Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on critics of Saudi regime, U.S. charges – NBC News

A couple of things here.

I guess I may have been one of the people that was spied on. I have been very very critical of the crown Prince MBS who ordered the murder of Washington Post reporter an American resident khashoggi. This murder was allegedly greenlit by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. This is indicative of why the United States of America should not be in bed with Saudi Arabia. they no longer hold oil over our heads so why are we still so close to a regime that murders and tortures there citizenry. One can be stoned by the Saudi regime for being gay. I always thought being stoned was people throwing rocks at you. Nope that’s not it. They dig a pit they put you in it and they slowly lower weights on top of you slowly crushing you to death. This is the government that we are friendly with.

Sure governments, even friendly ones, spy on each other. But using spies within an organization like Twitter to get information on Americans, individual American citizens is beyond the pale.


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CBS Los Angeles: Goldstein Investigation: Delivery Drivers Grub On Food Orders Before You Get Them

I like Apple which was started in a garage but started by a benevolent God, these new e-commerce businesses AR terrible. They have disrupted how we buy things. We need regulation on these companies. It’s the wild wild West out there and it’s our food.

I ordered once, and only once from Uber food and I noticed that the guy was sitting across the street from my apartment building. So I walked out there to him and he was looking inside my food back and I asked him what he was doing and said he was checking my order. He said he could not find parking but he was parked. I’m sure he ate some of my food. I called Uber eats and they said they could do nothing except tomake sure he never delivers to me. I called the restaurant that I order from and they told me to call Uber eats. I threw everything away.

Republicans come in and deregulate thinking that this is going to help consumers. It does not. The regulations make sure that big corporations make more money. in a capitalist society we must have regulations on companies or they will go amok. Look at Facebook.

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Rep. Katie Hill decries ‘dirtiest gutter politics I’ve seen’ in fiery farewell speech – NBC News

Kenny Heslep, Katie Hills estranged ex-husband, is the epitome of what is wrong with men. He was quite happy when he was included in the menage a trois but one things went dark instead of doing the manly thing he released naked pictures of his wife and her partner to the most vile right wing so-called media organizations on the internet.

Let’s be clear here, if she were a man she would not have had to resign. the hypocrisy of all of this is mind-blowing. We have a man in the oval Office who cheated on every one of his wives, cheat on his current wife after she had a baby with a pornstar and a Playboy model but that seems okay because of course he’s a manly man. I think he’s anything but that. He’s the kind of man who uses sex in a transactional manner, I called them Johns.

One of Katie Hills constituents said it best in an interview: “I’d rather have my congressperson “F”ing someone rather than “F”ing their constituents.”

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Mark Zuckerberg Says What He Thinks About Elizabeth Warren In Leaked Audio – HuffPost

You’ve heard the term mostly about banks that they are too big to fail. Well I think that Facebook is just playing too big. Too much power in the hands of one company run by someone who has their own agenda. Mark Zuckerberg Al controls Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, what’s up and many more ways that people are interacting today.

So now he sets his ire on Elizabeth Warren. This makes me think that he was complicit in allowing all those millions and millions of ads running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 on his platforms. He claims he knew nothing about it but as I’ve said on this Scythe more than once when you accept money in Russian currency where did you think the money came from?

In a couple of days I will mark my second year off of Facebook. I am healthier for it, lost lots of weight while not sitting in front of a screen all the time. I am saying her for it because I’m not assailed by people on social media that seem to forget that people at the other end are actually human beings. I was 63 when I deleted Facebook so I was kind of aware of who who are my friends, but 1 Jets drawn into the idea that all these people that call you their friends are truly your friend oh, they’re not. But most importantly I made my point to Facebook that the only way we as consumers can make a point to Facebook is by deleting our accounts.

If you do a search at the bottom of my page for delete Facebook you’ll find the step by step instructions that are actually necessary to delete your Facebook account. They don’t make it easy for you and will tug at your heartstrings but it’s the only way you can tell them that how they’re running their company is unacceptable.

