Another case of going against your interests

It’s amazing that people are so stubborn. This is the typical case of fighting your nose to spite your face. AVB


Uninsured Americans’ intentions to sign up for health insurance are highly related to their politics, with Democrats twice as likely as Republicans to say they will get insurance.

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

White House’s New Methane Plan Targets Greenhouse Gas

The White House has no backing from the conservative controlled Congress on this matter of urgent importance. A lot of these people think the earth was created in 6 days. AVB


WASHINGTON — The White House released a new strategy Friday to address methane emissions from landfills, mines, agriculture, and the oil and gas sector.

Methane — a greenhouse gas 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide — currently accounts for 9 percent of all U.S. emissions. If unaddressed, those emissions are expected to rise through 2020, the White House said in a strategy document released Friday. The plan lays out steps that the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Interior, Energy and Agriculture will take over the next two years to develop new standards around such emissions.

The plan, said Dan Utech, the special assistant to the president for energy and climate change, “will improve public health and safety while providing more energy.”

“We know there are a lot of cost-effective reductions that are out there,” Utech said on a call with reporters Friday.

Under the plan:

In April 2014, the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management will give notice that it is crafting new rules for capturing emissions from coal mines on federal land. The EPA already has a voluntary coal-bed methane program for mining on private lands, which will continue.

Some time in the spring of 2014, the EPA will release five technical white papers looking at methane emissions from the oil and gas sector. Those papers will be available for public and industry comments through the summer. In the fall, the EPA will determine whether to proceed with new rules governing that sector. The administration said it expects that any new rules, if necessary, would be finalized by the end of 2016.

In the summer of 2014, the EPA will propose new standards for cutting methane emissions from new landfills, and solicit public comments on whether to update standards for existing landfills.

In June, the departments of Agriculture and Energy will release a voluntary “biogas roadmap” that will include voluntary measures for methane reductions in the dairy industry, one of the biggest methane sources in the U.S. That will set a goal of cutting emissions in that sector by 25 percent by 2020.

The Bureau of Land Management is also going to propose updated standards for cutting emissions from venting and flaring in oil and gas operations on public lands in 2014, but the plan does not give an exact timeframe for those rules.

Environmental groups had praise for the plan, but also indicated that its efficacy won’t be apparent until more specific rules are released.

“This strategy has the potential to deliver the federal regulatory oversight that is needed to complement state efforts and make sure that all of the oil and gas industry meets basic, commonsense standards to deploy readily available technologies,” said Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, in a statement. “The most important work of turning this strategy into action lies ahead, but we are confident that the case for action is strong and will prove out in the end.”

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

NCAA players can form union

This does not seem to make a lot of sense, they are college students and are supposed to be non professional. I guess its following suit of what happened in the Olympics. AVB

The National Labor Relations Board in Chicago has ruled that football players at Northwestern University are employees and can unionize, the school said. Wednesday.
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I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

Three Secret Service agents sent home from Holland

. Not again! AVB


Three Secret Service agents on President Obama’s detail were sent home from Holland after reportedly spending a night out drinking in Amsterdam ahead of the president’s arrival Monday.

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Hillary Clinton appeals to younger voters

She is not talking like someone who’s not going to be a candidate. AVB.
Hillary Clinton Urges College Students to Participate


The post Hillary Clinton Urges College Students to Participate by Associated Press appeared first on The Epoch Times.
TEMPE, Ariz.—Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is encouraging college students to ensure that the so-called millennial generation is what she terms the “participation generation.”
Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are helping open an annual meeting of college students who seek to tackle challenges around the world.
Joining them Friday night at Arizona State University is the state’s senior Republican senator, John McCain. Bill Clinton jokes that McCain is a good friend but, as Clinton puts it, “we permit him to deny it at election time.”
McCain was the GOP’s 2008 presidential nominee. Hillary Clinton is considering a presidential campaign for 2016.
The weekend Clinton Global Initiative University is drawing more than 1,000 students from about 300 colleges and universities to the ASU campus in Tempe.
The post Hillary Clinton Urges College Students to Participate by Associated Press appeared first on The Epoch Times.

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Gallup poll find Hillary Clinton’s best selling point

I think by 2016 continuing President Obama’s agenda will be a selling point as well. AVB


Americans say the most positive thing about a Clinton presidency would be her serving as the nation’s first female president. Fewer mention specific negatives, but the most common are her lack of experience and continuing Obama’s .
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Republican Billionaire Is Sort Of Sorry About His Nazi Comparison

Interestingly, another so call founder of home depot ran commercials against President Obama saying that he was not good for Israel. I’m thinking maybe home depot is not good for the United States. The system works indeed for billionaires and not for the 50 percent struggling to make ends meet. AVB


Billionaire Kenneth Langone offered a tepid apology late Tuesday for equating rhetoric used to protest income inequality with hate speech in Nazi Germany.

“My remarks were intended to discourage pitting one group against another group in a society,” he said in a statement published on several outlets. “If my choice of words was inappropriate – and they well may have been that – I extend my profound apologies to anyone and everyone who I may have offended.”

