Trump launches first broadside at Mueller after Manafort plea deal – POLITICO

Talk about being conflicted, Trump is the most conflicted individual that ever has been in the White House and I include Andrew Jackson in that comparison. To say that the former FBI director is conflicted and that he has 17 Democrats is a lie. And if Democrats are angry it’s because we have a sham of a man in the White House. This liar in Chief needs to go and all the rain in the world could not stop them from spewing his hatred out. Rudy Giuliani should go out to pasture because he’s doing no good to this president. I never like Rudy Giuliani even when he was called America’s mayor. He was never my mayor.

I don’t think the Paul manafort plea deal is what is stirring the hatred in the White House. I think that it’s the fact that Michael Cohen Trump’s personal attorney is singing Like a Bird to the prosecutors. when Trump says that Paul manafort was a part of his campaign for 49 days it’s a lie but he was only part of the campaign for a little bit over 5 months. And yes he knows about what happened in the infamous Trump Tower meeting. He also until yesterday owned a condo in Trump Tower on the 27th floor. but Michael Cohen on the other hand knows all the dirt and he can put Jared Kushner, DonnyJunior, and Ivanka in jail.

The hatred coming out of this White House is spreading. I just read a story that a a National Guard member helping the victims of the hurricane use the white power salute to a reporter that was covering the disaster. This man in the White House is not just a liar in Chief, he’s the divider in Chief.


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“Highly conflicted Bob Mueller & the 17 Angry Democrats are using this Phony issue to hurt us in the Midterms. No Collusion!” President Donald Trump tweeted. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo

US Chamber of Commerce criticizes Trump on his attack on American businesses – Reuters

Wendy us Chamber of Commerce attacks are Republican President you know things are going off the rails in the White House.

I can understand why the White House last week had a press conference but redefined press conference has all it was was a ramble from Trump and no questions from the Press. When questions from the Press are asked of this President he lies, there’s no other way to describe it. Yesterday was and barrage of Lies. I love the one where he said he was the toughest presidents on Russia and said that everyone else agreed about it and said look at them nodding yes. No one in the room was nodding yes. It is so embarrassing to watch this man deface the Office of the President United States.

The reason for the statement from the US Chamber of Commerce his of course Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post but they are not related. The Washington Post has said that Jeff Bezos does not have input on editorial content. Further the post office said that day find the business relationship they have with Amazon to be lucrative and not a money-losing proposition as the president miss stated in his press conference. Enough of these lies, they don’t stop. The Washington Post fact-checker said that he lies about 7 times a day. If President Obama had lied 7 times in a year the Republicans would have been calling for impeachment. This kind of behavior is not what we expect from the White House


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You have to read Trump’s bananas attack on Ted Cruz for yourself – Vox

Let’s face it, the Republican National Convention put together by Donald Trump was a fiasco. It spewed hatred for so many people that it’s hard to list. It had the feeling of a political rally in a Banana Republic where those who are the dissidents and this agree with the dictator are killed. The has been c-list celebrities and people whose views are so far away from the mainstream of America that they sounded like they were from another planet. All this was created by Donald Trump. And then he crowned it all on the day after the convention with this attack on one of his rivals. 

I’m watching Hillary introduce Tim Kaine as her VP pick. What a difference between him and Mike Pence. One person goals and work for the people the other put his foot down on the people. The choice is clear and we need to be steadfast until November and make sure that we don’t deviate from supporting and donating to Hillary’s campaign and especially making sure that everyone we know goes out and vote.


After Nice Attack, Newt Gingrich Says Muslims Who Believe In Sharia Should Be Deported To Combat Terrorism

It seems that Newt Gingrich is upset that he was not chosen to be Donald Trump’s running mate. In the chaos in suing the attack in the south of France he thinks that if he makes provocative statements like this perhaps Donald Trump will change his mind. The man is actually campaigning for vice president. On his Facebook page he went on about how much more qualified he was then my pants. He said that he had a national recognition and audience where’s my pants was wholly from the Midwest. This is rather pathetic. It is indicative of the state of the GOP in 2016. Newt Gingrich, when he has Speaker of the House, closed down the government an impeached President Clinton laid the groundwork for what’s happening in 2016 20 years later.

I don’t want the Republican party to disappear. I want the Republican party to get back on its mens and become a center-right party and not this extreme right party with demagogues as its nominee.


Screenshot from Newt Gingrich’s Facebook page.

Fact check: Trump’s attack on Clinton’s character – USA TODAY

For the last few weeks I have been using the hashtag Trump lies matter, in this article Trump lies revealed.
Everything he said about Hillary in his “Crooked Hillary ” speech is a lie. Step by step USA Today takes Trump apart. Everything he said about Hillary was a lie, pants on fire lie,
Donald Trump wants to repeat Lies over and over again until they become the truth. We must make sure that our friends and family know that these are lies and articles like this one and USA Today is great ammunition for us.


Elizabeth Warren Emerges to Attack Donald Trump on Twitter – NYTIMES

The article says that Hillary Clinton is looking for an attack dog for her vice-presidential nomination. I resent that for two reasons. One Hillary Clinton is looking for someone who can take over from her, sure there’s going to be some politics involved but I think she looks for the country’s best interests first. Second to call Elizabeth Warren and attack dog is belittling. I think she can do a great job from the sidelines just as she’s proved over the weekend with Goofy Trump. Let’s keep the fight going for 6 months and make sure that this mad man gets nowhere near the White House.


Trump invokes Clinton impeachment in latest attack -CNN

Let’s invoke his multiple marriages, his weird obsession with his daughter and the fact that the man bankrupt and steals money from people left and right. He’s a loser and a losing candidate. Hillary is going to take them to the cleaners. The Daily Beast said it best, he’s walking into a billion-dollar buzzsaw.

If his hands are tiny then his head is very small as well.

This Is What a Republican Attack on Bernie Sanders Would Look Like

Sanders’ electability argument is still a myth.
It’s the same argument that can be said for John Kasich electability no one really knows them. Once the Trump campaign starts showing ads about Bernie Sanders spending his honeymoon in moscow’s Red Square during the Cold War, at the height of the Cold War, people won’t want to vote for him. Hillary Clinton has been vetted almost all her life. There will be no surprises here. And this FBI investigation is a bunch of BS. Our current Secretary of Defense admitted last month that he had a private server in his house until last month and no one’s talking about putting him under investigation because it’s not illegal and he’s not running for president.
It’s time for Bernie Sanders to pick a vice president running mate and leave the race 6 days later. He can take a page from Ted Cruz’s play book.