Spy Agencies Around The World Are Digging Into Trump’s Moscow Ties – BuzzFeed

If you watched tonight’s Rachel Maddow you saw a story about secret money and how Trump made Millions selling condos to unknown buyers. He also found out that the financial investigative branch of our government warned real estate. companies not to do business with unknown buyers or cash only buyers without full vetting because they were most likely maundering money.

You think that stopped the current residence of the White House? Of course not, he makes a Ferengi look like someone who is working for a not-for-profit. Sorry about the Star Trek reference, just so you know Ferengi czar individuals in the Star Trek universe that consider making money there highest form of importance. So it’s not all that surprising that now spy agencies all over the world are ready to Blackmail our president.

By the way, one of the Prime blackmailers is the dictator of Kazakhstan. And by chance he’s coming to the White House tomorrow for a private meeting with 45. I wonder how that’s going to go? I can’t wait till 2020 and we get rid of this man.


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Screenshot from Rachel Maddow Show January 15th 2018

Colin Powell Calls Trump A “National Disgrace” In Personal Emails – Buzzfeed

Colin Powell has always been one man who has had a great dignity and character. I’m sorry that his personal emails were hacked. He was hacked by the alleged Russian hackers of the DNC and the anti-doping agency for the Olympics. I wish he had made his feelings more public. But I believe that he reflects what so many America loving Republicans believe. Donald Trump is truly a disgrace and it’s not fit to be the president of the United States and especially the Commander in Chief of our military.