Trump Jr. suggests border wall is like a zoo fence – CBS News

This is truly a window into house this unholy family in the White House thinks about people of color. These are human beings and not animals. Heir Don Junior is supposed to be the smart or one of the two brothers running Trump org.

I wonder how much he will like being in a cage himself. when he goes to prison let’s all remind him that it’s nothing more than a fence in a zoo.


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I’m a cat lover and therefore this is a very sad picture for me. I did not want to use special effects and show a picture of Don Jr in a cage.

After Trump visit, Iraqi lawmakers demand U.S. withdrawal – CBS News

Is anybody surprised? who goes to a foreign country as the leader of the United States and doesn’t ask to see the leaders of that country, it’s a common courtesy. This is a president that we’re used to slapping everyone in the face, but doing it to our allies is now going to take us into perilous areas because the United States and its security are going to suffer because of this man.


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I’m sorry president Trump, you have bone spurs and therefore cannot be on the Thunderbirds TV show. Please go back to wardrobe and return the Thunderbirds outfit.

Christine Blasey Ford speaks out: Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser released a rare statement last week – CBS News

And here we are. Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court. I cannot imagine what it’s like for the women on the Supreme Court. Having to face these monsters on a daily basis. I don’t care about people saying that they have moved on. These are terrible people and history will judge them poorly. I’m worried that history will judge us poorly.

Clarence Thomas has had a continued abuse of his position on Supreme Court. He refuses to recuse himself in matters that his wife has financial dealings in. It’s corruption, let’s not mince words here.

I shudder at the decisions that these two men in the future. Brett Kavanaugh was on the record saying that the courts should never Grant new rights to people. The cord was always the place where we looked for Justice and now it’s gone for the foreseeable future.


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CDC: Opioid overdoses kill almost 5 people every hour in the U.S. (Up 30% in 2017) – CBS News

45 told us we would be tired of winning and I am so tired of all of this winning. During his time in office. Deaths have gone up by 30%.

He has not funded the programs that he claims to want to fund. His budget is reducing the amount of money for opioid addiction and deaths. He’s refusing to look at programs Across the Nation that have worked in reducing opioid use within communities. He’s not looking to win he’s looking to save money on our young people’s lives.

Opioid deaths have risen 30% since he is in office that’s all you need to know.


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Screenshot from the CBS Evening News March 6 2018

Report: Donald Trump’s companies at least $650 million in debt – CBS News

Donald Trump has called himself the king of debt, perhaps you should have called himself the Emperor of debt. Ironically a huge amount of the debt is being held by Goldman Sachs. He does not like transparency. People who don’t like transparency are usually doing something wrong. 

Where are his taxes?


Donald Trump concedes he could come up short in November – CBS News

Please, do not be fooled by this. He is a master of the media and knows that the more his face is on television the better it is for him. He will say and do anything to be on TV. So now he’s trying to go the humility route. That’s not what his supporters want to hear. He’s Invincible, supposedly, and the only one that can fix America, supposedly. And now he’s going off message.

He will come up short in November and it’s n-no way thanks to our media that have been like whores around him. I’m more worried about the long-term effects of what he has done to our political system then to his presidency.


Cory Booker no longer denying he’s being vetted as Hillary Clinton’s VP pick – CBS News 

Until Hillary Clinton gets on stage and announces her vice presidential pick all of this is background static. I think that Senator Cory Booker, a true American Hero, would make a great vice presidential pick. Hillary has the luxury I love having a myriad of choices that would be perfect as her vice president. That is not what can be said at all about Donald Trump. Those who would consider becoming Trump’s vice presidential candidate are power hungry and are also ignoring the fact that they are hitting their star to a supernova that’s going to explode in their face.

Hillary will make a choice that is good for the country. Donald Trump will make a choice that is good for Donald Trump.


Female journalists report harassment from “Bernie bros” supporting Sanders – CBS NEWS

Is this really about Sanders or Trump? I think it may be that there are some hoodlums out there using this as a way of masquerading as supporters but who are truly criminals deep inside.
When this country stops allowing political discourse, we have lost our country.
Yes I know that these are individual cases. But I have been involved in politics for almost a half a century and I’ve never heard of  this kind of behavior. What’s disturbing to me is not what is happening today but rather what we may see in four or eight years. Then the authorities may take matters into their own hands and then our freedoms start being taken away because a bunch of hoodlums are Behaving Badly right now.
I do blame Senator Sanders and Donald Trump for not nipping this in the bud early on in this campaign. When Sanders struck out the part in his press release regarding the violence at the Democratic Nevada convention, the censorship was wrong. Violence should never be ignored or condoned by looking the other way.



London’s newly-elected Muslim mayor says Trump ignorant about Islam – Videos – CBS News

There will always be exceptions. That has become the mantra for Donald Trump. Whether it’s tax increases or letting those he likes into the country. I hope the American people ask themselves who the hell is this man that we’re trying to put into the Oval Office? The new mayor of London hopes that Hillary Clinton trashes Donald Trump in the election. He said has never commented on foreign elections before, I guess there will always be exceptions.

Screenshot from CBS Evening News May 10th 2016