Steve Bannon disinvited from New Yorker Festival after backlash – NBC News

This is such a hard one. If you listen to Bill Maher he’ll tell you that doing this kind of thing is not only a form of censorship but it elevates those people we dislike even more by giving them more attention. If you look at it from Jim Carrey or Judd Apatow’s one of you they don’t want to be on stage with a hate monger. So what does one do? I guess that’s the question for the ages. I am not comfortable with either scenario and I wish our politics were not so divisive but they are. And the man who is one of the architects of this divisiveness is Steve Bannon and so I say give him more to say about the liberal or the left to his core supporters which are not going to change and keep him up stages as much as we possibly can.


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Steve Bannon in Prague on May 22, 2018.Sean Gallup / Getty Images file

Poll: More Dems approve of McCain than Republicans after his death – TheHill

When I was a kid I used to read Superman comic books. Once in awhile Superman would end up in Bizarro world. Everything would be backwards. Does that sound familiar to what is happening today?

Senator McCain may be remembered as the last of the bipartisans. I did not agree with him on everything but I knew that he listens and wanted to try to come to some arrangement. The republicans in Congress now have one goal, to feed that insatiable thirst for more money so they can get reelected. Freshman Congressman arriving or told by their party that they need to forget about writing bills and instead they need to worry about running for congress again. The average Congressman spends 6 hours a day calling for donations to the very rich. I may be going out on the tension here but Senator McCain makes me want to get up on top of a hill and scream that we need reform in our politics. First and foremost we need to get big money out of politics, it’s what has created the swamp and it’s turning our whole country into one.


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American hunter faces outrage after taking photo with killed giraffe – TheHill

I’m not special. I treat the Universe I live in the way I want to be treated. I bought a new car recently well it was 10 years old, and there was a living spider in the center console. It took me a full day to figure out how to get this spider out of my console alive and back into nature and not on the floor of a garage.

We have Donald ass Junior as our example about how we should treat endangered species. We should shoot them and take pictures with them. How much oh is that? Can you imagine how Brave he was in holding a shotgun with helpers from Africa around him making sure that he would be safe shooting the helpless animal and then taking a picture triumphantly holding up the poor animals tail. Now we have this woman who African authorities call a neanderthal, I resent that. That is attacking the address Halls she is not even good enough to be looked upon like the snake in the Garden of Eden proverbially. Her picture should be smeared everywhere and she should be ashamed and ostracized by her friends and family. I don’t care how rich she is she does not have the right to kill a giraffe. What did the giraffe do to her?


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Britain gets tough on Putin after nerve agent attack -– and the Trump White House punts – The Washington Post

Perhaps it would be best for this White House to move it daily briefings from Washington to the Kremlin. Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems hell-bent on marching lockstep with the propaganda put out by Putin and Trump. I heard yesterday in a MSNBC story about Putin and their hold on Trump that Putin has said in the past that he has information that would be harmful to Trump. He is blackmailing Trump and Trump is complicit in this. Trump should have never ever run for the presidency if he thought he could be blackmailed. Doing so is treason in my mind and in the mind of many legal Scholars.

I applaud Theresa May on Great Britain for standing up to Putin and his attack on their country. Now if we only had a President Who was actually able to say how Russia attacked us in 2016 and is doing so right now through our electoral system. It repulses me to think that this man in the White House does not want to do anything about such a threat to our democracy. But then again does he really like our democracy? He seems to like dictator is a lot better than the way we run our country.


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Sam Nunberg, Fmr. Trump campaign aide after meet with Mueller says Trump did something wrong

You rarely see on television someone who is being subpoenaed by Grand Jury come on the air live and say for all to hear that they are not going to comply with a grand jury subpoena. Well in fact that happened this morning California time, on MSNBC in an interview with Katy tur. Sam nunberg a former campaign aide for Donald Trump says that he will not comply with grand jury subpoenas. And he is to appear on Thursday. He claims that he does not want to reveal text messages between him and Steve Bannon and others. He complains that this whole process is bankrupting people. Well, if you thought that things were fishy it was your duty as a citizen to go in and say so to the authorities. But instead you stayed quiet and now you cry foul.

Further he says that after being questioned by the special prosecutor he got the feeling that the special prosecutor has something on President Trump. That put a spring in my step today. On a day that I hear that our secretary of state has had a hundred and twenty two million dollars how to fight infusions by the Russians in our elections and has spent nothing. The only reason it’s even in the state Department’s budget is because it was forced upon him by the two congressman who budgeted this money in the first place. This is a White House clearly bent on doing Putin’s bidding. Everything they’ve done from the trade War to refusing to do anything about the 2018 elections to the candidate himself asking for Russian Aid in unveiling Hillary Clinton’s emails all point to collusion and more importantly to obstruction of justice.

