Most Americans Say Things Have Changed So Much They Feel Like a ‘Stranger In My Own Country,’ According to New Poll – Newsweek

If Trump’s approval rating is underwater I think our country’s approval rating as a underwater other this presidency. I’ve taken to watching nothing but Christmas movies because I honestly cannot watch what’s going on in our political world. I’m closing down blog on the 14th, not just because it’s costing money but because it’s difficult to comment about what’s happening in our country and stay positive. At the same time I’m also closing down my account at Twitter and linkedin leaving me completely free of the tyranny of social media.

Today marks 2 years since I deleted my Facebook account. I’ve also deleted my WhatsApp account but kept my Instagram only because there’s no way of downloading the pictures and some of them are important to me. Mark Zuckerberg should have invented Tinder instead of Facebook because that’s how we started. Basically a Harvard app to let guys vote on who’s hot and who’s not among the women of Harvard. That’s the kind of God Mark Zuckerberg is. And he’s taking this terrible ethic to the world. I don’t blame Trump as much as I blame Mark Zuckerberg for how unhappy this country has become and for that matter the rest of the world. I look forward to the day thatThe Facebook Monopoly is broken up into as many pieces as possible with Mark Zuckerberg having nothing to do with it. But I dream.


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POLITICO: In Iowa, Biden confronts a growing threat: Pete Buttigieg

I posted a positive remark on Twitter about mayor Pete and one of the people who I liked on Twitter responded that he was too inexperienced and too young. I responded back by asking if they knew how many people the typical Senator overseas in their offices. The number is maxed out in about 30. Peter overseas 1,500 employees in the city of South bend. I then asked what foreign policy experience do governors get ? Not very much and yet President Clinton, who was the governor of Arkansas, had one of the best foreign policy records in our history.

Let’s get to the age thing. I’m 65 and I think that my generation has screwed everything up pretty badly and it’s time to let those who are going to have to fix the problems get a chance to have their say. Mayor Pete is exactly that kind of person. We need people running for president or going to make young people feel like this is not the same old stuff. I like Elizabeth Warren and she would make a great president but her age is an issue with me. I think Joe Biden has lost his chance and Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat.

One last interesting thing, latest polls show that more than 50% of American people would be okay with a gay president.

So Mayor Pete is my choice right now and his showing in Iowa is speaking much louder than my little post on this little blog.

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Could there be an “organic” label for a product’s climate impact? – CBS News

As a consumer I rely on ratings to make sure I purchase items that will stand the wear of time. I’m also looking for things that are not going to harm the environment part or in the case of soaps and shampoos are not going to harm me. The organic label has gone a long way to show us how we can ethically eat food but now we need to go one step further. Clothing is the next frontier. Clothing that does not have an impact on the world’s resources or at least as little impact as possible is what the American Consumer and for that matter the world consumer is looking for. I would be thrilled if I saw a label that said that something I was buying, even if it were a little bit more expensive, would help reduce the ravages of climate change. Even China, the country that Trump seems to want to bring out each time to criticize the Paris Accord would because of market forces be forced to mend their ways and get in line with what are planet desperately needs.


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I spent a decade addicted to opioids: Here’s why Pete Buttigieg gives me hope – TheHill

I have used recreational chemicals in the past, that’s no secret. I am lucky though I never got addicted to anything. That being said I have been affected by the opioid crisis.

One of my best friends of 39 years became addicted while I was living in a different city and I knew nothing about it. When I returned to my so-called hometown it became obvious that I was meant to be as his ATM machine. I just thought that’s the recession had hit him hard and whenever he asked for money I would give it to him if I could.

It wasn’t until after my assault that I found out that in fact he was addicted to heroin. I feel so sorry for him and his family. I remember him telling me that he had gone skiing in Aspen and it hurt his knee. He never talked about it again. Turns out it’s the same old story oh, he was giving opioids and when the supply was cut off he went on to heroin.

Peter Buttigieg is a refreshing change from the politics of today. He is bright, charismatic, intelligent and most importantly he does not seem erratic. We have this creature in the White House. Has taken over our lives I think we need somebody like Peter to calm everything down. Look, I like Joe Biden but Joe Biden is too old. I like Elizabeth Warren but she’s going to be painted as a socialist. Kamala Harris hasn’t taken off and Amy klobuchar just doesn’t seem to have the temperament.

At the end of the day I hope and pray that Peter will be our nominee and I think he can take us to the finish line. We need to end this nightmare.


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Nunes campaign drops lawsuit against constituents who accused him of being a ‘fake farmer’ – TheHill

The irony of it all. The Republicans that relish having dark money so they can use it like a trojan horse to confuse the electorate is now crying foul, or in this case crying moo.

The Republicans who have used dark money since the horrendous citizens united supreme Court ruling are now upset because it’s being used against them. if there is one thing that has ruined our body politic its citizens united and it’s unlimited flow of dark money which confuses the electorate into voting for things that are not in their best interest. Devin Nunes loves dark money but now he’s complaining about it.

I remember when the Republican party were against frivolous lawsuits and yet here we have the co-chair of the intelligence committee in the house suing constituents and Powell’s on Twitter. Talk about frivolous lawsuits.

Do your job Devin Nunez and stop suing people left and right, if you did your job right nobody would be suing you.

And by the way you are a fake farmer.


