Poll shows Democrats have midterm intensity advantage, but no ‘knockout’ yet – NBC News

Frankly, I’m happy to do poll says that it isn’t a knockout. I hope it stays this way until the election. We don’t need complacency to take over the Democratic party. We don’t need people to think that we’re going to win and they don’t need to go out and vote. Let’s face it the Republican party has made it very difficult to go vote. Where do you only country in the world that votes on a Tuesday. And countries that vote during the week have that day off. We should be voting on Saturday and Sunday, but the Republicans would hate that because it would allow people who work to be able to go out and actually vote. Sure there’s absentee ballots but those numbers never are enough to swing an election.

We need to get this Orange Madness out of the white house before he gets us into a real war. The Republicans have shown that when they feel like they’re about to lose an election they start a war, usually an unnecessary one, remember Iraq?


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Will anxiety about terrorism affect the 2016 election? Clinton has the advantage for now-WashPost

She was Secretary of State,  end of discussion.

A mourner places a candle next to flowers and floral tributes at Beursplein square in Brussels. (Jasper Juinen/Bloomberg News)

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Clinton’s Democratic Image Advantage Over Sanders Expands

This makes perfect sense when you consider many factors. First of all her impressive debate performances have made it very clear that she is well prepared for this position. Unfortunate incidents in Paris and now in San Bernardino shows we need someone who can deal with domestic and foreign terrorist, plus take control of this gun issue something Bernie Sanders does not have the heart for.
I have been ready for Hillary for a very very long time. I love telling the story that when, in June 2000, I went to gay pride in New York, which was my first gay pride, I saw who at first I thought was the drag queen dressed up as Hillary Clinton and then realized that it was our first lady marching next to Rudy Giuliani. That was simply my most Gay Pride moment ever.