Jeffrey Toobin expresses regret over ‘mistakes’ in Clinton email coverage – POLITICO

He says since his announcement comments have fallen into two camps. Camp one says thank you for saying that you were wrong Camp to says you’re a jerk and that’s the end of it. In this time where no one can seem to admit they’ve done something wrong it’s nice to see Jeffrey toobin actually said that he went too far with Hillary Clinton’s email story. I may venture a guess here, I don’t think that there will be any reporters saying that they ventured too far and investigating Trump and his server problems. We are smack in the middle of an impeachment, call it what you want, it’s an impeachment. Today the testimony from my long-time ambassador was dooming to Trump and to the ambassador to the EU who testified last week. Lying to Congress put you in jail. No two ways about that. This is a sobering look at a group of people, mostly men, who had a thirst for power and would do anything to get in the good graces of trump. And look where it’s gotten them. Manafort prison, Michael Cohen prison, George Papadopoulos prison, Michael Flynn son to go to prison, Rodger Stone soon to go to prison, and the list goes on and on.

Who went to prison after the Benghazi investigation? Inquiring minds want to know.

Just remember one thing we are #StrongerTogether.


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Benghazi panel caps 2-year probe: No bombshell, faults administration – CNN

Talk about government waste and then say the words Benghazi committee. Representative Trey Gowdy and his select Benghazi committee have wasted two years and millions of dollars to find out nothing. The worst they could find on Hillary was that there may have been some security issues that were not addressed. What the committee did find was that Ambassador Stevens and his team were anxious to open a Benghazi consulate but could not find a secure location. Nothing blaming Hillary for anything. Two years and millions of dollars wasted. This republican-led witchhunt was for nothing other than to try to damage Hillary stellar time at the Department of State.

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