U.S. military to build 6 tent cities near border for migrants – NBC news

Do you think that a guy whose name is Miller might be an immigrant or at least from an immigrant family can his past? He does not sound native American in any way and the way I see it unless you are native American you should be proud of America’s immigration policies that have made our country great.

Stephen Miller will not make our country great again he will make our country fail. I don’t have any idea of what happened in his childhood which has made him into this nasty creature that lurks the White House. it must have been something traumatic because even his own Rabbi thinks that Stephen Miller is a bad seed.

Immigration is the lifeblood of our country. Look at Japan with its aging population and no immigration looking at Doom in the future. How long has it been since you bought a Panasonic television?

If we are to prosper we need to bring you and wonderful people into our country. My dad and mom were immigrants and they were amazing people that contributed to their communities in every way they possibly could. I am a proud US citizen born in Houston Texas but I am still considering myself of immigrant roots.

ICE should not be abolished but their powers need to be curtailed. Angry people have taken over ice, should I say angry Republicans or just angry trumper’s? I’ll let the readers figured that out.

And now I’m speaking to my state legislators. California cannot be complicit in this terrible scheme. I know that attorney general Xavier Becerra will do the right thing.


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Only six immigrants in terrorism database stopped by CBP at southern border in first half of 2018 – NBC News

Are we going to let fascism take root in our country? I say no.

Call your representative and tell them that you want the Democrats to have a response to this man’s lies tomorrow after the speech.

Call your local TV stations and tell them not to cover his speech. when President Obama wanted to make a speech in 2014 regarding immigration all four networks denied it. It’s time that the network’s stand up to this man’s lies.

Boycott his speech. make sure that your cable box is tuned to a channel that will not be carrying it. Let’s not make him feel important because he gets good ratings and you know how this is important in this idiot’s head.

This is a call to action. Act as if the future of our country depends on it, it does.


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Clinton leads Trump by 6 points after Democratic confab: Reuters/Ipsos poll – Reuters

Traditionally polls after the conventions are a good indicator of who’s going to win the election in November. This year the conventions were very very early. Both parties decided to have their conventions before the Olympics. So there is a Long Trail between now and November 8. The next hundred and two days will be critical to beating Trump and making sure that Hillary is our next president.



Carly Fiorina made history tonight

From what I have been able to gather from the Archives of the internet Carly fiorina has had the shortest run for vice president in the history of the United States. At least she has made a footnote to history. She is very good at destroying things. She took Hewlett-Packard a company that was doing very well and for some weird reason decided to merge it with Compaq that made printers also and lost 35000 jobs. Now she becomes Ted Cruz’s vice presidential candidate and 6 days later Ted Cruz drops out of the race. I wonder if she still is running for vice-president, no one knows. Interestingly, yesterday she fell off the stage at a Ted Cruz events and he did not try to help her. I hope she stays out of politics. She has earned her retirement.


Highlights from the 6th Republican primary debate

I did not watch it. I am fact based, and they are fib based. I am sure that the following will be true though. Donald Trump is still a rude man. Chris Christie is still fat . I no longer have any patience for these people.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talks to the media as he visits Jose Marti Freshman Academy in Union City, N.J. Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013, the day after defeating Democratic challenger Barbara Buono to win his second term as governor.

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