. He’s always acted like him.


Donald Trump is looking more and more like the Baron Harkonnen from the Dune series. Sorry for geaking out on this