Trump and his cohorts have bought millions of dollars of advertising on Facebook because they know how effective it was in 2016. I hope that Facebook does not attack Elizabeth Warren or any of the other Democratic candidates for president.

One more point. have you noticed how Trump attacks Google and Twitter but seems to be hands-off on Facebook? Inquiring minds want to know why.


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Screen capture from The Huffington Post

California passes bill to give wage, benefit protections to workers in gig economy – NBC News

It’s astounding to me how a political party, the grand old party, is going the wrong way, and if it doesn’t change into Extinction.

I was so pleased to read about this new law going to be past here in California protecting those in the gig economy. Uber drivers in Lyft drivers have been the stepchildren of corporate America for too long. Uber as far as I’m concerned is the worst of the group. I refuse to use their services. Can you read about how GrubHub and other food delivery services are screwing over small mom-and-pop operations and how they’re not actually paying their drivers unless they live in California because it turns out your tips are what GrubHub relies on to pay its employees. I’m willing to pay more to know that an employee has a living wage. I’m in no way rich but there is a thing called karma.

The reason I started off this post with the fact that a party is going the wrong way each time I read an article about workers getting more rights the people who are against it are always the Republicans. they are vehement Lee against this law that’s going to be signed by Governor newsom that protects the gig workers, why? That’s right they don’t rely on individuals for their campaign financing they rely on corporations. Until we get money out of our politics, our politics will be corrupt.


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We called the Social Security scammers back. Here’s how the scheme works

I have T-Mobile’s premium name ID package which is supposed to stop these robocalls but it doesn’t. I have my do not disturb on 24 hours a day but they still get through. I received so many of these calls from one was supposed to be Social security that I actually worried and went to the Social security Site, logged in found out my information was not a tissue and changed my password to the Social security Site.

The article is very informative and I highly recommend you read it, but only on Google News, if not they ask for money. One of the takeaways that I want to stress is that these people will tell you to stay on the phone while you’re driving to Walmart or wherever they tell you to go to drain your account. Don’t do it. Get off the phone talk to someone else let them bring you down to earth and tell you that you’re about to be scammed of your life savings. Call Social security they are nice there and will help you. The website is wonky but you need to go to an actual computer or laptop to access it. So do not use your phone.

Yesterday I got a call from a company called card services. I call them back because I need to have a name when I report them to the Federal Trade commission’s Do not call registry. I asked what the company’s name was and they said card services and I said that’s not a company name and he asked me then what do you think our name should be. When I did a search on Google for Card Services scammers they pop up with a giant stop sign telling you to stay away from these people.

I like this solely in the lap of the Trump FCC commissioner. He has been promising over and over again that this scourge would end but he’s done nothing.


Trump FCC commissioner who will remain nameless, this is the guy who is in charge of fixing robocalls

John Oliver Delivers Emotional Plea to Trump and America in Wake of Dayton and El Paso Mass Shootings – The Daily Beast

In the first 90 seconds before his normal show John Oliver set everything that needed to be said about what’s happening right now.

When I said on Twitter. The current occupant of the White House has blood on his hands I was locked out of my Twitter account for 12 hours. They call it Twitter jail I call it completely unfair. when Trump rants and rails on his Twitter account spewing hatred and racist views no one puts them in Twitter jail.

Is John Oliver I posted what he said tonight I guess if he were not a celebrity he would also be put away in Twitter jail.

There’s a disease in this country and there is no two ways around it. Even senator Pat Toomey asked that Mitch McConnell bring back the Senate to vote on common Sense gun reform. Then Mitch McConnell broke or injured his shoulder. I would like to see those x-rays.

