Uncomfortable Question for Ted Cruz on Obamacare Silences the Room

This shows the depth  in the lack of proposals the Republicans are putting out this election campaign. It’s amazing that someone who says he is religious can listen to someone tell him that z family member died because he could not get insurance until Obamacare came into effect went and answered with the same political jargon that they all use about the Affordable Care Act. I think America is becoming wise to this and we will see a shift and I hope a seismic shift this election.



Ted Cruz is signing up for Obamacare

Oh the irony of it all. I am sure that President obama is laughing in the Oval  Office right now. If my memory serves me right, yesterday, dismantling Obamacare was at the top of the good senators agenda. His second promise was to dismantle the IRS. Great way to govern, I guess now he’ll want to getting rid of death since he seems to wants to get rid of taxes.


The Washington Post
March 23 2015
Sen. Ted Cruz, perhaps America’s foremost critic of Obamacare, is signing up for Obamacare.A day after announcing his presidential run, Cruz (R-Texas) acknowledged to the Des Moines Register during an Iowa campaign stop that he will have to sign up for health insurance through the District of Columbia’s exchange because the coverage he had been on — a plan offered through wife Heidi’s employer, Goldman Sachs — will end because she is taking unpaid leave in order to help his campaign.
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