Paul Manafort’s fate is sealed – The Atlantic

The indictments against Paul Manafortanafort by the special counsel are so telling. This was a man who owed money to someone that would gladly have him killed so he set up scheme after scheme to try to get the money he owed. He borrowed 16 million dollars from a bank that ostensibly only lends money to Veterans for home loans. Manafort is not a veteran. Yet he received alone which amounted to a quarter of the bank’s assets. Why would a bank do this? Well, the CEO of the bank was promised to be Secretary of the army. He was so sure that he was going to be Secretary of the army, he started calling to get briefings from the Army secretary’s office. He was not going to be Secretary of the army once again Manafort was being a grifter, just like the man he helped become president.

Attacking his Protege Rick Gates was unseemly. Rick Gates was trying to help Manafort but Hanafort like all other grifters is heartless. Manafort put out a statement saying how disappointed he was Enrique Gates. I’m sure we’re Gates has more disappointed in the person he looked up to and tried to help.

At the end of the day this 39 count indictment against this slimy man is meant to get him to flip on the present occupant of the White House. The special counsel is building a case just like one builds a house. Once you have the foundation you start putting the walls up and slowly but surely at the end of the day you will have a strong house or a strong case against the president.


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Clinton plans to directly address sex assault claims against Trump, aide says – The Washington Post

I believe this is a very correct decision on the part of the Clinton campaign. Trump’s remarks are inexcusable. Now people are coming out and putting a face on the abuse. Hillary should not to be shy about bringing this up. We have heard about Bill Clinton’s and takes for the last 25 years and it has not change the fact that he is still one of the most respected people in the world. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it a thousand times. The Clinton Foundation saves lives all over the world, the Trump Foundation gives out bribes.


Hillary Clinton greets supporters after a rally at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts on Oct. 12 in Las Vegas. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Hillary wins the first presidential debate against the snorting Donald Trump

Donald Trump was rambling most of the time. He lied about half the time his mouth was moving. He interrupted her, something that Americans don’t like. And now let’s talk about this morning which seemed to be some sort of a lie detector because it seems that each time he snorted he lied. He snorted a lot tonight. He evaded the question about Russia because I believe he owes a lot of money to the Russian oligarchy. My favorite of his Whoppers was that nuclear disaster is a bigger threat than what he called the global warming which is in fact incorrect terminology the term should be climate change. He evaded questions about not paying people what they would do. I saw the story about the company that I’ve been building wooden crates for 3 generations.  Donald Trump hired them to build the boxes where are the slot machines the rest of the pond. He never paid them and the company went under and it killed the patriarch of the family. Donald Trump is that kind of man.

I would like to play poker with Donald Trump. He has a tell. Each time he was about to lie he snorted.

Donald had demonstrable more makeup on then Hillary Clinton. He was also a lighter shade than his normal orange hue. Perhaps he’s adjusting has winter is coming.

I wish that the moderator had asked Donald Trump to just show us the letter from the IRS stating that he’s under audit. That would reveal nothing about his finances but it would reveal that he may be lying about the audit.

And let’s talk about stamina. He actually became incoherent towards the end. He was fidgeting and look like an 8 year old who had not done their homework. He made no sense when he was talking about nuclear weapons and then went into a completely different subject and one that’s much more trivial Rosie O’Donnell.

Henry Clinton was forceful and gave concrete plans on how to make America a better place. Building on what we have done over the last 8 years. This is not a time for us to be changing course but instead we need to move on her plans and really make America great. We don’t need to make America great again America is a great place. People all over the world wish they could be in America. 

And in the end Donald Trump has sold himself as a winner and his supporters and I wonder if its supporters saw a winner tonight. I know I didn’t.

Donald Trump is not the leader this country needs Hillary Clinton is.


Gallup: Six in 10 Americans Say Racism Against Blacks Is Widespread

To me the more interesting statistic is the fact that 41% of Americans think that racism is widespread against white people. I think we have just found the Trump voter. I think 41% is as high as he’s going to go. Interesting correlation don’t you think?


Trump’s threat against Clinton similar to Sarah Palin ad blunder when she put Gabby Giffords and others in the crosshairs

Calling what Donald Trump and Sarah Palin did blunders is not enough. When you are running for president you cannot afford blenders. When you are in the Oval Office the country cannot stand blunders. Temperament comes from years of acquisition of character. Donald Trump is going to the nation that is 70 year old man cannot reinvent himself. For Donald Trump his 70 years have been wasted because he has not acquired character or temperament. 

What makes me the most my start people in the news media tries to compare him with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has lived an adult life in the service of the American people. What service other than building grotesque Towers and failing companies has Donald Trump provided the American people? Innuendos about the birth of our president? Innuendos about his rivals in the Republican primary? No, Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be the president of United States. And his putting the crosshairs on Hillary is to me Criminal.


Military attempting a coup against Turkish government – The Washington Post

If there was a moment in history that we need Hillary Clinton in the white house it is today. Turkey is not only pivotal in our relationship with the Middle East but as a NATO Ally they are where we store our moments including stealth weapons and drones. Instability of this kind needs to have someone who knows how to handle it. Only Hillary Clinton has the criteria to replace President Obama. I don’t think Donald Trump’s having negotiated the Miss Universe pageant in Russia stands up to her years as Secretary of State and u.s. senator.


Police officers stand guard near the Turkish military headquarters in Ankara, Turkey, on July 15.(Tumay Berkin/Reuters)

Let’s narrow down which judges wouldn’t be demographically biased against Donald Trump – WashPost

Since Donald Trump is a narcissist he will think that anyone who is against him is biased. Read The Washington Post article below as they try to narrow down who could possibly not looked upon as biased by Donald Trump, the liar in Chief.


The System Isn’t ‘Rigged’ Against Sanders | FiveThirtyEight

The first time I run for this was when I was in the high school Houston Texas. I ran for homeroom president and I lost. I did not blame the system because it was a case of more people voting for someone else. Luckily I learn from my lessons and ran again many times in junior high school and high school and won.
2 NE Bernie Sanders supporters who may be reading this please look at the numbers. Hillary has won more pledged delegates. Hillary has won more votes. Even in places where you claimed that the system was rigged for example in Washington State the system was rigged for Bernie Sanders and not for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders want a caucus where about 23000 people showed up. Yes he won by a large percentage. But when the people and again I believe this is a country for the people and run by the people comma in a primary which was nothing but hey beauty contest Hillary Clinton 1. So let’s all put this to rest and realized that are real pho is not each other but Donald Trump and what he could do to our country in 4 years. I’m not saying it’s going to take us back to the Stone Age but he will roll back so many of the important things like climate change initiatives, women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights and religious freedom in our country. And that’s just to name a few. Let’s make unite blue something that really means a force to defeat Donald Trump.
Nate silver and his says that Hillary has a 98% chance of winning the California primary comma let’s make that a hundred percent with the help of all the engaged Bernie Sanders supporters.


Mexico fights back against ‘The Clown’ – POLITICO

He’s not even president yet and he has countries at war with him. I’m sure this is going to be music to the ears of his base. But his base is half of the Republican party which is about 13% of the total electorate. That leaves a lot of people that will not be happy with this kind of news. Sure, we have our share of racists in this country. But the majority of Americans are good people who know what this kind of rhetoric can do to a country. We need to stop Trump. Or as Hillary Clinton’s campaign says stump Trump.