Today’s Revelations by Sam nunberg lend Credence to why the special prosecutor must continue his work.


Screenshot from MSNBC March 5th 2018

Kushner’s Business Got Loans After White House Meetings – The New York Times

The reason that nepotism in the White House have never mixed is because it’s a toxic brew. So now we have the president of the United States whose son-in-law is making deals with foreign governments while meeting with them ostensibly doing business for the United States of America. Talk about someone who is apt to be blackmailed.

I wonder how long mr. Kushner has in the White House. this kind of news cannot be sitting well with his father-in-law. It just embroils this White House more and more into a quagmire that is going to be impossible to get out of.

Just to put things into perspective, this is the same Lighthouse that today had its communications director, hope Hicks resign. Yesterday she said that it was part of her job as communications director to say White Lies for the president’s to the American people. how does one shave a white lie? Are there gray lies? Any Lie from the podium of the leader of the Free World is one lie too many.

I hope Jared is gone very quickly.


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Jared Kushner’s tenure in the White House has been dogged by questions about conflicts of interest between his government work and his family business, in which he remains heavily invested.CreditTom Brenner/The New York Times

2 Weeks After Trump Blocked It, Democrats Release Rebuttal of G.O.P. Memo {and this White House is going to hate it} – The New York Times

I can say in one word what the release of this memo does, vindication.

Unlike the Republican Nunez memo, the Democratic memo lays out a clear case as to why the fisa court had the right and obligation to put a warrant on Carter page.

Carter page likes to make himself look like a bumbling idiot. I think he’s anything but that. He has spoken ill of the United States in Russia since 2013. He has repeatedly said that He is a conduit to Russia. And he had meetings with Russia after the candidate Trump said that he was one of his leading foreign policy advisors. Now, I’m not saying that this guy is a genius. The current occupant of the White House has a penchant on picking terrible people as his advisors. But I know that the Russians saw Carter page as a wonderful source of information for their intelligence services. They have been cultivating him throughout the Last 5 Years and we’re hoping that he would be one of their Prime Assets in the US.

Now that the Democratic memo has been released I can’t wait to hear this White House attack it, unfortunately it’s too well documented and has sources that are incontrovertible.


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Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California, pushed to release a memo from Democrats as a rebuttal to a Republican memo about the Russia investigation.CreditJ. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

Trump’s 24-Year-Old Deputy Drug Czar To Resign After Questions Over Work History –

This is just the tip of the iceberg in how Annette this Administration has been in its hiring of staff for our government. Yesterday it was revealed that out of about 450 applications for security clearances 168th have been denied for illicit activities.

How to tight the AIDS epidemic, something I was an advocate for, killed about 53,000 souls a year. Under estimate of the amount of deaths due to the opioid epidemic is 63000. So 45 puts a 24 year old as second-in-command. If you look at his resume since he left College the only thing he did was work on the Trump campaign. Look at what he is done to are State Department hands you can go down the list of how he is single-handedly destroying our government. And yet the Republicans are quite happy to say nothing about it. The Republicans, they were the ones who drank themselves in the American flag and now seem content to have Russians running all over our elections. Shame on them.


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Yes, the guy in the circle, is who 45 thought should be second-in-command of an epidemic killing 63,000 people a year. I don’t think he should be running a fraternity.

Trump stumbles after surge in polls – The Hill

I was just hearing analysis on television that said basically Americans have decided who they want to vote for and they are not listening to the bad stuff of the other person. I don’t believe that. There are lot of people that are still unsure as to who they will vote for in November. And I think it’s why the polls fluctuate as much as they do. It’s been a bad week for Trump and I believe the polls were reflected. This article from The Hill goes through all of the negatives that have plagued the Trump campaign. His advisors want him to go back to being Xanax Trump. But then there are his surrogates. His son two weeks out a picture of himself with what he called the deplorable including Pepe the Frog the albrights dog whistle illustration. And then he said that if Republicans did what the Democrats did they would be warming up the ovens. He says that this was done without thinking about how it may affect Jews because his friends are all Jewish and he has Jewish Family. But I believe it reflects what he hears on a day-to-day basis in the campaign. You don’t say things like that unless you hear them and then they become normal and then you repeat them. Donald Trump had a bad week I hope he has another bad 8 weeks.