Flight Records Illuminate Mystery of Trump’s Moscow Nights – Bloomberg


I am going to be 64 in a week and I am quite aware that the internet exists. I just went on Ancestry and found the ticket to the USS United States that I took in 1962 from New York to Paris. Does the president United States think that his flight records or some sort of secret? It proves how incompetent. He should be nowhere near the Oval Office.

He is a liar, and a bad one at that. He said he did not spend a single night in Moscow and now here it is. I’m with James Comey when he said that if I we were married my wife would never believe that I was with hookers in a Moscow hotel having them pee on the bed the the Obama’s slept on. What a terrible man. He holds such hatred for others. I feel so sorry for him And his soul.


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Starbucks will temporarily close 8,000 U.S. stores for racial-bias training – NBC News

Sexual harassment training has been around for a couple of decades now and most companies that have more than 10 employees. Companies did not do it because of some altruistic reason they did it because they were being sued by there employees who had been sexually harassed. Now it’s time for corporations to step up to the plate regarding racial bias and how they treat their customers. In the incidents with Starbucks that spawned all of this interest many white customers had said they had spent their whole day there without buying a single thing and using Wi-Fi and an electric plug. And yet the Starbucks employees thought it would be proper to arrest two African-Americans for doing the same thing.

I applaud Starbucks for taking this step, but it reminds me of when Chipotle close their stores down because of the bacterial outbreak, it’s too little and too late.


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A Starbucks customer drinks coffee in Palo Alto, Calif., on Feb. 26, 2008.Paul Sakuma / AP file

How Trump thrives in {No Surprise} news deserts’ – POLITICO

I guess no news has trumped fake news. People with no access willing or unwilling to real news seem to prefer Donald Trump and that is not such a surprise to me. Today on Meet the Press a congressman from one of these areas said that what Scott Pruitt was being accused of was in actuality nitpicking. If a member of the Obama Administration has shown such Reckless abandon with taxpayers money no one on the Republican side would have called it nitpicking. But if you listen to Fox News you believe that it is truly meant picking when you attack a man who is systematically destroying our environment. I guess we get what we pay for.


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President Donald Trump thrived, both in 2016 against Hillary Clinton and compared to Mitt Romney in 2012, more strongly in news-desert counties — the areas with very few news subscriptions. | Steven Senne/AP Photo

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s future, fake news, and Russian mischief – Vox

In my humble opinion, Mischief is what a five-year-old does. When Russian operatives buy political ads, against Hillary Clinton in this case, pay in Rubles, it’s not Mischief it’s downright terrorism.

Mark Zuckerberg created this monster and Mark Zuckerberg is denying its existence. Getting talking points from your PR firm and going in front of cameras is not going to fix this. Fundamental changes to the way you do security on Facebook is what’s going to change this.

Honestly nothing in this article makes me want to go back to Facebook. It’s been almost 6 months since I left the social network and honestly I don’t miss it one second. I think as people start leaving he’ll understand that it became a part of their lives but in fact it was a nuisance. Sure it’s easier to get in touch with friends but I have text messaging going to telephone so I don’t use Facebook Messenger. I never used Facebook Messenger when it became its own separate app because it drains resources and power for my phone. And now we find out that they were recording these phone calls so they were so generously Giving To Us for free.

Enough is enough Mr. Zuckerberg. You broke it now you fix it.


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Javier Zarracina/Vox; Jeff Roberson/AP

WhatsApp co-founder joins call to #DeleteFacebook as fallout intensifies – The Guardian

The way I look at this is very simple. If I go to a restaurant and I get food poisoning I don’t go back to that restaurant until I know that they have changed their methods and have remove the staff that cause this from happening in the first place. We need to vote with our Facebook accounts right now. Deactivating your Facebook account which is what Facebook calls deleting it is the only way that Facebook will change their ways.

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg went and put out a statement on Facebook and then did an interview on CNN. In both cases he never explained how he’s going to fix the problem. Sure, he said that Facebook should be regulated, but he knows how much money Facebook gives to Congress and how much sway they have and how this regulation will be put into effect. They know the regulations will be toothless. We must deactivate our accounts and then when and only when Facebook makes the necessary changes should we go back. I deactivated my account in November and to be honest everyone I need to be in contact with has remained in contact with me. Is it hard? Yes! But marching in Selma was very very hard and very very dangerous so I don’t feel like some sort of martyr at this juncture compared to those brave people. Let’s grow up and show Facebook who’s the Boss.


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