House Republicans Urge Obama To Pass Bills (via Riversip)

This all sounds wonderfully promising, but unfortunately the past history has shown that these grand gestures rarely mean anything. I urge you to all your Congress person and your senator and ask them to try to put together some bills that will help this country create jobs and continue to be the world leader in science math and education.

Snowden Docs: U.S. Spied on Negotiators At 2009 Climate Summit (via Riversip)

I found this interesting article via Riversip US Politics News – I thought you might like it:

At first I thought what he was doing going to calls much harm to the United States position in the world. But now I believe that transparency and government and the sunshine is the only way we can gain the trust of our allies and those who are photos right now we are negotiating with. I’m not saying to open the books up but I think some tender and the way we do business will do nothing but help United States is standing in the world.