Trump’s military parade delayed until 2019 – POLITICO

No offense to the French but countries that have military parades have them because they want to show themselves to be more powerful than they are. Look we won the Cold War without a single military parade and yet the Soviet Union did them at the drop of a hat. Look at sad North Korea, can’t even keep their lights on at night, but they have military parades.

We don’t need to spend 100 million dollars on a parade. We are the most powerful country in the world by far and we don’t need to flex your muscles. This distraction is just another bit of smoke and mirrors by this corrupt Administration.

Hopefully by 2019 they’ll be no reason to have a military parade because we will all be focused on the impeachment of this president.


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The Defense Department, which first planned the parade for November to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, did not give a reason for abrupt change of plan, simply issuing a statement that said it has “agreed to explore opportunities in 2019.” | Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

Watch “Anderson Cooper: Was Omarosa one of ‘the best people’?” on YouTube

If you go to bed with dogs you get fleas.

Would you have one of the Real Housewives work in the White House? Would you have one of America’s worst Cooks work in the White House? Would you have someone from Big Brother work in the White House, oh wait Omarosa Was on Celebrity Big Brother. But then of course we have a reality show star as president so it all makes sense I guess in a really weird alternate reality.

I find it amusing that an untrustworthy and suspicious man like Trump is surprised that the fact that these people are turning against them. There is no loyalty on either side. So, I don’t think that this president has picked the best people.

he has picked the best people if you consider the best people those who are willing to line their pockets with the people’s money. He has picked the best people if you consider the best people those who would be willing to lie to get into their position. He has picked the best people if you think the best people would lie to the FBI. So I think it takes a special kind of person to believe that he picked the best people.


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There’s a big tell in Trump’s latest defense of Donald Jr. – Washington Post

I have a couple of things to say here. First and foremost, ignorance of the law does not excuse you from the law. The defense that is being melted for Donald Trump Jr is that he didn’t know it was against the law to get opposition research from a foreign country. I am not a politician but if a foreign adversary came to me while I was running a campaign the first thought would be to go to the FBI and not to say I love it. They keep saying that collusion is not a crime. Yes there is no statute that uses the word collusion. But collusion describes a series of events that lead to getting into a crime.

But what’s more telling is the fact that this President is seemingly throwing his son under the bus. the reason that Rudy Giuliani doesn’t want Trump to have an interview with the special counsel is because he knows he’s going to lie. This tweet clearly states that he knew nothing about it but we know that this man is a stickler for details and would not have had a meeting during his campaign that he did not know about of this importance.Granted he has the pardon power and granted his supporters will forgive anything from this president but unfortunately for this President his hardcore supporters are about 30 to 35% of the population, not enough to win an election.

As an aside, it’s ironic how all of these Republicans who I could not stomach listening to, including Ruth Marcus, have now come out against this president. It is heartening that they understand the country security is more important than anyone presidency. I just wish members of Congress that have an R next to their name would grow a spine and start defending our country and The Oaf they swore. unfortunately, I believe the prospect of the elimination of the capital gains tax is more important to them then our country’s security. Capitals gains tax is levied on mostly very rich people and that’s their donor base.


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Trump encourages boycott against Harley-Davidson – CNNPolitics

What are bikers for Trump going to ride? Perhaps they’ll take up Vespas or scooters? This must leave them in a quandary beyond all imagination. How are you going to take the Harleys away from the bikers for Trump? Well we’re going to see how loyal they are to the liar in Chief.

Then of course there is the problem of the economy. As the Terrace move into action China is closing off its markets to us. Insignia, the only American TV assembly manufacturer left says they’re going to move their hundred 26 jobs to another country because of the Terrace. And tariffs start a spiraling of inflation. For those of you who never lived with inflation, you have to understand it is Dreadful. Having survived 20 year. With rampant inflation I know. The problem is that although pay you checks do go up they never go up as fast as the cost of purchasing goods and services. And in this corporate climate I cannot imagine corporations giving their employees a dollar for dollar increase dependent on inflation.

Democrats are always inheriting terrible economic conditions and they turn them around. Whether it be President Clinton, President Obama or Governor Jerry Brown. Democrats had the only deficit-reduction budget in 1999 in the last 50 years. I don’t understand the American people. the Democrats hand them a beautiful economy and they go and shoot themselves in the foot by voting in a Republican.


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“There Won’t Even Be a Paper Trail”: Has Stephen Miller Become a Shadow Master at the State Department? – Vanity Fair

Purposefully separating parents from their children should be against the law. If we are at War mr. Miller would be committing a war crime. He is certainly committed a crime against Society. He needs to pay for this and a nice stint in an orange jumpsuit would be exactly what I have on my mind.

