NRA Board Member Allen West Calls for Wayne LaPierre’s Ouster – The Daily Beast

I have yelled at the TV more times than I’d like to think about when Allen West was on spewing his form of conservatism. The NRA must truly be in trouble if this guy comes out and says that both Wayne LaPierre and the new president who replaced Oliver North are lying about access that the board has to financial information. Financial information like the $200,000 in suits that Wayne LaPierre has purchased on the NRA account. What is it with all of these Republicans buying expensive suits, remember Paul Manafort’s?

The NRA started as a gun safety organization and now it’s a purveyor of violence across the country. They claim the second amendment is there right to unlimited arms and yet they seem to forget the first words of the 2nd amendment which say “A well regulated Militia” and yet they negate the word regulated and go for all-out armament of themselves. It’s absurd and it’s even more absurd that courts have upheld this. Look at Australia which had a mass murder in 1998 and also had a strong gun ownership history. They banned guns bought them back and there has been complete drop in gun violence unprecedented in our times. Look at how fast New Zealand acted upon the same issue. It’s funny I’m watching the show called Janet King which is an Australian show that reminds me of Law & order. And season 2 there have been 19 murders over the course of 15 months by gun violence and they have set up a commission to figure out how to stop gun crime. 19 murders! That’s not even an hour in the United States. And by the way the guns were all imported to Australia from the US, any surprises there? It’s making us a hated country.

The United States of America is the number one gun exporter in the world and that’s the legal ones.

When is enough is enough? Sandy Hook, Parkland, Pulse Nightclub, all church, synagogue and mosque shootings or those on army bases? We have become numb to this violence just like we have become numb to the hatred spewing out of this white house and it’s time for a change before we lose our America forever.


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Allen West

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Rep. Chris Collins, fighting prosecution, seeks to end reelection bid – POLITICO

Karma is a b****.

If not for this man this country would not be going through this nightmare. He was the first congressman to endorse Trump. And he has had a checkered past.

With a net worth of 55 million dollars he is the richest congressman in the House of Representatives. And yet he managed to get himself, his son, his son’s future father-in-law and others charged with felonies. All in the name of greed. There is footage of him making a frantic calls to Australia to tell his son to sell the stocks from the Congressional Republican picnic at the White House. It’s outrageous that he would be committing crimes on White House grounds. But then the White House is full of criminals right now.

I am sure we’re going to see a tweet from 45 saying that this is a good man and he should not be persecuted in this way. Good people don’t do stock fraud. Good people don’t tell others private information for their monetary gain. This is why it’s outrageous that a member of Congress is able to sit on the board of directors of any Corporation. The conflict-of-interest par rampant and this is not the kind of person that is going to recuse himself when a vote comes up that would be helping the company he is associated with.

Like Orange County in California this part of New York state is red. But this may be an opening for the Democrat to get the seat.

And another one bites the dust…


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