Most Americans Say Things Have Changed So Much They Feel Like a ‘Stranger In My Own Country,’ According to New Poll – Newsweek

If Trump’s approval rating is underwater I think our country’s approval rating as a underwater other this presidency. I’ve taken to watching nothing but Christmas movies because I honestly cannot watch what’s going on in our political world. I’m closing down blog on the 14th, not just because it’s costing money but because it’s difficult to comment about what’s happening in our country and stay positive. At the same time I’m also closing down my account at Twitter and linkedin leaving me completely free of the tyranny of social media.

Today marks 2 years since I deleted my Facebook account. I’ve also deleted my WhatsApp account but kept my Instagram only because there’s no way of downloading the pictures and some of them are important to me. Mark Zuckerberg should have invented Tinder instead of Facebook because that’s how we started. Basically a Harvard app to let guys vote on who’s hot and who’s not among the women of Harvard. That’s the kind of God Mark Zuckerberg is. And he’s taking this terrible ethic to the world. I don’t blame Trump as much as I blame Mark Zuckerberg for how unhappy this country has become and for that matter the rest of the world. I look forward to the day thatThe Facebook Monopoly is broken up into as many pieces as possible with Mark Zuckerberg having nothing to do with it. But I dream.


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Saudis recruited Twitter workers to spy on critics of Saudi regime, U.S. charges – NBC News

A couple of things here.

I guess I may have been one of the people that was spied on. I have been very very critical of the crown Prince MBS who ordered the murder of Washington Post reporter an American resident khashoggi. This murder was allegedly greenlit by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. This is indicative of why the United States of America should not be in bed with Saudi Arabia. they no longer hold oil over our heads so why are we still so close to a regime that murders and tortures there citizenry. One can be stoned by the Saudi regime for being gay. I always thought being stoned was people throwing rocks at you. Nope that’s not it. They dig a pit they put you in it and they slowly lower weights on top of you slowly crushing you to death. This is the government that we are friendly with.

Sure governments, even friendly ones, spy on each other. But using spies within an organization like Twitter to get information on Americans, individual American citizens is beyond the pale.


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Rep. Katie Hill decries ‘dirtiest gutter politics I’ve seen’ in fiery farewell speech – NBC News

Kenny Heslep, Katie Hills estranged ex-husband, is the epitome of what is wrong with men. He was quite happy when he was included in the menage a trois but one things went dark instead of doing the manly thing he released naked pictures of his wife and her partner to the most vile right wing so-called media organizations on the internet.

Let’s be clear here, if she were a man she would not have had to resign. the hypocrisy of all of this is mind-blowing. We have a man in the oval Office who cheated on every one of his wives, cheat on his current wife after she had a baby with a pornstar and a Playboy model but that seems okay because of course he’s a manly man. I think he’s anything but that. He’s the kind of man who uses sex in a transactional manner, I called them Johns.

One of Katie Hills constituents said it best in an interview: “I’d rather have my congressperson “F”ing someone rather than “F”ing their constituents.”

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Facebook staff demand Zuckerberg limit lies in political ads – TechCrunch

In a couple of weeks this blog will be no more. I’ll explain it more as we get nearer. But throughout the last two years I have been crusading for people to leave and delete their Facebook accounts.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks that he knows everything. And his arrogance is going to lead to The Break-Up of Facebook once the political climate changes. During the last year of elementary the TV show on CBS d detectives were being pursued by a back to the Giants kind of like a Mark Zuckerberg. And his case he used an algorithm to figure out who might commit a murder and then proactively killed them before. When the Sherlock character tried to intervene with his friends at the CIA, he found out that these friends are the CIA World controlled by this guy. Wherever he went in the system this guy was too powerful. One politician said that he can make me look any way he wants me to and I am not going to go against him. That’s exactly what Zuckerberg has done. And just like healthcare this needs to be the number one issue if Democrats get the house, the Senate and the White House. It’s the only time that there will be enough power to break up Facebook.

Why does Mark Zuckerberg thinks he’s above the law. Television networks cannot are lies about anything especially political ads. Also political ads need to be somewhat transparent. Although after d catastrophic citizens united supreme Court decision now we have these entities with names like centers for American progress which means nothing and doesn’t tell you who is actually behind the ad. but still if Trump wants to run an ad against the Biden that has lies and DC, CBS, even Fox cannot run it. But Mark Zuckerberg says That he will not censor political ads. What crock he’s letting Russian propaganda infiltrated the ecosystem of Facebook with ads that are lies. He’s not helping America or the world he is hurting us terribly and needs to be taken out of the decision-making process in Facebook.


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Mark Zuckerberg Says What He Thinks About Elizabeth Warren In Leaked Audio – HuffPost

You’ve heard the term mostly about banks that they are too big to fail. Well I think that Facebook is just playing too big. Too much power in the hands of one company run by someone who has their own agenda. Mark Zuckerberg Al controls Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, what’s up and many more ways that people are interacting today.

So now he sets his ire on Elizabeth Warren. This makes me think that he was complicit in allowing all those millions and millions of ads running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 on his platforms. He claims he knew nothing about it but as I’ve said on this Scythe more than once when you accept money in Russian currency where did you think the money came from?

