At Pennsylvania rally, Trump endorses himself – POLITICO

Actually keep America great is a great slogan, we should keep America great by getting rid of 45. It’s sad when someone has to endorse themselves. You remember in high-school that kid that would have to vote for himself because nobody else would vote for him, well that kid is now president.

And from the party that brought you great family values their president calls a member of the media, a respected member of the media, a member of the media that has bent over backwards to be fair, he called Chuck Todd a son of a bitch. He has no right to call a member of the fourth estate that and I hope Chuck Todd brings it up tomorrow on Meet the Press


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President Donald Trump called NBC host Chuck Todd a “son of a bitch.” | Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo

Former Trump adviser called himself adviser to Kremlin in 2013 letter: Time | TheHill

In the picture below, it’s not a trick of Photoshop or some green screen that Carter Page and standing in front of, he is standing in front of a Kremlin sponsored event in Moscow where Carter Page spoke ill of the United States. He is been on the radar of our counterintelligence agencies for years now. And well he should be. So all this hoopla about his fisa warrant being illegal is nothing but a bunch of hot air. It’s just red meat that they’re throwing to the 29% that still believe in 45. Carter page is not some goofball as he would like us to think in his interviews and wearing that silly hat. Carter Page is a PhD and is smarter than he wants you to think. This man is not a friend of United States and should be looked upon with the same size one looks upon a traitor. In this case he’s a traitor to the ruble because he is bought and paid for by the Kremlin.

So when Fat Nixon thinks that he can hide behind Devin Nunes and his memo he is so wrong. Even the memo says that in its last line George Papadopoulos was the reason for the fisa warrant and it had nothing to do with the Steele dossier.

This White House from the campaign to the transition to its current makeup is bought and paid for by the Kremlin. Why else would 45 not impose the sanctions that over 500 members of Congress voted for. Just to give you an idea there’s a total of 535 members of Congress. The Congressman Dana Rohrabachers of the world who also are paid for by the Kremlin voted against it but very few others did.

Foreign countries are referring to 45 as Putin’s poodle wow what a difference from what we were under President Obama.


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This picture from Russian propaganda arm Sputnik tells more than a thousand words could. There is Carter Page betraying his country.

Kasich: Trump Jr. called aide to float VP offer – CNN 

My takeaway is clear from this. If John Kasich was offered the VP and running all foreign and domestic policy in the government, why would we not think the same deal was given to Mike Pence? And that’s a scary thought. Mike Pence is ultra-conservative and very religious. Forget about gay and lesbian rights they’re gone. Forget about the right of a woman to have control over her body, that’s gone. And the list goes on and on and on.

Are we picking a president or a more powerful vice president? I think we learned about the president in the shadows under Dick Cheney. I don’t want to go back to that and I don’t think our country wants to go back to that. When the president doesn’t make decisions then we have no recourse as a people.


In a Donald Trump Administration, will he or Mike Pence be president?