Langone drew criticism after an interview with Politico published earlier on Tuesday. The Home Depot co-founder and Republican megadonor said a GOP pivot toward the sort of class-based populism that has fueled the presidential ambitions of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would mirror the rise of Adolf Hitler.

“I hope it’s not working,” Langone said of broad political appeals to the working class. “Because if you go back to 1933, with different words, this is what Hitler was saying in Germany. You don’t survive as a society if you encourage and thrive on envy or jealousy.”

He’s not alone in this view.

In January, venture capitalist Tom Perkins compared the “progressive war on the 1 percent” to Nazi anti-Semitism in a letter published in The Wall Street Journal. Titled “Progressive Kristallnacht Coming,” the letter suggested the super-rich were the target of the kind of propaganda that enraged Germans to kill at least 91 Jews and burn and loot their shops and synagogues for two days in November 1938.

The 82-year-old apologized two days later.

But Perkins’ message rang true with other wealthy, white men.

Sam Zell, the billionaire real estate tycoon, said Perkins was right, “the 1 percent is being pummeled because it’s politically convenient to do so.”

“The problem is that the world and this country should not talk about envy of the 1 percent,” the Equity Investments Group chairman said in an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu. “The 1 percent work harder. The 1 percent are much bigger factors in all forms of our society.”

A week later, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross chimed in during a similar appearance on Bloomberg TV, in which he insisted the poor could improve their lot by going to college.

“The 1 percent is being picked on for political reasons,” he said. “Education is the way that people get out of the ghetto and into, if not the 1 percent, something close to it.”

Later that month, Napster co-founder Sean Parker went on a rant comparing the Gawker Media founder Nick Denton to Joseph Goebbels’ lapdog, and the Rupert Murdoch-owned New York Post to his pack of the Nazi propagandist’s attack dogs.

What prompted this hyperbolic reaction? Both outlets reported stories about Parker creating “a total clusterfuck” for everyone on a Manhattan street so he could have Verizon FiOS installed in a $20 million apartment he no longer occupies.

So, why the constant comparisons to one of the 20th Century’s darkest chapters?

Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at the University of California-Berkeley, told The Huffington Post last month that extreme wealth is linked to decreased ability to relate to the plight of others.

“Extreme wealth in our lab makes people less compassionate, they care less about the suffering of others, they’re less empathetic,” he said in an interview. “They tend to think that they have their tons of money because they have a stronger genetic profile. You put that together, and you get jackasses.”

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White House Unveils Climate Data Website To ‘Empower America’s Communities To Prepare’

WASHINGTON — The White House is set to unveil a new Climate Data Initiative on Wednesday to make government-held data more available to researchers and businesses, and improve climate change preparedness across the country.

President Barack Obama had already mentioned the data initiative in a list of new programs announced in his big climate speech at Georgetown University last June. Wednesday is its official unveiling.

One part of the data initiative is a new climate-focused section within the website — called — which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will run. The climate data site will also offer infrastructure and geographic mapping data sets — showing bridges, roads, canals, etc. — from such agencies as the U.S. Geological Survey and the Department of Homeland Security.

To solicit ideas from the private sector on how to use all this data to create images and simulations showing coastal hazards, NOAA and NASA are launching a Coastal Flooding Challenge.

Making more of this type of information publicly available, the Obama administration announced, will “stimulate innovation and private-sector entrepreneurship in support of national climate-change preparedness.”

According to the announcement, several companies — including Intel, Google, Microsoft and Esri (which creates geographic information systems software) — have committed to create new mapping software, applications and other technological tools for visualizing and preparing for climate-related risks. Nonprofits, academic institutions and local groups are also providing technological support.

In a White House blog post accompanying the announcement, chief presidential science adviser John Holdren and White House senior counselor John Podesta called the initiative an “ambitious” effort to make government data available to the private and philanthropic sectors.

The Climate Data Initiative, they wrote, “will help create easy-to-use tools for regional planners, farmers, hospitals, and businesses across the country — and empower America’s communities to prepare themselves for the future.”

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Pat Quinn Wins Primary In Illinois Gubernatorial Race

The governorships are actually more important a political party these than the two Senators, the Republican Party has proven that in the last decade. AVB


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) won the Tuesday primary to again be the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, the Associated Press reports.

Quinn, who was widely expected to win the primary, was challenged by Tio Hardiman, the former director of CeaseFire Violence Interrupters.

Below, more from the Associated Press:

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has won the Democratic nomination in his bid for a second full term in office.

The Chicago Democrat topped a lesser-known challenger, activist Tio Hardiman, in Tuesday’s primary.

In November, he will face the winner of the Republican primary among businessman Bruce Rauner (ROW’-nur), state Sens. Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard and Treasurer Dan Rutherford (ROOTH’-ur-furd).

Quinn took a low-key approach to his primary race, saying he’s focusing on doing his job and that Illinois voters know his record.

With no serious opponent, Quinn didn’t have to dig into his campaign funds. He finished 2013 with about $4.5 million in his campaign fund.

Quinn has ramped up his campaign in recent weeks, hiring a strategist who managed New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign.

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Bill Maher on America


America would be a better place if it was less worried about its power and more concerned about its freedoms.
3/14/14 HBO.Realtime

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