Wawa on hiatus from Twitter although I’m not on there all that much, I watched the latest episode of elementary on CBS. Their story line right now is about someone who owns the biggest search engine who uses his data to look for those who might kill and preemptively kills them before they get a chance to do so. When Sherlock tries stop himhe’s confronted with the fact that this man is so powerful because he controls how the people of the world think of their politicians. Sound like anyone you might have heard of maybe somebody like Mark Zuckerberg or the now very cozy with the oval Office CEO of Twitter Dorsey.

I’m famously no longer on Facebook, Instagram and I had all intentions of leaving Twitter. I still might but then who would read this blog other than myself and that I consider that mental masturbation.

Since this is a place I can say what I feel well I truly believe that Trump, the GOP and the NRA have the hundreds of people’s blood on their hands that have died in mass shootings, all 291 so far this year.


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How to ditch Grubhub and order your restaurant takeout ethically – The Verge

It feels like companies today are out to kill small business. I drive through the streets of Los Angeles and see it all the variety of stores that are open and I wonder how they stay alive. now companies like GrubHub who own a bunch of other delivery companies are now faking information regarding a restaurant so that you don’t go to the restaurant when you place your order but rather do it through one of grubhub’s subsidiaries and then not only are you paying more but the restaurant makes less. Click on the link below to find out how to order your food ethically.

Yes Amazon is a great resource but think I’m any stores have gone out of business because of it.


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Photo from Satisfy another GrubHub subsidiary

MSNBC’s Wallace alters video of herself to show how Trump tried to ‘smear’ Pelosi – The Hill

Before showing the doctored video of herself, Nicole Wallace said that in a 3-second Google search she found an altered video of Trump. I don’t know why we need altered videos of trump, the reality is scary enough. Has he not slurred his word or mispronounced things during rallies enough to make us wonder about his mental health?

Trump knows this and he’s trying to shine the spotlight on others. That’s why I think it’s important that we do not nominate Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. It will be hard for him to attack a Kamala Harris or a Peter Buttigieg for slurring their words. He’s the decrepit old man who eats nothing but fast food what’s a clot waiting to go up into his reign. I don’t wish harm on anyone so I hope this never happens to him and he dies a quiet sleep in prison.

It’s funny how things change in this world. When Nicole Wallace was this press spokesman for George W bush I would yell at the scream like I do to Sarah Huckabee whenever she deems it okay to do her job. I watch Nicole Wallace everyday and her intelligence and insightful commentary on politics should be watched by a lot more people.


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Screenshot of Nicole Wallace demonstrating how you can alter a video to make anyone sound like they’re slurring their words.

Google is trying to eliminate misleading ads from anti-abortion clinics – The Verge

When Google started there mission statement said Do No Harm.

There are people who started off with Windows, like me, and have not been an Apple fan.there are people who have been in the Android ecosystem as opposed to the Apple One. I am firmly entrenched in the Android ecosystem.

Google has been criticized, and rightfully, that it’s algorithms will radicalized individuals. This is true because of how, especially YouTube, and it’s algorithm will start sending you what it thinks you would want to see again, to keep your eyes on the screen. I once looked up how to lubricate the seals in my Volkswagen convertible and I had nothing but those videos showing up in my suggestion if someone looks up an Isis video for example, they will be fed Isis video after Isis video. Let me be clear that Google doesn’t have Isis videos on its site, or so it thinks, people are clever and they will hide their their intentions but the algorithm doesn’t see that. So if you see one hate video you will see thousands of them come up on your suggestion list.

What Google is doing here is requiring companies that are advertising abortion services to prove that they actually offer abortion Services. What has happened in the past is that so-called pro-life companies or individuals have said they are abortion providers and then when somebody clicks on their ad it takes you into that dark world trying to keep you from doing what you need to do to your own body.

I applaud Google for this and I hope other companies like Facebook and Amazon will start taking a more proactive approach when they accept advertising. I have gone on and on on my block about the fact that Facebook accepted Russian currency for ads against Hillary Clinton. Who did they think was buying these hats? That’s why I deleted Facebook over a year-and-a-half ago and I’ve never looked back.


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