‘Bikers for Trump’ founder says he sells Trump shirts made in Haiti because American-made products are too expensive – TheHill

While I was researching this post on bikers for Trump, I found a lot of references to bikers for Trump being Vigilantes at Trump rallies. This is very disturbing.

That being said, the hypocrisy of it all. These are people that claim they want make America great again but are not willing to pay wages, living wages to American workers. Yes, they are perfect has Trump supporters. Neider the president nor his daughter made any of their clothes in America. They’ve never answered to that because it would be very difficult to explain.

So from now on I will call Bikers For Trump Vigilantes for Trump.


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Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says ‘hush agreement’ invalid because he never signed – NBC News

As the current occupant of the White House was in his motorcade going from Mara Largo to another one of his golf games, numbering over a hundred since his taking office, he saw a sign on the side of the road. The sign was in front of a gentlemen’s club and it said that there was a hurricane coming and was called Stormy.

In this Deluge of never-ending scandals even the most hardened pundit is finding it difficult to keep all of these in some sort of order. The Stormy Daniels story would have been Front Page News if this had been during the Clinton administration. A president’s lawyer paid a woman who allegedly was in a consensual relationship with the person running for the presidency. This money was paid in such a way that it triggered alarms in the banking system setup to track cartel money and money from terrorist organizations. And this is who is our president today.

Let’s forget about the politics. At the time of this relationship Donald Trump had had his first child with his current wife. The cold shoulder that his wife is now showing to the president is more than adequate to tell us how she feels about this whole sordid affair.

This is going to be much harder to sweep under the rug by an Administration that seems eager to sweep everything under the rug. Look at Gary Cohn’s departure from the White House today. It was never mentioned until it was made public by the fact that he wasn’t at the meeting in the White House he was supposed to attend.

This is a White House of intrigue and not one that is promoting the welfare of the American people. Everyone I speak to says the same thing to me I hope we can live through this and get out of this whole, I pray to the universe that we do.


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Stormy Daniels visits a local restaurant in downtown New Orleans on May 6, 2009. Bill Haber / AP file

New Washington DC hotel hurting because of Trump name on it 

Could not happen to a nicer guy. With all the talk about Trump’s successful businesses one has to think about the damage he’s creating to his brand. I know that conventions are going to be less controversial if booked at a different Hotel. His name is now synonymous with a disdain for Mexicans, Muslims, and a whole slew of other people including the disabled. So, let’s talk about the blind trust that he plans to put his Holdings into if he becomes president. I don’t believe he understands what a blind trust is although his speech when he announced it did seem to be hedging whether or not it was really a blind trust when your sons and daughter control it. A blind trust is where you put your Holdings somewhere where you have absolutely no idea of what’s going on Within them. It’s almost impossible for him to put his Holdings into a blind trust. He would need to sell them. And you know Trump ego won’t allow the names Trump to come off of all of those buildings. He’s making deals with dictators all over the world and you think that that’s not going to have some sort of impact on our foreign policy? Of course it will and all of the self-restraint that Ivanka claims she will yield will be overwritten by her too ass like brothers.

So I hope that if you or your company or your industry is planning and Convention that you make it quite clear that you don’t want to stay at a Trump Hotel.



Exterior of the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington, Monday, Sept. 12, 2016. The luxury hotel Donald Trump has built in an iconic downtown Washington building is set to open. The Trump International Hotel will begin serving guests Monday. There won’t be any fanfare around the opening, which is known as a “soft opening.” Grand-opening ceremonies are being planned for October. The Trump Organization won a 60-year lease from the federal government to transform the Old Post Office building on Pennsylvania Avenue into a hotel. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Donald Trump: Sarah Palin won’t speak at RNC because Alaska is too far away – CNN 

Sarah Palin may not have been able to book a flight on Trump air. Or maybe the Trump campaign has just completely forgotten about jet airplanes. 3000 miles to go to the National Republican convention doesn’t seem like a long way. That’s about the distance that most people on the west coast are going to travel if their delegates to the Democratic Convention. I think the real reason is the fact that Trump was made uncomfortable by Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech and he yanked her off the schedule. 

Sarah Palin you’re fired!