Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Presidential Campaign, Says She’ll Put American Interests Over Israel – Newsweek

I am not a fan of Tulsi Gabbard. She claims that her views on the lgbtq community have evolved, but honestly do racist ever stop being racist?

That being said I find it weird that David Duke, former clan head and white supremacist is endorsing her so prominently on Twitter. when I first saw a post about this on Twitter I was wondering whether it was the real David Duke. There is no verification on his account but it seems that this may be in fact David Duke endorsing wholeheartedly Tulsi Gabbard.

He’s doing it in his own racist away. He says that for some reason he believes that she is the only candidate that will not send White children to Israel ? I don’t even know what that means and I really don’t want to get into the head of a white supremacist. We already have one in the White House.

The current occupant of the White House is spewing anti-Semitic rants on Twitter continuously and hate crimes have gone up through the roof since he has given racist their marching orders. This White House can claim that they are not racist but racists support hm. and David Duke endorsed him in 2016.


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Publisher embroiled in legal battle with Arkansas over law banning Israel boycotts – NBC News

Whenever I see these stories it makes my blood boil. They claim to be pro-israel but in fact they are not. They are being pro-israel in hopes that Israel is destroyed.

Belief in the Rapture, also known as millenarianism or eschatology, has multiple variations, but the core view is that there will an apocalyptic war, Jesus will return, and true Christians will be “raptured” or ascend to heaven, with the rest of the earth’s inhabitants punished. Rapture believers are split about the order of events, but they are united in the belief that only Christians will be saved.


Yes, it seems that so-called Christians, have come up with this voodoo religious kind of scenario where, of course, the Jews must all die so that Christians can find The Rapture and meet up with Jesus. This is racist and anti-Semitic point of Evangelical religion.

So whenever you hear about these laws that seem to be pro-israel, remember they are hoping for the destruction of Israel instead.


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Artistic recreation of the Rapture

David Duke Praises and Parrots Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Tweet – The Huffington Post

When I tweet that hashtag Trump lies matter it’s more than just a slogan. First, earlier in the campaign Trump claimed he did not know who David Duke was. Then when he’s asked about white supremacist supporting him he says he needs to check into those groups before making a comment. Now he tweets what is obviously a star of David over Hillary in an anti-semitic slur and says that that’s not a Star of David but a sheriff’s badge. If it were a sheriff’s badge why did his campaign immediately change it to a circle? Don’t Sheriff badges have little circles at the end of the star so that it doesn’t poke the sheriff?  

Dog whistle politics unfortunately have been apart human kind for time immemorial. Donald Trump is a master at dog whistle politics. Dogs can hear sounds we do not has humans. Bigots and racists hear what Trump says and hear that he is a racist and a bigot just like they are. We have not heard Donald Trump or anyone on his campaign say they disavow David Duke, and we won’t because that’s dog whistle politics 101.

Indeed Trump lies matter is more than just a slogan it is a warning we need to heed.


Ted Nugent digs in amid anti-Semitic accusations — and calls for his NRA ouster – The Washington Post

Now even our gun loving friends at the NRA have had enough of him. I wonder if his bromance with Ted Cruz is going to end now that he has shown himself to be not just racist but anti-semitic. Although he may just fit in better with the views of Donald Trump. Ted Nugent is a lucky man he has two candidates that match his views on the world.