NRA’s Wayne LaPierre accuses Democrats of exploiting Parkland shooting in speech – NBC News

Today the NRA is like a wounded animal. They see the power of the young people and they understand that the tide is turning and turning quickly. They will do anything to keep selling more guns. A lot of people think about the NRA has some sort of an organization of gun owners. In fact it’s the lobbying group for gun manufacturers. An interesting aspect of gun manufacturers is that they are the only, the only, manufacturer that is not liable for defects in the manufacturer of their products. If a gun explodes in your hand you can do anything about it they are protected by the law.

Yesterday Trump said that he would consider raising the age for purchasing an assault weapon, he also said that he would consider making it more difficult to buy one through better checks. He also floated the idea of arming teachers. Today the first three ideas are off the table and now all he wants to do is put more guns in the school. This is not acceptable. Teachers, and we’ve all had them, or not there to kill a student or an assailant there there to teach our kids. It seems that Trump is doing everything to destroy our schools. He put in an in-depth Secretary of Education, he is cut funding for schools and teachers now have to buy the supplies for their students with their own money. Or his Russian overlords demanding that he dumb down the United States.

Never again is the rallying Cry of the students and they will not except this so called compromise. It’s not a compromise it’s a complete surrender to the NRA’s demands. The NRA wants more guns because the NRA represents gun manufacturers and please never forget that.


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Just in case you thought that this was an impromptu session yesterday here are his notes.

And by the way do you think that President Obama had 44 embroided in his sleeve? Photo credits screenshot from Rachel Maddow Show MSNBC

Jim Carrey urges users to delete Facebook accounts and dump stock |

I deleted my Facebook account on November 11th. At that point I weighed 224 lb. So here I am 3 months later and I weigh 183 lb. I can’t tell you that deleting your Facebook account is going to make you dump weight like I did,

But it will make you feel better about yourself. You won’t be part of a giant social experiment. You won’t be having arguments with strangers. You’ll have more time to talk to your friends. You’ll have more time to spend with your family. You’ll have more time to be with yourself.

I applied Jim Carrey and I hope and many others follow in his footsteps. If I hear another Facebook executive claim that did not know that Russia was influencing the 2016 election I will throw up in their mouths. They accepted the advertising against Hillary Clinton in Rubles, the Russian currency. You would think that if somebody painted you in Frank’s you would know that they were French. So this is all hypocritical on Facebook’s part and they need to be punished and the only way we can do it is by deactivating our accounts and if you own their stock selling it.


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CDC director resigns over financial conflicts including stock in tobacco, beer and soda companies – LA Times

Until 9/11 I worked for the TRUTH campaign which was the and is the teen anti-tobacco campaign for the United States. The CDC was our partner in making sure that young people did not start down the path of smoking cigarettes. It seems that 45 does not vet his appointees very well. Can you imagine what an uproar it would have been if the head of the CDC under President Obama had even thought of buying stocks and tobacco companies and the like. Did 45 and his minions not think that owning stock in tobacco, alcoholic beverages and soda companies would not be a conflict of interest for the head of the CDC? Well this is the same white house that has an eco-terrorist as the head of the EPA. I read today that this White House wants to reduce government spending on renewable energy resources by 72%.

These infractions that would have been a scandal in any other era are just a blip on the radar for this White House and America is suffering for it.


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Another appointee gone, from this junkheap we call a White House

Facebook’s startling new ambition is to shrink – The Verge

Last November I decided it was time to cut the cord with Facebook. Believe it or not I had extra time on my hands so I started walking around my neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles which then led to my going to the gym which then led to me watching what I ate. Well since November I have gone from 224 pounds to 190 today. I am bench pressing as much as I did when I was in my 30s and I am 63. I can’t say that leaving Facebook was the only reason but it was a beginning.

I think I’m not the only one who has decided that Facebook was not a place they wanted to frequent anymore. I have posted the article that I wrote on my blog when I left Facebook and deactivated my account on Twitter and it has been accessed a lot. I’m not sure if I’m going to go back to Facebook now that they’ve had this new revelation. I fear if I go back now they will just go back to their old ways. Hey, I’m not saying that I individually was the cost for this change in there trying to reach people through their social media platform. But just like cable companies are adjusting to people cutting the cord I think Facebook started noticing that people were deactivating their account.

Just in case you want to deactivate your account be ready for an onslaught of Facebook guilt. They will show you pictures of your friends that you are so called leaving behind. I reached out to all of those friends of mine who are on Facebook and told him that I wasn’t going to be there anymore but it didn’t mean that I did not want to stay in touch. Some have stayed in touch and some have not but that’s the price you have to pay to be confident in who are really your friends.

I’m not saying you’ll lose 35 lb but I know that you’ll have a lot more valuable time on your hands is if Facebook is not in your life. Spend that time with friends and family in the real world and I promise you you’ll be a happier person.

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I moved back to Los Angeles and have not looked back once. My move to Miami was a huge error which I am still paying for. The friends I have made in Los Angeles have stuck with me through the good and especially through the bad. Other than a few notable exceptions, and you know who you are, those in Miami who called themselves my friends we’re really never that and acted like rats on a sinking ship when my life started going downwards.
Some, who call themselves my friends actually call themselves my best friends, refused to give me shelter when I had nowhere to go after I was in a nursing home for 5 months. Their excuse was there partner was unable to deal with me being there. And yet each time they have a chance they say “oh you were always have a place in our house. A lie that makes them feel good”. That may seem bitter, but it is the actual truth and the truth is never bitter.
Now I’m back, almost at the top of my game, and I have nothing but blue skies ahead of me. I love Los Angeles and anybody who says anything else about it has me to reckon with.


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