Michael Cohen, once at pinnacle of Trump’s world, now poses threat to it – The Washington Post

In order for Michael Cohen to dodge a bullet he may have to take the proverbial gun and aim it at Trump. He’s facing years in prison if not for the rest of his life on the multitude of charges. All the reporting in the last week since the raid on Michael Collins office makes it clear that the feds had a huge amount of information in order to mount such a spectacular raid on an attorney’s offices. Especially the private attorney to the president of the United States.

In order to garner loyalty from those around you you have to be nice to them. You have to be respectful of them. You can’t treat them like yesterday’s garbage. But Trump doesn’t understand any of this and he is mistreated and belittled Michael Cohen throughout their decade-long relationship. And I think Michael Cohen is not going to take that proverbial bullet for Trump this time.


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White House staffer left email passwords on official stationery at bus stop: report – TheHill

First a little bit about what I know regarding Proton Mail. Proton Mail was designed by a group of physicists at the CERN reactor in Switzerland. The reactor was down for routine maintenance and they had a lot of time on their hands and they started thinking about creating a mail system which could not be intercepted by hackers. Unfortunately Proton Mail has one huge problem. You have to input a password in when you send it and the receiver has to put their own password when they want to read it. So what’s happened is that people like me signed up for Proton Mail never used it because they’re not enough people out there who want to do that much work to read an email. So those who use Proton Mail or in two categories. The first category are people who are paranoid about governmental intrusion in their email and the second category are criminals.

That all being said, you can understand why use of Proton Mail in governmental emails should be forbidden. It’s encryption was designed by physicists and if you watch The Big Bang Theory Sheldon has told you how smart physicists are. It’s basically impossible to open unless you’re the NSA and want to spend huge amount of time on trying to open a single email.

This brings me to the second point, when you hire the best people, well the best people in the mind of Donald Trump, this is what happens. This staffer was using proton mail something no staffer in the White House should be using because White House email is already very secure. Perhaps this staffer had his own personal reasons for using it or he was trying to hide something, I won’t speculate on that.

But really, if you’re hiring the best people would they leave their password on White House stationery on a bus bench? And what is this staffer trying to hide?


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Bizarre legal brawl intensifies at Trump hotel in Panama – Washington Post

The Trump brand is toxic.

If one were to believe Donald J Trump then one would believe that all of these buildings that have his name on them belong to the Trump organization. In fact that is not true. a vast majority of the buildings that have his name on them are either a licensing agreement or a licensing and management agreement. The Trump organization does not own the buildings. Case in point Panama City Panama. Turns out having the Trump name on a building in South America is not very good for business, who would believe that? I’m sure this is fake news. In any case the manager of the hotel the owner of the hotel employees from the hotel. The hotel owner with the backing of the Panamanian government the Trump name was hurting business and he wanted to sever ties with this company.

Remember, 45 never put his Holdings in a blind Trust as has been the custom of every president. He just said that his genius son Donald jr. would run the company and they made Vape promises not to do business in foreign countries again.

I call BS.


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This July 4, 2011, file photo shows the Trump International Hotel Panama, third building from left, in Panama City. (AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco, File)

President Trump hits back at Jay-Z over ‘superbug’ comments – BBC NEWS

The rapper Eminem has been attacking 45 since 45 started running for office. 45 remained very quiet about these attacks. Jay-Z talks about Trump and he attacks immediately. Let me think here, what’s the difference between these two rappers? Oh yeah, that’s right, Eminem is white. If anything demonstrates the racism that is inbred in 45 this demonstrates it in an empirical way.

I congratulate both rappers and their denunciation of this President. I congratulate all in the Arts who have made a point of separating this president from all other presidents. He is unlike any other president we’ve had in the modern era. It’s why he has a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office. Racists love other racists.


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I will only show half of 45’s face, and that’s giving them way too much credit because he’s not half the man any other president we’ve had is.

Trump Didn’t Sing All The Words To The National Anthem At National Championship Game – The Huffington Post

Hypocrite, what is thy name? 

Thy name name is Trump.

If we should take him at his word, and who can, this man should be fired! He said that he thought that any NFL owner who did not fire one of the players who took a knee was not doing their Duty. He is the president of the United States he should know every word to the national anthem, I do.


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Wisconsin Agrees To Presidential Vote Recount At Third-Party Candidates’ Requests – NPR

Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton the election. So her attempts at raising cash for these so-called recount is at best dubious. She herself has said that just because money is being raised does not issue a recount will be had. She is targeting States where the election is very close. But just because she is contesting these races does not mean that she will get a recount. She clearly states that she is not doing this to help Hillary Clinton but in her words to ensure the Integrity of the electoral process, whatever that means. I wouldn’t trust Jill Stein with a penny. And neither should you.



Rachel Maddow: NEWSWEEK article to look at Trump ties to Cuba during embargo – MSNBC

I live in Los Angeles but I lived most of my life in Miami Florida. There’s one thing I know about Miami and it’s Cuban population especially the older Cuban population there is an intrinsic hatred for Fidel Castro. The hypocrisy of Donald Trump making a speech while he was running for president under the Reform Party in 1999 saying that anyone who did dealings with Castro was funding a murderer while he had a ski setup so that he can do business with Castro to the tune of $68,000. Miami’s Cuban population is for the most part Republican. If there’s one thing that’s going to keep them from going to the polls on November 8th is some proof that Donald Trump did business with Castro. I don’t know what Muse week Magazine is doing but I hope it keeps doing it because it is scooping everybody else with information about Donald Trump and his almost Mafia like business dealings.



Liberals pulverize Matt Lauer for not challenging Trump at presidential forum

I have a theory. In the lead up to the Commander in Chief forum Matt Lauer was being attacked by conservatives because of his work with the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is not a political entity. It does good work especially in Africa with people with AIDS. That Matt Lauer might have had some connection to the Clinton Foundation is not surprising. I give money to all kinds of charities and never think about how it would affect me in my work-life. So I do think that Matt Lauer was very hard on Hillary Clinton and very very easy on Donald Trump. He let Donald Trump’s lie after lie after lie slip by without once pushing back with the truth. Also the one hour format was ridiculous. By the time they sang The Star-Spangled Banner introduced the candidates there was perhaps 25 minutes on airtime for each candidate. And we’re supposed to make a decision on who is going to be our commander-in-chief in 25 minutes? I think this is something that should be done every four years but like everything it needs to be fixed since this was its first year. And yes Matt Lauer was way too easy on Donald Trump and spent 11 minutes of Hillary Clinton’s time on the emails.