Rachel Maddow: Trump changes staff at the top to make campaign even Trumpier – MSNBC

Today was one of the Rachel Maddow Show best shows. 

She started with the interview which was with Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. It’s amazing how wonderful and pleasant he is despite the ugliness on the other side. Her interview with him was fair and made you see that she’s on our side. After the interview Rachel had a little spot where she explained that She interviewed Hillary Clinton 4 times in the last year and she has never been propped up by pillows. If you don’t know this new internet conspiracy theory, the Republicans are trying to say that Hillary is sick and needs to be propped up by pillows. I don’t know how being propped up by pillows makes you feel better if your sick or do your job better. But then Republicans don’t usually make a lot of sense to me.

And how long the segments of the show she explained how breitbart.com and Donald Trump have had a parallel thought line. When will you heard inexplicably Donald Trump attacking John McCain as not a war hero he was mirroring Breitbart. When Donald Trump said that President Obama was not an American he was mirroring Breitbart. So having the head of Breitbart run his campaign is the next logical step. We need to be ready for an assault of ugliness. That coupled with the fact that Roger Ailes is Donald Trump unofficial debate coach is not showing for a Rosy future. Roger Ailes in 1988 was a little-known Republican strategist. When the debate Commission in 1987 said that there would be three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate no one argued about it. But when poppy Bush did poorly against Michael Dukakis, Roger Ailes stepped in and told poppy Bush that there should be no more debates. And that year there was only one presidential debate and one vice presidential debate. So I doubt if we’re going to see all the debates that are scheduled for the presidential campaign this year because I’m sure Roger Ailes will realize that he has a dud as a debater in Donald Trump and will put a kibosh on any further debates.

Which brings us to today’s blog post about the campaign changes in the Trump camp and how they’re going to make the campaign a better reflection of Donald Trump. In fact I believe that they’re going to make the campaign a better reflection of breitbart.com, and that’s a scary thought. Breitbart is the Bastion of white supremacy and racism on the internet. God help us in the next 82 days.



Trump’s national field director quits amid major staff changes – The Washington Post

Donald J Trump is tasting what happens when you don’t do your homework. He hired a bunch of rank amateurs to run a national campaign. For somebody who claims he’s a winner he certainly has not done a good job of showing it so far. Tricky Trump is losing to lying Ted Cruz and he hates it. So events that started about three weeks ago when Corey Lewandowski assaulted a reporter has come to this. Ted Cruz has had Trump in the crosshairs at all of the state conventions and has taken away what trunk considered wins and turned them into defeats.


Bernie Sanders’s Win in Michigan Changes Race but Not Probabilities – NYTimes.com

A lot of the things in the Flint area were handled badly by election officials. That may have skewed the election in Bernie Sanders’ favor butt that’s not important. It’s the  delegate count that is important and the fact that super delegates are and will be more comfortable with Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket. Because, let’s face it, Bernie Sanders wasn’t a Democrat until he decided to run for president.

Mississippi and Michigan primaries

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