In a couple of days I will mark my second year off of Facebook. I am healthier for it, lost lots of weight while not sitting in front of a screen all the time. I am saying her for it because I’m not assailed by people on social media that seem to forget that people at the other end are actually human beings. I was 63 when I deleted Facebook so I was kind of aware of who who are my friends, but 1 Jets drawn into the idea that all these people that call you their friends are truly your friend oh, they’re not. But most importantly I made my point to Facebook that the only way we as consumers can make a point to Facebook is by deleting our accounts.

If you do a search at the bottom of my page for delete Facebook you’ll find the step by step instructions that are actually necessary to delete your Facebook account. They don’t make it easy for you and will tug at your heartstrings but it’s the only way you can tell them that how they’re running their company is unacceptable.

Trump and his cohorts have bought millions of dollars of advertising on Facebook because they know how effective it was in 2016. I hope that Facebook does not attack Elizabeth Warren or any of the other Democratic candidates for president.

One more point. have you noticed how Trump attacks Google and Twitter but seems to be hands-off on Facebook? Inquiring minds want to know why.


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Screen capture from The Huffington Post

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Trump is a “corrupt human tornado,” former Secretary of State says in exclusive interview – CBS News

Hillary Clinton has been an important person in my life for basically my whole adult life. I wholeheartedly supported her in 2008 but when she conceded to President Obama I went on the Obama bandwagon big time. In 2016 I was on her bandwagon until the very end. Saying that I was crushed when she lost to the tangerine Menace would be an understatement but my story is just one of millions across this country.

Hillary Clinton will be vindicated. I think she already is. The what if Obama Twitter obsession should be what if Hillary was president. our world would be well on its way to trying to repair what generations have done to the Earth. human rights would be protected across the world. The United States would be still the bastion of freedom and not the laughing stock of the world. Russia would have someone to stand up to it. There would be no justice Kavanaugh on the supreme Court. And most importantly, in my eyes, a woman would be in the oval Office, a calming influence.

I am going to record CBS this morning on Sunday and watch the full interview.

We are and always will be stronger together.

PS thanks to my friend John for sending me this article, I believe Sassy gave it to him in the first place.


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Attacks on crucial Saudi oil sites threaten to renew Gulf tensions – NBC News

If Trump and Kushner were not in bed with the Saudi Prince I would think that this may have been an attack orchestrated by the US. Overnight the United States became the largest reservoir of oil in the world. Prices of oil have gone up by 15% overnight. This is going to cripple the Saudi economy.

I don’t think that Iran had any reason to do an attack on the Saudis right now. The US was in talks to soften sanctions on Iran that Trump and post. Iran’s economy needs this influx of much-needed cash. But then of course Trump negotiates buy a tweet. It’s funny, for a man who campaigned saying that President Obama was too open about troop movements and the search, Trump seems to be an open book if you just follow him on Twitter. This is not a way for our government to be run but of course I think everybody in this country sees that. May we make it until 2021 and I hope he actually leaves office.


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Why does Trump’s hurricane map look different than others? – NBC News

If it were a different less hateful man, perhaps I could feel sorry for Donald Trump. He has put his foot in his mouth so much that the trending hashtag on Twitter is #TrumpGibberish.

It doesn’t seem that things that come naturally to all of us come naturally to Donald Trump. His inability to apologize or admit that he’s ever been wrong is rather Shakespearean. So now he pulls out a map that is obviously been doctored and does not match any other map from the multitude of hurricane simulations and projected paths. He made it up because he did not want to look stupid. now that he’s doubling down on it, I’m sure that Fox News is going to say that everything we heard from him last week and was in our heads. I hope it stays in our heads so that when we go out to vote in November of 2020 we get this Menace out of the White House.


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‘It’s devastating’. End of GM in Ohio town as Trump fails to bring back midwest jobs – The Guardian

Empty promises

That may be the lasting epithet of the Trump administration.

I watched in disbelief as he campaign in 2015 and 2016 promising to reverse the closures of American Auto manufacturing plants in the US. Never taking into consideration market factors. First Ford announced it will no longer be making automobiles but rather focusing on SUVs and trucks and slowly but surely General motors is following suit.

An effective president of the United States can help veer the ship of State towards a direction but cannot make sure turns. The president of the United States of America is not a king or a dictator. And yet Trump thinks that he is.

Today in a tweetstorm which is not exactly the words you want to say about the leader of the Free World, he ordered, yes ordered, companies to stop doing business with China.two major takeaways from this. One he’s not the king or dictator and to he’s ignoring the fact that we are like heroin addicts addicted to cheap Chinese consumer goods and ordering away is not going to change things.

A normal president of the United States goes to Congress and makes deals by President Obama did when he in 2008 saved Chrysler and GM from going under. Can you imagine the cataclysm that would have occurred if those two giants of industry had disappeared from our midst. Now market forces are taking over again and as much as I’m a GM guy I’m watching General motors make cars that people don’t want. And that saddens me.

We need a leader not a dictator and went a new president takes over I hope there is still enough of the American fabric left to stitch together because at this point I’m watching the dismantling of what I have known all my life and it frightens me.


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