Piers Morgan Says CNN Show Has Been Canceled

My take on this, it’s a shame, he had some great moments.
By Erik Hayden,
The Hollywood Reporter
February 23, 2014


Morgan, the successor to Larry King at the 9 p.m. hour, told The New York Times that network president Jeff Zucker made the decision to end “Piers Morgan Live.”

Piers Morgan’s three-year run as CNN host of a news show at 9 p.m. is ending.

“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” Morgan told David Carr, The New York Times media columnist, who reported that Piers Morgan Live will “probably” see its last episode air this March.

A CNN rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the show would be ending and stated that the “date of the final program is still to be determined.”

Morgan, the successor to Larry King at the hour, had hosted Piers Morgan Live on the network since January 2011. Morgan told the newspaper that CNN president Jeff Zucker had made the decision to cancel the show.

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Milton Wolf, GOP Senate Hopeful, Posted & Mocked Gruesome X-Ray Photos On Facebook

another tea party darling shooting self in the foot again. These people are their own worst enemies. When I see what they do I wonder about what is the status of American education.


Milton Wolf, the Kansas Republican who is challenging Pat Roberts in this year’s Senate primary, admitted Sunday he made “mistakes” by posting and commenting on gruesome X-ray photographs of medical patients, including fatal gunshot wound victims, on Facebook.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported Saturday that Wolf, a radiologist, posted the questionable photos to the social media site in 2010. The Capital-Journal reports:

Wolf and others viewing these Facebook postings relentlessly poked fun at the dead or wounded. The gunshot victim, Wolf joked online, wasn’t going to complain about the awkward positioning of his head for an X-ray. In a separate Facebook comment, Wolf wrote that an X-ray of a man decapitated by gunfire resembled a wounded alien in a “Terminator” film and that the image offered evidence people “find beauty in different things.”

Wolf declined in an interview with The Topeka Capital-Journal to clearly answer questions about whether he continued to place images of deceased people on the Internet. He asked to keep copies of the Facebook posts shown to him, but when denied, he walked away.

“I’m not going to play these kinds of gotcha games,” he said.

Wolf addressed the story in a Sunday statement, describing the report as a “character assassination” by Roberts, his Republican rival.

“Several years ago I made some comments about these images that were insensitive to the seriousness of what the images revealed,” he said. “Soon thereafter, I removed those images and comments, again several years ago. For them to be published in a much more public context now, by a political adversary who would rather declare war on doctors than answer serious questions that Kansans have, is truly sad.”

As Politico reports, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is backing Roberts in the race, was quick to pounce on the report, describing Wolf’s behavior as “freakish.”

“Wolf is now embroiled in serious ethical and legal questions and challenges, effectively destroying any small hope that he had for a serious campaign,” spokesman Brad Dayspring said in a statement.

Wolf, a tea party activist who is backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund, is hoping to unseat Roberts, a third-term senator, in this year’s primary. While Wolf is President Barack Obama’s distant cousin, the tea party activist has been an outspoken critic of the president and his policies, comparing him to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Click below to read the full report from the Topeka Capital-Journal: http://m.cjonline.com/news/state/2014-02-22/doctors-x-ray-postings-unsettling

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Supreme Court to consider EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases

President Bush II  stopped the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. Now the Supreme Court must weigh in on whether or not they are within the EPA’s charter and reason to be. Let’s see how biased this is biased Supreme Court is.image

The Supreme Court’s first big battle over climate change was initiated by states and environmentalists charging that the Environmental Protection Agency under President George W. Bush had abdicated its duty to regulate greenhouse gases.
Read full article >> http://m.washingtonpost.com/politics/supreme-court-to-consider-epas-authority-to-regulate-greenhouse-gases/2014/02/23/ec5d4f88-9af4-11e3-ad71-e03637a299c0_story.html

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Google Will Soon Know You Better Than Your Spouse Does, Top Exec Says

My take on this is quite simple, when a company like google has a board of directors and and a corporate mentality that professes ” do no harm” one still needs to keep a close eye on there behavior. Companies change and become corrupt I believe legislation is important in this case.

From the Huffington Post
02/23/14 01:12 PM ET


Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google, believes that the tech behemoth will soon know you even better than your spouse does.

