2 dead, several injured in shooting at crowded South Carolina bar – NBC News

Some rules to live by, and. to live longer.

Don’t go anywhere where liquor is served and you can bring guns.

Don’t go anywhere where they misspelled the word School in the name of the establishment.

I don’t want anyone to think that I’m making a joke of two people losing their lives. I am not. I am making a commentary on the fact that there are too many guns in our country and too many places where one can get wasted and bring a gun. Alcohol and guns is not a good mix. Have you ever watched a western ?

I just read that the NRA said that Congressman Beto O’Rourke was their best salesman for AR-15s. Let’s face it they are spitting in the wind right now. Colt the company that holds the patent for the AR-15 has decided no longer to build them for individual private use. The NRA is losing this battle quickly. I’m watching how public opinion is changing just as quickly as it changed for other issues that had been very controversial, like gay marriage.

I may be wrong, I hope not fear God, but I think this pendulum is about to swing really hard to the left. Even in entrenched Israeli politics Netanyahu was not able to scare the Israeli people into re-electing him. So I think that Trump knows this and that’s why the desperation of going to foreign leaders and basically blackmailing them into getting information on his opponent’s. His idiot or Court jester, Rudy Giuliani, goes to Ukraine and leans on the president of Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden. Do you hear Democrats doing that? And why are Republicans not saying anything about it? Do they realize that the shoes going to be on the other foot soon and then they’re going to look even more hypocritical.

We need gun control just like Australia and New Zealand implemented. They haven’t had a mass shooting and there murder and suicide rates have gone down to historic lows. Come on America it’s time that we grow up and get rid of our gun toys.


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Watch “John Oliver pays tribute to Orlando victims (HBO’s Last Week Tonight)” on YouTube

This video shows why John Oliver is so effective. I commend this statement that showed before the beginning of the show.
Unfortunately that the line of people you saw did not include any gay people. Because that hospital in Orlando does not allow blood from gay people. Even though all blood has to be tested for HIV, Florida is so dumb ass backwards that still does not take blood from gay people. And you know that’s the kind of thinking that makes people think that it’s ok to shoot gay people or Mexican people or black people or any slash people you want to think about. When I first got to France, as a very little boy, after having lived in Houston Texas in the early sixties I saw a black boy in my class. I came home and told my dad and he told me son when you cut yourself you’re ready and when he cuts himself he’s ready. We’re all the same inside.
Tonight I pray for all of those who were killed and hurt and especially their families who now will have an empty spot in their heart for ever because of some madman’s crazy mindset. And I hope the next time I see John Oliver I’ll actually be able to laugh.