Michele Bachmann Claims Gay People Have ‘Bullied The American People’

Each time she opens her mouth I am sure that Republican strategists must cringe. AVB


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is still not pleased with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s (R) decision to veto SB 1062 late last month.

In an interview with conservative radio host Lars Larson during last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Bachmann said the downfall of the bill, which would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gay individuals on religious grounds, illustrated how LGBT activists have “bullied” voters and politicians.

“There’s nothing about gays in there. But the gay community decided to make this their measure,” Bachmann said. “I think the thing that is getting a little tiresome, the gay community, they have so bullied the American people, and they’ve so intimidated politicians. The politicians fear them, so that they think they get to dictate the agenda everywhere.”

Bachmann said, however, that liberals likely wouldn’t attempt to change the U.S. Constitution to “take away” religious rights because “activist judges” and President Barack Obama will simply ignore the document instead.

“He’s a lawless president who’s violating the Constitution with every executive order,” Bachmann said of Obama.
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I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

U.S. Senate Democrats pulling all-nighter on climate change

This will never pass in the House, as a lot of those members don’t even believe in evolution let alone climate change. Another chance for the Democrats to get to youth and independent voters, and of course those of us who believe the Earth rotates around the sun . AVB


By Thomas Ferraro and Valerie Volcovici WASHINGTON (Reuters) – More than two dozen U.S. Senate Democrats joined forces to speak through the night on Monday, hoping to “wake up” Congress to what they call the threat of climate change. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid was slated to kick off the marathon gabfest at about 6 p.m. EDT on Monday, with the final address expected to end about 15 hours later, at 9 a.m. EDT on Tuesday. Thirty of the Senate’s 53 Democrats, plus the two independents who caucus with them, have signed up to participate. The White House said it will post live tweets during the overnight session under the hashtag #up4climate.

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Chris Christie bridge scandal: Ex-aide to governor must comply with subpoena, lawyers say


As Bridgegate unfurls under him Christy is now in a corner that the right wing of his party is happy to see him in. AVB

Lawyers for a New Jersey legislative panel investigating a political payback scandal say a former aide to Gov. Chris Christie has shown no valid legal purpose for refusing to comply with a subpoena.
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Obama, Chinese president discuss Ukraine crisis


Having China and its leaders on our side will mske for great leverage as the Chinese own most of Russia’s debt. AVB

US President Barack Obama spoke late Sunday with Chinese President Xi Jinping about ways to peacefully resolve a tense crisis over control of Ukraine’s Crimea region, the White House said. “They affirmed their shared interest in reducing tensions and identifying a peaceful resolution to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine,” the White House said in a statement released on Monday. “The two leaders agreed on the importance of upholding principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity, both in the context of Ukraine and also for the broader functioning of the international system,” the White House said.
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The Affordable Care Act working


The U.S. uninsured rate continues to decline in 2014, registering 15.9% so far in 2014 compared with 17.1% in the fourth quarter of 2013. The uninsured rate has dropped most among lower-income and black Americans.
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Blinken: U.S. would not recognize Crimea secession

The GOP are saying that President Obama is not hard line enough, I beg to differ. AVB


Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken said Sunday that if Crimea votes to join Russia in a referendum next week, the United States would not recognize it.
“If there is a referendum and it votes to move Crimea out of Ukraine and to Russia, we won’t recognize it and most of the world won’t either,” Blinken said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”
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Ted Cruz: ‘I don’t agree’ with Rand Paul on foreign policy


When Santa Claus came this Christmas we did not know that stomach wraps that his name would be Santa Cruz. AVB

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he disagrees with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on foreign policy, stoking an emerging divide between the tea party favorites ahead of a possible 2016 presidential primary.
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Wealthy Americans not immune to economic worries

I guess they were worried that they would not be able to keep the lights on on their luxury yachts. AVB


Many Americans — even in the highest-income households — were anxious about their finances last year.
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This Map Shows Why The Plan To Split Up California Would Be A Dystopian Nightmare

I wonder why a billionaire would want to separate the state into rich and poor area? This is truly a rhetorical question. AVB
It woud be Ayn Rand’s dream come true: separate states for rich people and poor people.

