2016 Election Forecast | FiveThirtyEight

I guess today is going to be my day for polls. But this is a different poll this is a poll by fivethirtyeight.com. it not only looks at who is in the lead but also How likely states are going to switch because in the end it’s the Electoral College stupid. So the map that I’ve attached shows you the United States based on population and degree that they favored red or blue and I think it’s going to be pretty clear to you how this thing is going to go. As always this is early in the election cycle we have four months before the election and 2 political conventions but 538 that Hillary has an 81% chance of winning the election in November. Let’s make sure it stays that way



California voters getting chance to fully legalize marijuana – LA Times

I would rather see the state collect taxes on marijuana rather than drug cartels making profits and killing people. Let the people decide.

Sebastian Rosales smokes in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on April 20, for the annual 4/20 celebration, in what could be the final year that the recreational use of marijuana is illegal in California. (Haven Daley / Associated Press)