Trump himself wouldn’t be an American under his new immigration plan – Quartz

I guess Trump should kiss Melanie or Melania depending on how he wants to misspelled her name goodbye because not only is she here because a family ties but when she originally came she overstayed her visa. I want to bother you agency in the 80s and I know what H1 visas are like. you overstay your Visa you don’t come back in this country again.

I guess Barron Trump is an anchor baby.

It’s ridiculous to think that this President truly believes in what his advisors are shoving down our throats. whether it’s the war on Iran that John Bolton or Michael Bolton depending on how Trump recalls his name has been jonesing for is not only going to cause us to fall into a deep economic depression but we are also going to lose lots of wonderful people in our military.

Wars cost money, lots of money. And the new acting Secretary of defense, a Boeing executive, loves the fact that his company and most likely all the stock that he never got rid of when he became acting whatever is going to be a gold mine for him. I used to tell people that George W bush went to war in Iraq and then Lords taxes. It’s basically like you buying an expensive car and then quitting your job. You need an income to pay for these wars and these lower revenue numbers that we are now seeing because of this silly tax cut for the rich it’s going to be a huge problem for our economy.

President Obama negotiated a great deal with Iran and warmongers like Bolton want to wipe it away and start the bloodshed.

I’m all for this new immigration plan if it means that Trump and all of his family move back to wherever they came from.


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Indian American GOP Delegate Who Favors Clinton Over Trump Dismissed

Who should be surprised that Indian American GOP Delegate Who Favors Clinton Over Trump is Dismissed. This is the Republican party of 2016. It hates minorities, days, women and try to suppress voting from low-income individuals. So let’s not all be surprised that they act badly. She was dismissed from the party as a delegate because she had two residences but her main one was in Washington DC and they claimed that her main one was in Maryland. She works in Washington and then as a second home in Maryland. Butt if anybody thinks that Republicans are going to play fair then they need to have their heads examined.


Paul Krugman: Only Hillary Clinton can save the American economy now – Salon

Hillary Clinton is a realist and a pragmatist. Bernie Sanders attacked her in the last debate for not wanting to double the minimum wage. In a perfect world doubling  everybody’s wages would be great but things have to move at a slow pace so that the economy can catch up with these changes. Hillary Clinton is going to be our next president and will make sure that are current recovery and prosperity grows and is lasting.

Paul Krugman (Credit: Reuters/Zainal Abd Halim)