A proposal to split California into six sates, introduced by billionaire investor Tim Draper in December, would formally create state lines between the have and the have-nots.

“You’d be creating one exceptionally wealthy state and others with dire poverty,” Corey Cook, a political science professor at the University of San Francisco, said to The Huffington Post. “You’d create massive inequality.”

While the plan has little chance of becoming a reality, it’s just the latest troubling sign that the rich are leaning in to the rising levels of inequality in the U.S. and increasingly seeking to break away from the middle- and lower-classes, depriving them of tax revenue and choking off much-needed resources.

Here’s how the plan looks:


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Poll Shows Good News For Democrats With Young Voters

Each time the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party opens its mouth it loses youth vote. Young people maybe be fiscally conservative, as they’ve gone through the closest thing to a depression we’ve had since the Great Depression. And like our parents generation they will be mindful of money and the need to be responsible with it. And this is getting where is the GOP loses there ear as in the past Democrats have brought fiscal responsibility and no wars of choice not the Republican Party. AVB


3/7/14 6:56 PST

WASHINGTON (AP) — Young adults like to think of themselves as independent, but when it comes to politics, they’re more likely than not to lean to the left.

Half of American adults ages 18 to 33 are self-described political independents, according to a survey out Friday, but at the same time half of these so-called millennials are Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, the highest share for any age group over the last decade. In addition, young adults tend to be single and churchless — turning away from their predecessors’ proclivity for religion and marriage, according the Pew Research Center survey. Almost two-thirds don’t classify themselves as “a religious person.” And when it comes to tying the knot: Only about 1 in 4 millennials is married. Almost half of baby boomers were married at that age.

The new survey shows how the millennial adults are “forging a distinctive path into adulthood,” said Paul Taylor, Pew’s executive vice president and co-author of the report.

This can especially be seen when it comes to politics. Fifty percent of the millennials identify themselves as political independents, while only 27 percent said Democrat and 17 percent said Republican. The independent identification for millenials is an increase from 38 percent back in 2004.

“It’s not that they don’t have strong political opinions, they do,” Taylor said. “It’s simply that they choose not to identify themselves with either political party.”

The number of self-described independents is lower among their predecessors. Only 39 percent of those in Generation X said they were independents, along with 37 percent of the boomers and 32 percent of the Silent Generation.

Pew describes Gen Xers as those from age 34-49, boomers as 50-68 and the Silent Generation as those 69-86.

When the self-identified Democratic millennials combined with the self-described independents who lean Democratic, half — 50 percent — of the millennials are Democrats or Democratic-leaning while 34 percent are Republicans or Republican-leaning.

“They don’t choose to identify, but they have strong views and their views are views that most people conventionally associate with the Democratic Party,” Taylor said. “They believe in a big activist government on some of the social issues of the day — gay marriage, marijuana legalization, immigration. Their views are much more aligned with the Democratic Party.”

Taylor said they don’t know whether millennial voting trends will stay the same as they get older.

“People can change over the course of their lifetimes,” Taylor said. “At the same time, the behaviors, attitudes, the voting patterns and experiences that generations sort of encounter as they come of age in their late teens and early 20s are important and this generation as political actors has come in three or four national elections in a row now as distinctively Democratic and liberal despite the fact they don’t want to identify that way.”

Millennials also haven’t bought into the idea that they should go to church or get married early.

Only 36 percent of the millennials said the phrase “a religious person” described them very well, compared with 52 percent of the Gen Xers, 55 percent of the baby boomers and 61 percent of the Silent Generation. And they’re significantly less religious than their immediately predecessors, the Gen Xers. When they were the same age, almost half of the Gen Xers — 47 percent — identified themselves as religious.

The 64 percent of the millennials who say that they are not religious “is the highest for any age group we’ve ever measured,” Taylor said.

The millenials were far less inclined toward marriage than the groups that preceded them. Only 26 percent of the millennial adults are married. When they were the same age, 36 percent of the Gen Xers, 48 percent of baby boomers and 65 percent of the Silent Generation were married.

The Pew study was based on interviews with 1,821 adults by cellphone or landline from Feb. 14-23. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.


Pew Research Center: http://www.pewresearch.org

Pew survey: http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2014/03/07/millennials-in-adulthood/
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