Kurzweil, who Bill Gates has reportedly called “the best person [he knows] at predicting the future of artificial intelligence,” told the Observer in a recent interview that he is working with Google to create a computer system that will be able to intimately understand human beings.

(Read Kurzweil’s full interview with the Observer here

“I have a one-sentence spec which is to help bring natural language understanding to Google,” the 66-year-old tech whiz told the news outlet of his job. “My project is ultimately to base search on really understanding what the language means.”

“When you write an article, you’re not creating an interesting collection of words,” he continued. “You have something to say and Google is devoted to intelligently organizing and processing the world’s information. The message in your article is information, and the computers are not picking up on that. So we would want them to read everything on the web and every page of every book, then be able to engage in intelligent dialogue with the user to be able to answer their questions.”

In short, the Observer writes, Kurzweil believes that Google will soon “know the answer to your question before you have asked it. It will have read every email you’ve ever written, every document, every idle thought you’ve ever tapped into a search-engine box. It will know you better than your intimate partner does. Better, perhaps, than even yourself.”

As creepy as this may sound to some, Kurzweil — who has long contended thatcomputers will outsmart us by 2029 — believes that the improvement of artificial intelligence is merely the next step in our evolution.

“[Artificial intelligence] is not an intelligent invasion from Mars,” he told the Montecito Journal in 2012, per a post on his website. “These are brain extenders that we have created to expand our own mental reach. They are part of our civilization. They are part of who we are. So over the next few decades our human-machine civilization will become increasingly dominated by its non-biological component.”

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Ted Nugent apologizes to President Obama

My take on this is simple, you respect the man in the office or the office loses respect. I have not been fond of some of our past Presidents but I always made sure to say the word President in front of their name and never to put the insulting verbiage about them anywhere. You insult one president and the way he has you have insulted all of them.
By Aaron Blake,  Published: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1:18 PM ET  W.P.

After a little more than 24 hours of controversy, Ted Nugent has apologized to President Obama for his comment that the president is a “subhuman mongrel.”

The conservative rocker’s month-old comments became an issue as he campaigned with Texas gubernatorial hopeful and state Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) this week.

CNN spotted Nugent’s apology:

    “I do apologize – not necessarily to the President – but on behalf of much better men than myself,” he said in an interview with conservative radio host Ben Ferguson, who’s also a CNN political commentator.


    Nugent said he apologizes “for using the streetfighter terminology of ‘subhuman mongrel’ instead of just using more understandable language, such as ‘violator of his oath to the Constitution’.”

    In his apology, Nugent appeared to regret more the fact that his language has been tied to Republican politicians from his state, such as Abbott, Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Ted Cruz.

    “I apologize for using the term,” he said. “I will try to elevate my vernacular to the level of those great men that I’m learning from in the world of politics.”

    Later on in the interview – after some people on Twitter argued Nugent’s comments weren’t a real apology – Ferguson asked Nugent if he was directly apologizing to the President for the comments.

    “Yes,” Nugent replied.

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Gay Couples Sue To Overturn Colorado’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban


Matt FernerThe Huffington Post02/19/14 03:31 PM ET

Nine gay couples living in Colorado filed a lawsuit in Denver District Court Wednesday seeking to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

The complaint, obtained by Denver’s KDVR, names Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) and Denver City Clerk Debra Johnson as defendants. It argues that Colorado’s same-sex marriage ban violates the equal protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution:

    Colorado law creates two classes of citizens: those free to marry the person they love, and those denied that fundamental right. Same-sex couples in Colorado are relegated to a second-class level of citizenship that denies their relationships the full panoply of rights enjoyed by married opposite-sex couples. Even same-sex couples who have been validly married in other states are stripped of their marital status when they enter the state of Colorado. This denial of equal protection, due process, and basic fairness violates the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Plaintiffs bring this action to challenge the constitutionality of Colorado’s laws that prohibit same-sex couples from marrying and that refuse to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples lawfully entered into in other jurisdictions.

All of the couples currently live in Colorado; however, four of the plaintiffs were married in other states. The plaintiffs argue that the state’s laws circumscribe an individual’s basic life choices, denies gay couples the benefits of legal marriage, prevents couples from “making a legally binding commitment to one another equal to the commitment made by opposite-sex couples,” and “harms society by burdening and disrupting committed families and preventing same-sex couples from being able to fully protect and assume responsibility for one another and their children.”

