The Delusional Futility of Analyzing Ashley Kavanaugh’s Awkward Body Language During Her Husband’s Swearing-In – Slate

I must be one of those violent Democrats because I did not watch anything to do with Kavanaugh’s Vote or swearing-in. Hand the hypocrisy of having a second swearing-in just baffles me. But then everything that this White House does baffles me.

I rarely ask that you go to the link that I post regarding the stories. I do urge you to go and watch the video for yourself. It’s rather disturbing.


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President Trump cracked an ‘awkward’ joke about Melania [Video] – Yahoo News

Let’s face it America, we have a man as the President of the United States who doesn’t understand how to be a human being. From the treatment of his wife to the abuse of the 29 women that have come out and accuse them of sexual harassment or worst, to how he is held the office of presidency he does not deserve to be in that spot. Yes he won the electoral college but he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes out of 100 million cast.

Almost daily we hear about this President paying women off for his behavior. From Michael avenatti being on television daily talking about Stormy Daniels to the close to 30 women that have accused this President of sexual misconduct this must be a very hard time for the First Lady. Remember that these allegations of misconduct happens while his wife was pregnant with their current youngest child Baron. This must be a soul-crushing. For the First Lady. The only reasons that she has not left him his either her respect for the office of the presidency or her belief that this is best for their child. And any case she deserves a medal.


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Bernie Sanders’ campaign offers awkward take on state of the race|MSNBC

I thought my old ears were deceiving me. Rachel Maddow contested the fact that Bernie Sanders has said repeatedly he wanted to lose the southern states or better said he did not mind losing them. He said he wasn’t trying to win them. And yet she showed proof that he was on the ground well before Hillary Clinton with more staff and still lost big time.
She said that Senator Sanders is going to have to walk back saying that he wasn’t trying to win and now he is trying to win. She said that argument doesn’t fly. Quite an indictment from one of the smartest people on television, Rachel Maddow.


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Santorum Can’t Name One Rubio Accomplishment in the Senate

My two favorite awkward moments of the last 24 hours have been obviously number one Rick Santorum’s inability to name a single accomplishments of Senator Marco Rubio whose party is controlling both the House and the Senate. Another tidbit on the campaign was yesterday. Jeb Bush made one of his policy statements in front of a group of supporters and there was an awkward silence at which point he said “please applaud  now”! Awkward, but then that’s been his campaign.