He is using tactics that are so similar to what the Nazis did to do Jews it’s frightening that it’s happening in the United States of America. We don’t separate parents from their children. when he conceived this diabolical plan he made sure there was no paper trail so that these children would never be reunited with their parents and then sent them across the 50 states so they would be literally needles and a haystack. Some of these children are so young that they don’t speak yet and so cannot tell you who their parents are. The ACLU has provided DNA kits but many of the parents are now deported and there is no way of matching them. This is akin to killing these children in the eyes of their parents.

Can you imagine losing your child permanently but knowing that they are alive somewhere and you can never see them again? This is inhuman and reptilian.


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Stephen Miller in New York.


‘Bikers for Trump’ founder says he sells Trump shirts made in Haiti because American-made products are too expensive – TheHill

While I was researching this post on bikers for Trump, I found a lot of references to bikers for Trump being Vigilantes at Trump rallies. This is very disturbing.

That being said, the hypocrisy of it all. These are people that claim they want make America great again but are not willing to pay wages, living wages to American workers. Yes, they are perfect has Trump supporters. Neider the president nor his daughter made any of their clothes in America. They’ve never answered to that because it would be very difficult to explain.

So from now on I will call Bikers For Trump Vigilantes for Trump.


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Rep. Chris Collins, fighting prosecution, seeks to end reelection bid – POLITICO

Karma is a b****.

If not for this man this country would not be going through this nightmare. He was the first congressman to endorse Trump. And he has had a checkered past.

With a net worth of 55 million dollars he is the richest congressman in the House of Representatives. And yet he managed to get himself, his son, his son’s future father-in-law and others charged with felonies. All in the name of greed. There is footage of him making a frantic calls to Australia to tell his son to sell the stocks from the Congressional Republican picnic at the White House. It’s outrageous that he would be committing crimes on White House grounds. But then the White House is full of criminals right now.

I am sure we’re going to see a tweet from 45 saying that this is a good man and he should not be persecuted in this way. Good people don’t do stock fraud. Good people don’t tell others private information for their monetary gain. This is why it’s outrageous that a member of Congress is able to sit on the board of directors of any Corporation. The conflict-of-interest par rampant and this is not the kind of person that is going to recuse himself when a vote comes up that would be helping the company he is associated with.

Like Orange County in California this part of New York state is red. But this may be an opening for the Democrat to get the seat.

And another one bites the dust…


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Omarosa claims in new book: Trump ‘racist,’ used N-word, tried to buy her silence – NBC News

Thank you Captain Obvious !

I truly believe that Donald Trump is a racist. I don’t know when this racist Street came out or if it was always there and just was hittin. His father discriminated against African-Americans in renting to them and was find by the Fair Housing Commission because of it. As they say the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Look at the racist comments that Don Jr says on a regular basis. That he called her the n-word does not surprise me. That he tried to pay her off with a $15, 000 a month step end, does not surprise me. It’s his MO, he pays people off for their silence, just ask Michael Cohen.

And look at who this President surrounds himself. He dredged up the worst muck from Breitbart and put them in the White House. They are the ones who suggested that he says that there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville. One side killed someone the other side was protesting, how can you make a correlation ?

This presidency wants me to spout phrases like you sleep with dogs and you get fleas and so on and so on and so on. Omarosa was never White House material and having her there recording his conversations shows the American people how in-depth this man is as President.


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Donald Trump holds an African American History Month listening session attended by Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault in the Roosevelt Room.Getty Images file

Trump Jr. shares fake Trump approval rating on Instagram – TheHill

I was under the impression that the fake news maven, Donald Trump Junior, was off the grid. I guess he’s not off the grid enough to stop putting out false information. This one is really odd. President Trump has never had an approval rating over 50% from Gallup polls since he’s been in office. So why does Donald Trump Junior doctor an image to make it look like he’s at 50% ? These are facts and it’s hard to argue with facts although if you live in that bubble I guess not. Gallup is a right-leaning polling organization. Their numbers are always higher for republicans then from other organizations. On the other hand Quinnipiac polls or left-leaning polling organization and therefore their polls favor a more Progressive agenda. Why would Donald Trump jr. Fake information from one of its allies ? It seems that Samantha Bee calling him de Forrest Gump of White House scandals is very appropriate.


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Doctored Instagram posting from Donald Trump jr. Screen credit Instagram screenshot

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard To Protect an Innocent Man – Rolling Stone

the article from Rolling Stone stated perfectly, it shouldn’t be this difficult to defend an innocent man but then our 45th president is anything but innocent. Everyone keeps talking about how he’s listening to the manafort trial and fuming. I don’t think it’s because he sees his son in manafort position, although they may well be. I believe that he sees himself in Paul Manafort the micro manager who does not let anything go by. He has online videos showing him looking at furniture and saying that he’s a stickler for detail. I believe he was a stickler for details during the campaign and yes he is a slacker as a president but that doesn’t mean that he was not in on the meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians.

Donald J Trump is a lot of things but an innocent man he is not.


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The screenshot is not from Rolling Stone magazine but since Rudy Giuliani is now defending 45 I thought it would be appropriate.