Colorado’s LGBT advocacy community cheered on the lawsuit.

“Just like thousands of other loving, committed couples across Colorado, the courageous plaintiffs who brought forth today’s case simply want to take care of their families and make a lifelong promise to the person they love,” said Dave Montez, executive director of LGBT rights group One Colorado.

Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, also praised the suit.

“As the country progresses, Colorado’s marriage ban increasingly places our state at a competitive and moral disadvantage. We recognize the courage and resolve of these couples and their attorneys as they pursue, through the courts, the freedom to marry that all Coloradans deserve,” Woodliff-Stanley said.

Colorado legalized same-sex civil unions in 2013, with the first couples being granted a civil union last May, but same-sex marriage was banned in the state in 2006.

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Breaking News: 25 reportedly dead in Kiev riots

From CBS News
February 18, 2014, 06:31 PM
updated February 19th 2014
Thousands of police stormed Kiev’s Independence Square, where protesters are demanding closer economic ties to Western Europe. Katie Stallard of Sky News reports from Kiev, where medics have treated multiple gunshot wounds, despite assurances from the prime minister that live ammunition would not be used on protesters.
Another corrupt government killing it’s own people.

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Secretary of State Kerry on a secret trip to Tunisia

via Rivsip politics 2/18/14


US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Tunisia Tuesday on an unannounced trip to lend support to the North African country that ignited the Arab Spring three years ago. Kerry met President Moncef Marzouki and was later to hold talks with newly appointed Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa, who formed a cabinet of independents in January after a months-long political crisis ignited by the killing of two secular politicians. He went on to congratulate Tunisia on its adoption of a new constitution last month that has been widely hailed as the most progressive in the region, calling it a “big step,” and said he looked forward to elections planned for later this year. Kerry’s discussions with Tunisian leaders were to focus on “the progress made in Tunisia’s democratic transition,” and to show the “continued US support for the Tunisian people and government,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said earlier.
On a personal note my father was born in Tunisia when it was a French colony.

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Google tells Glass users: ‘Don’t be a Glasshole’

I love that a large company like Google can actually have a sense of humor.
BGR.com By Brad Reed 2/18/14


Google knows that it has its work cut out for it when it comes to making Google Glass more widely accepted by the general public, which is why it’s put a strict ban on Glass facial recognition apps and other features that could potentially creep people out. However, Google also knows that some of its more zealous early Glass adopters could also pose an image problem for the product, which is why it’s published a handy etiquette guide for Glass users on the do’s and don’t’s of using its computerized headset.

By far the most amusing item on Google’s “don’t” list is “Don’t be creepy or rude (aka, a ‘Glasshole’).” Google knows that Glass could get the same stigma as Bluetooth earpieces if its early adopters are perceived as being oblivious to the world around them and it wants to make sure its Glass pioneers are on the most sociable behavior.

“Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy,” Google writes. “Be polite and explain what Glass does and remember, a quick demo can go a long way. In places where cell phone cameras aren’t allowed, the same rules will apply to Glass. If you’re asked to turn your phone off, turn Glass off as well. Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.”

Google also tells users that they shouldn’t expect to wear Glass out in public and not get asked questions from multiple people about the device since it’s so novel and new. It also recommends that they not stare into Glass’s display for hours on end because “if you find yourself staring off into the prism for long periods of time you’re probably looking pretty weird to the people around you.”

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Disney campaign donations don’t include Gov. Rick Scott

This is the time for like minded people should cheer Disney on and its decision. Is it me or does Governor Scott eyes creep you out to?


(George Skene, Orlando Sentinel )
February 16, 2014|By Jason Garcia, Orlando Sentinel

Walt Disney World, one of the largest political donors in Florida, has spent more than $1.7 million so far during this campaign cycle, cutting checks to more than 100 candidates and committees throughout the state.

But one notable candidate hasn’t made Disney’s donation list: Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Though Disney says it is supporting Scott, state records show that Disney hasn’t given any money directly to Scott or his Let’s Get to Work political committee, even though the Republican governor is furiously raising money for what some predict will be a $100 million re-election campaign.
To see the whole article please follow this link:

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil