Burger King made a surprisingly good ad about net neutrality – The Verge

It’s both sad and hardening that Burger King understands net neutrality better than the people who are going to legislate about it. Net neutrality only is not good for big corporations who can pay to put themselves at the front of the line. Individuals like you and me will not to do well under net neutrality. Forces that have changed our politics with citizens united will have much more of a say on how we see and read our News. Net Neutrality must be defended at all cost.


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City of Phoenix Sends Donald Trump Cease-and-Desist Letter Over Ad Featuring Police Officers – ABC News

I’m sure in his mind Donald Trump believes the world is now ganging up against him. That’s how bullies think. I’m sure in his bubble his alt right conspirators that include his sons are telling him that he can do no wrong. He believes online polls that have no reliability but ignores the real polls. He has become delusional hand I honestly am starting to believe that he will not appear in the next to the Bates. He never signed the memorandum of understanding with the nonpartisan Election Commission which handles the debates. So, he is not contractually forced into the dating again. I think it would be the mistake of his life and I hope he does it. 



Trump’s threat against Clinton similar to Sarah Palin ad blunder when she put Gabby Giffords and others in the crosshairs

Calling what Donald Trump and Sarah Palin did blunders is not enough. When you are running for president you cannot afford blenders. When you are in the Oval Office the country cannot stand blunders. Temperament comes from years of acquisition of character. Donald Trump is going to the nation that is 70 year old man cannot reinvent himself. For Donald Trump his 70 years have been wasted because he has not acquired character or temperament. 

What makes me the most my start people in the news media tries to compare him with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has lived an adult life in the service of the American people. What service other than building grotesque Towers and failing companies has Donald Trump provided the American people? Innuendos about the birth of our president? Innuendos about his rivals in the Republican primary? No, Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be the president of United States. And his putting the crosshairs on Hillary is to me Criminal.



Trump Once Tweeted a Campaign Ad Featuring What Look Like Nazi Soldiers and explains a little bit about Melania speech Fiasco: Sloppiness

This story is a year old. It is from July of 2015. I’m posting it now because it is indicative of what’s wrong with Donald Trump and the Trump campaign. This is the road that was paid to Melania making her speech using the first African American first ladie’s words. 

Donald Trump is running his campaign the way that kid that you knew in high school who finished or sometimes even started his homework on the bus to school. A presidential campaign is the only way the American people can audition or interview a potential president. How the campaign is run is a good indicator on how the administration of that candidate will look. This is a sloppy campaign doing sloppy work for a sloppy candidate. And I am so tired of hearing Republicans attacking Hillary for the fact that their nominee for president wife plagiarized large portions of Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech. Look in the mirror guys, it’s your candidates fault not Hillary Clinton’s. I think Hillary Clinton has been unusually kind to mrs. Trump in the last 24 hours. When Paul manafort said that this was only an attack by Hillary because she felt threatened by another strong woman was such BS that I shut off the television. Last night’s speech could have been a momentous point in the convention. An immigrant who came to our Shores and has now reached not only the Pinnacle of our society but has done it herself. Instead she will be remembered for having plagiarized a speech. The campaign should have run her speech through plagiarizing detection software which is available to any High School teacher. And that is the shame of it all.

Which brings me to this article about Donald Trump tweeting a picture of himself superimposed on top of the White House last year with photos SS Nazi troops on his shoulder. The same sloppiness that brought us the plagiarized speech brought us this tweet with Nazis which in the end as far as I’m concerned this qualifies Donald Trump from the presidency because of not what he thinks but how sloppy a worker he is.



Clinton Releases a Brutal Anti-Trump Ad

It was said that Donald Trump has walked into a billion-dollar Buzz saw today. Watch the video and you’ll understand what they mean. Donald Trump is a flawed individual with flawed policies and with both President Bush’s already saying they will be staying out of this campaign and will not support Donald Trump. This is the beginning of the education of the people on Donald Trump period Wednesday get past his Bluster they will hate his policies. He will take our country into recession and make the United States and its allies unsafe.


Clinton takes aim at Trump in N.Y. ad-POLITICO

Hillary Clinton is reminding Savvy New Yorkers that she is the only candidate that can beat Donald Trump. Let’s face it Hillary Clinton has not gone negative on Bernie Sanders. I cannot imagine what Donald Trump will say about Bernie Sanders in a general election. He will paint Sanders as a communist, he will paint him as someone who will raise everyone’s taxes and redistribute wealth. Hillary Clinton has a proven record that she can run on and bottom line we must make sure that Donald Trump is not anywhere close to the White House. Her campaign is reminding voters of the stakes involved in this election and they are very high.

The campaign released the ad online ahead of Hillary Clinton’s organizing event at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. | AP Photo

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