Facebook vs. Apple: Tech’s biggest cold war heats up — and gets personal – NBC News

I’ve never been part of the Apple ecosystem. I use Windows computers and Android phones. But in this case I am squarely in Tim Cook’s corner.

Tim Cook said that Apple sells Hardware not people’s data. Facebook not only sells people’s data but they are mercenary in their tactics. everything we’ve heard about Facebook and the last wheat makes it abundantly clear that it’s a bad player and needs to be thoroughly regulated it’s not broken into several smaller pieces. Mark Zuckerberg is the problem. He has ambitions to be President and is using his platform of 2.7 billion people to experiment on how to make his campaign work.

He said that Facebook was not aware of the Russians. But Facebook took payment in Russian currency for ads against Hillary Clinton. Who did he think that money was coming from? Mars?

November 11th 2017 was my D-day with Facebook. I left the platform and never looked back. I am a much happier person since I have not had Facebook in my life. grown accustomed to going to Instagram, another Facebook operation and when I saw it became too much a part of my life again I put the icon off of my desktop and have to go look for it in the myriad of icons in my app menu.

Regulation, regulation, regulation of Facebook!

I applaud Tim Cook an Apple for actually being mindful of their customer base. In the long run this is going to make apple stronger and more trusted in the eyes of everyday consumers.


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Gallup Poll: Clinton’s Best Asset, Trump’s Biggest Liability: Experience

First It’s always important to point out that the Gallup poll organization leans very heavily towards the Republican side. So these numbers are even more favorable for Hillary. And after Hillary speech today about Trump and his inabilities in foreign policy and just quoting him with the audience laughing at the quotes makes Hillary the choice for president of the United States.



Louis C.K. slams ‘insane bigot’ Trump, compares to Hitler – NY Daily News

Donald Trump is acting like he’s taking tips from Adolf Hitler’s spirit. It’s scary and crazy that this man is allowed to run for president under the banner of the Republican Party. He’s not a Republican he is a fascist he’s a racist but he’s not what I think of as a Republican. I have some very good friends who are Republicans and who tell me that they will not and none of their friends will ever vote for Donald Trump. The Republican party needs to do something about this person because once he’s in office I am Not sure that he is stable enough to have nuclear weapons at his disposal.
I applaud Louis C.K. for having the courage to say how he feels about Trump. I hope more influencers raise their voice and speak loudly to denounce this man who is a son American has anyone who has tried to become president.


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Supporters Raise More Than $94,000 For Florist Who Refused To Sell Flowers For Same-Sex Wedding

hypocritical bigots seem to be able to rally around each other really well. They do have a strong community. but slowly they are going to be isolated and the ones left out in the cold. All the go fund me accounts in the world will not help people with hate in their heart.

Thousands of dollars have been raised for a Washington florist after she was fined $1,000 for refusing to provide flowers for a gay couple’s wedding.

Supporters of Barronelle Stutzman, a 70-year-old florist in Richland, Washington, have donated more than $94,000 to a GoFundMe campaign that seeks “to protect Barronelle and her livelihood.”

florist gofundme

Stutzman, a Christian, refused to sell flowers for the 2013 wedding of longtime customers Robert Ingersoll and his partner, Curt Freed, for religious reasons.

“[Robert] said he decided to get married, and before he got through I grabbed his hand and said, ‘I am sorry. I can’t do your wedding because of my relationship with Jesus Christ,’” Stutzman told KEPR in 2013.

Ingersoll told the Tri-City Herald that Stutzman’s decision thoroughly shocked the couple.

“It really hurt because it was somebody I knew,” Ingersoll said. “We laid awake all night Saturday. It was eating at our souls. There was never a question she’d be the one to do our flowers. She does amazing work.”

Last month, a judge ruled that Stutzman’s refusal to sell flowers to Ingersoll and Freed violated the Washington Law Against Discrimination, which makes bias based on sexual orientation illegal. She was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine, plus $1 for court costs and fees.

Following the ruling, Stutzman’s legal team said that the fine, together with additional penalties and fees, would “financially devastate Barronelle’s business and personal assets.”

Thanks in part to the promotional efforts of conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch, the GoFundMe campaign in support of Stutzman went viral this past week. Thus far, more than 2,300 people have donated money to the florist.

As the Seattle Times points out, this campaign bears similarities to a fundraiser launched for Memories Pizza, an Indiana pizzeria that closed after its owners said the restaurant would not cater a gay wedding in light of the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The owners said they shut their doors after receiving threatening messages. A GoFundMe campaign for the pizzeria raised more than $842,000 in four days.