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Wyden Slams Republican FEC Commissioners for Blocking Probe of NRA, Possible Campaign Finance Violations – Newsweek

I hope alarm bells are going off all over the country and ringing loudly in Washington. Our democracy is being attacked and the present administration is walking mean it. They understand that they’re cozying up to dictators means that dictators want Trump to stay in office. This is not a conspiracy theory at all, this is being done in plain sight by Trump. His love affair with Putin, Kim jong-un and even the leader of China Ximakes these people want him to remain in office. What better way to keep him in office but to rig the election.

I watched last night the Democratic chairman of the Federal election commission almost apoplectic almost be apoplectic regarding the fact that her fellow commissioners of the Republican persuasion refuse to look into anything that has to do with Russia and election interference. This is only inviting more interference by every single dictatorship that Trump has weirdly embraced. I think that if you see him getting close to start dealing with Iran it’s because he knows Iran has the ability to rig our elections as well and he doesn’t want any of the players who will attack our democracy in 2020 not be on his side. There should be no his side there should only be the site of America, the United States of America.

There should be no his side there should only be the site of America, the United States of America.

If this is #MAGA2020 I want nothing to do with it.


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Maria Butina, leader of a pro-gun organization, speaks on October 8, 2013 during a press conference in Moscow.


Netanyahu takes a big loss for Trump’s little win against ‘the squad’ – NBC News

I have a very long history with the State of Israel. First I’m Jewish. My dad worked for the state of Israel for 20 years. I worked for them during my face in college. Most of my extended family has moved from France to Israel. So I have deep roots for my love of Israel and wanted to thrive and survive. All of that being said what happened today is unacceptable.

State of Israel was formed in 1947 because of the tyranny of a Nazi, Adolf Hitler. It was meant to be the vibrant democracy springing other democracies in the Middle East. People who move there in its early days suffered but they knew they were building a future for themselves and their future generations. now we’ve come to a crossroads. Benjamin Netanyahu is under indictment. He was not able to form a government and now it’s facing you elections in a few weeks. He is so closely aligned with the current occupant of the White House that they may as well be Siamese twins. So banning to American members of Congress whatever their views goes against everything that Israel stands for.

Benjamin Netanyahu will regret this move. And when American Jewish lobby, AIPEC, a conservative organization that strives to promote Israel in every way condemned this move that’s huge. Donald Trump kills everything he touches I hope he doesn’t ruin Israel.

Donald Trump kills everything he touches I hope he doesn’t ruin Israel.


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Even AIPAC split with Netanyahu over the wisdom of Israel’s decision to bar half “the squad” from the country.

Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call file

Walmart vs. Target: A Political Divide Among Shoppers – Morning Consult

As the Trump administration starts planning weekend rates on poor immigrant families and trying to suppress the census by insisting on a citizenship question why would the Latino community in the United States shop at Walmart? Walmart is based out of Arkansas and is owned by The waltons who give their money solely to the Republican party and help put this racist in Chief in office.

Target used to give most of their money to the Republican party but then in 2007 they changed their tune and became donors to the Democratic party. Look, as consumers we don’t have a lot of power but we do have the power to choose where we shop and shopping at Walmart is not even something I consider. I want shop at Walmart, or Jet which is Walmart’s Amazon like online shopping service. On the other hand I buy everything I can at Target because Target that’s good for the community.


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LA needs a better earthquake early warning alert – Curbed LA

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. I’m from Miami obviously a place that doesn’t have a lot of earthquakes. I have had be My Shake app on my phone which uses the sensors in your cell phone to give an early warning of an upcoming earthquake. Basically the idea is if all the phones in a given area starts shaking at the same time that’s an earthquake. It’s available on both iPhone and Android devices. all that being said I did not know that Los Angeles had its own alert system. turns out a half a million people did in the Los Angeles area and had it loaded up on their phones. The problem was that the threshold set to send out a warning was higher than what would have caused an early warning to the Los Angeles area on the 4th and 5th of July. look today I got six Amber alerts while driving so I understand why the city wanted to make sure that people did not get a lot of warnings about 4.0 earthquakes and below. Getting a lot of warnings makes people uninstall the app.

On the 4th I found out about the Los Angeles warning system and I installed it on my phone. They have been updating it every few hours since I installed it. I’m sure they’re tweaking it to make sure that what happened on the 4th and 5th of July 2019 is not repeated in the future. Earthquakes are weird, they’re not like hurricanes, something I’m very used to, they give him a warning and we don’t know that they’re coming so having an early-warning even 30 seconds would make life in an earthquake-prone area just a bit easier.

Hurricane Andrew in Miami on a Sunday in the middle of the night. On Saturday night I called a friend of mine and told him that we weren’t going out to the clubs at night instead we were going to go grocery shopping. He thought I was absolutely out of my mind. I spent $375 that they on food which was in today’s dollars maybe $1,000 worth. Turns out it was a great call because I had 10 friend stay with me for two weeks after the hurricane and we had food. so be assured that I have an earthquake preparedness kit here in my apartment. I have enough water, food and most importantly cat food to last a couple of weeks. I live in a new building and it’s rated at a 9.1 earthquake resistance but nothing is perfect. I also have earthquake insurance which is really inexpensive and anyone who does not have it should consider getting it now. It’s a state-run insurance that in my case cost about $100 a year. I just made $25,000 in coverage and also importantly $2,500 in expenses if I can’t live in my apartment after the earthquake. all this is just a way for me to be proactive and I hope that my readers Will follow My lead.


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Surface ruptures and offsets caused by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake are seen as the sun sets along State Route 178 between Ridgecrest and Trona California on June 6. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images