Special counsel witness says he expects to be charged in Mueller probe – ABC News

I’m not sure if it’s funny or disturbing that info wars, the right wing fake news organization, would have a Washington bureau chief. In any case it seems that the man is going to be indicted by special counsel Mueller and that’s good. I’m sure the far right is going to say that they’re being Target it and I’ve noticed that those who have appeared in front of either the grand jury or the FBI in questions regarding the Russia probe have said that they may be indicted. But it also is strange that the only ones that ever say that are people like Rodger Stone. I think they want to be invited, I think they are looking for the publicity.

Why would one go out into the public Arena and say they think they’re going to be indicted? Are they got guilty?


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Trump threatens to pull federal funding for California wildfires – ABC News

I rarely agree with the Tangerine nightmare in the White House but today I do. He’s right we need to do something about climate change.obviously these fires are caused by this phenomena and I am so happy to hear that he wants to do something about it.

Oh wait, no he’s not. The republicans in Congress have a saying, it’s ABC, anybody but California. The state that produces the most tax revenue for the federal government is ostracized by Republicans because we don’t vote for them in great numbers.

Taxation without representation that’s where California now stands.

How come he doesn’t talk about pulling funds from Florida or Texas when they have hurricanes? oh that’s because they vote for him or he hopes they will. What a piece of trash we have in this White House.

Nothing about the dead and injured because of this project fire from the White House. What a piece of trash we have in this White House.


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‘We are going to take back the country we love’: Hillary Clinton – ABC News

I am a man and I truly believe that women should be running the world.

That being said can you imagine how different our lives would be if Hillary Clinton had gotten those 65 thousand votes? Sure there would be some division but it certainly would not be coming from the White House. She was never a divider and her time in the Senate proved that over and over again. She would have never spewed out hate and racism. She would not have tried to destroy the environment. She would not have reduced our national parks and decimated some of the most of Irreplaceable areas so that oil companies can drill for more Earth destroying petroleum. She would have been fighting for equal rights for all. She would have not attacked groups because they did not conform to how she thought things should be.

What annoys me the most is when I say that it would have been better under Hillary and then people tell me:

“Oh well she was just as bad as all the others, look at what she did with the Clinton Foundation.”

Let’s look at the Clinton Foundation. It’s a foundation that does work in developing countries and yes they have to ask for money just like any other nonprofit or charity but there was never any proven allegation death money given to the foundation had any impact on anything that happened during the Obama Administration.

Yes I wish this nightmare were over and yes I wish she had been our president and I hope that her words are prophetic.


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‘I don’t know how you survive this one’: Chris Christie on Pruitt’s condo deal – ABC News

The absurdity of putting someone in charge that wants to dismantle the organization he or she is put in charge of. That seems to be the continuing theme of the present White House. Rex Tillerson disemboweling the state department. Scott Pruitt hell-bent on destroying the planet that is his job to protect. A Secretary of the Interior that rides in on a horse on his first day but then turns precious Lambs over to gas producers. The secretary of education that hardly knows anything about a school. She said that she’s never been to a poor performing school and she tries to avoid them. That’s like saying if you’ve got a stomach ache you don’t go to the doctor cuz you really don’t want to know what’s going on. That’s how you get cancer. Like I said it’s a recurring theme.

The scary thing is that as scary as Scott Pruitt is who knows who’s going to replace him. This revolving door of mediocrity that is this White House and cabinet begins to fade away once faith been a government of the people and by the people. And I think that’s the point of this whole thing. Make us not believe in our government and they will have one. So we need to March, register to vote, and go out and vote in the primaries to make sure that the right candidates are leading the progressive agenda and then in November and turn out in numbers that we haven’t seen in Generations. This is a seminal moment in our country and unless we want to go down the road to Fascism we need to make sure that we take the reins of power back.


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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie from a screenshot of ABC News

City of Phoenix Sends Donald Trump Cease-and-Desist Letter Over Ad Featuring Police Officers – ABC News

I’m sure in his mind Donald Trump believes the world is now ganging up against him. That’s how bullies think. I’m sure in his bubble his alt right conspirators that include his sons are telling him that he can do no wrong. He believes online polls that have no reliability but ignores the real polls. He has become delusional hand I honestly am starting to believe that he will not appear in the next to the Bates. He never signed the memorandum of understanding with the nonpartisan Election Commission which handles the debates. So, he is not contractually forced into the dating again. I think it would be the mistake of his life and I hope he does it. 



Donald Trump Troll Mark Cuban Well-Positioned for 1st Presidential Debate – ABC News

Wow, what a great way to throw him off his game. Mark Cuban is part of the club that won’t let Trump in. Trump hates it. I’m sorry that it was announced ahead of time because now he will be ready. I wish that he had just showed up there. But in any case the looks that Mark Cuban will throw it Donald Trump will be priceless.



Recording Suggests Hillary Clinton Backers Testing Attack Lines Ahead of Nevada Caucus – ABC News

I, as a Hillary Clinton supporter, truly hope they are doing just that. Bernie Sanders and his campaign have been attacking Secretary of State Clinton left and right. She has been attempting to run a positive campaign. But his Mr Divine campaign manager does not know how to run a positive campaign.
I am hearing from friends that they are thinking about Bernie Sanders and his candidacy. I make it a point not to talk about politics with my friends so I have not interfered in their thought process. But I think that’s the best road for our losing the presidency to the Republicans.


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Poll: Bush now tops GOP field; Clinton runs ahead of all Republicans

Its way too early in the game. The saying is a week in politics is like a year in real life. I think Senator Rand Paul has been quiet through this whole mess that the Republican Party created in Indiana. I think his silence was a chess move and I think a good one. In my opinion he’s the one they may be the biggest threat to Hillary Clinton becoming President. But I am still very much ready for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton leads all potential opponents in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

The Washington Post
April 2. 2015
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush now leads the field of Republican candidates for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination, but former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton enjoys a decided advantage over Bush and other potential GOP rivals in hypothetical general election matchups, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll
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