Stephen Miller’s Affinity for White Nationalism Revealed in Leaked Emails – Southern Poverty Law Center

What a despicable human being. Calling him deplorable would be such a compliment. this hate-filled man has no business being anywhere close to the oval Office and yet he seems to be perched right in there like some sort of Nazi vulture. As I’m bringing this block to close this is the kind of crap that makes me not want to read the news. But somebody’s got to do it and I’m happy that the hatewatch at the Southern Poverty Law Center keeps an eye on this kind of hate-filled behavior by non-elected people who have too much power.

Stephen Miller you’re a disgrace to the human race.


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Giuliani associate flips on Trump, says he threatened Ukraine to investigate Biden or lose aid –

I know that we can all personally understand that bringing trust and loyalty into our friendships is how we keep our friends. The same can be said about business dealings. It turns out the guy who claims to have written the art of the deal doesn’t understand these basic rules about interacting with human beings.

Trump nose the two Giuliani Associates but has denied knowing them. There are so many pictures of him with them and his kids with them eight bags belief to say that he doesn’t know who they are. But then of course whenever people get into a bind Trump says he barely knew them, Michael Cohen, Paul manafort, and I have a feeling this list is going to go on and on.

Impeachment is based on a vague notion of high crimes and misdemeanors. What the GOP is trying to make you believe is that there must be a real crime for there to be an impeachment. In fact, I am sure you will have heard until you are nauseated impeachment is a political act, not a legal one. But if there is an illegal act involved that’s just a cherry on top of the Sunday. And the testimony released today clearly says that both people in the state department and the defense department were scurrying to try to figure out how to obey orders which were illegal by Trump. Money is specifically given by Congress to Ukraine. Congress has the power of the purse. The president cannot use that money to get dirt on his political Rivals despite the fact that that’s how he won the presidency in 2016. unfortunately for him a candidate for the presidency and the sitting president are two different animals and fall within 2 set of very specific guidelines and rules. look it’s more than clear that if a Russian comes up to a candidate and they say I have dirt on one of your opponents you shouldn’t say great I love it especially if it’s in the fall. But that’s an error that the Federal election commission would get into. If the president of the United States says that money cannot go to a specific a lie because he needs dirt on one of his opponents oh, that’s not good not even if it comes in October. Trump is in a heap of trouble and the Republicans don’t know what to do about it. Once again trumps lack of building relationships in a trusting and loyal manner come back to bite him. I wonder how long before his Twitter feed starts spewing language right out of The Sopranos regarding Lev Parnas?


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Skeptics Urge Bevin To Show Proof Of Fraud Claims {Warning Of Corrosive Effects} – NPR

Since this blog only has four days left this may be my last time to say this. Republicans win by cheating. Whether it’s gerrymandering States into unrecognizable congressional districts or using tactics like voter voter suppression of voter ID or just like this loser’s claim that there is some sort of fraud. It’s amazing Republicans never say there’s any fraud when they win. Only seems to be fraud when Democrats win. Eventually this gets really old. This unlikable human being is going to cost the state of Kentucky money for a useless recanvass of the votes. He may even ask the Republican state legislature to intervene on his behalf. So far it seems that the Republican state legislature is not going to but again Republicans seem to like cheating. It’s how they win.


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Devon and Trump, two peas in a pod

Patti LuPone Tells Sen. Lindsey Graham to ‘Bite the Bullet and Come Out’ as Gay

As I count down the last week of my blog I decided to proverbially let my hair down.

If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, Lindsey Graham is gay.

Bill Maher on a show tonight had one of his 24 things you don’t know about me and it was about Lindsey Graham. My favorite was that Lindsey Graham was married to Liza Minnelli for 13 days in the 80s. I had to look it up. Lindsey Graham is a year younger than I and he’s never been married. Look, when we grew up there was no such thing as metrosexuals. So his lisp is very telling. Close your eyes and listen to Lindsey Graham talk and you I would think that your overhearing a conversation in a gay bar in 1980. I believe he got stuck in that 1980 mode. I was in gay bars in 1980 and well into the 90s and beyond. I did make a promise to myself that once I reach 50 I would never walk into a gay bar other than to go with a group of friends for a birthday or something like that. And honestly and the last seven years I’ve only walked into two gay bars. Felt so out of place they don’t want to be there. Nothing wrong with gay bars, I met some of my best friends there. It’s a matter of fact I’ve met most of my friends there.

Ice tray. Let’s get back to Lindsey Graham. Again on tonight show Bill Maher said about Lindsey Graham if you saw five seconds of the tape that Trump has on me you’d understand everything. He’s a 64 year old man I cannot believe that there is nothing out there about him that would be damaging to somebody who is the senator from South Carolina, not exactly the most liberal state in the nation. I can’t stand Lindsey Graham. There I said it. I hated him when he was the chief prosecutor for the impeachment of President Clinton. What a crock. President Clinton was impeached for something that Trump does on a daily basis.

So yes it’s time to come out of the closet and bite the bullet Senator Lindsey Graham. Maybe you’ll find some happiness, look at how happy Peter Buttigiegj is with Chasten.


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Referee says he told Rep. Jim Jordan that Ohio State doctor performed sex act in shower – NBC News

You have to give credit to the Republicans for an amazing amount of chutzpah for putting Jim Jordan a man who knew that boys were being molested in the showers that he was in charge of the first impeachment committee. Jim Jordan is the guy who doesn’t wear a jacket and spouts nothing but lies and propaganda to get as much airtime for himself as possible. I believe the Democrats have limited the amount of time this blowhard will get but still anytime he gets isn’t insulted 177 young men that were molested. Shame on the Republicans and shame on #GymJordan .


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Pompeo should quit and run for Senate or do his job at State – The Kansas City Star

I guess the thing one would hope for if one loses one’s job is that the person that replaces you is worse. Well Secretary of State tillerson got his wish. The new secretary of state Mike Pompeo makes tillerson look like an angel. My opinion of television is not very good. He has been raping our planet as the CEO of Exxon Mobil for decades. He’s a good friend of Putin and receive Putin’s highest honor. But Mike Pompeo is on a whole new level of bad.

You can read my post from yesterday for more insight on to how I feel about Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. But his home newspaper in Kansas it’s telling him to quit his job or run for second but not to both. He is spending more time in Kansas than anywhere else in the world. perhaps I need to explain to him that Secretary of State means foreign affairs not domestic ones. Mike Pompeo is a political animal in the extreme. He was a terrible congressman and even worst CIA director and a miserable Secretary of State. I hope this whole Ukraine scandal falls on him as he deserves it so.


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Whistleblower Offers To Answer Written Questions From House Republicans after Trump says the call was {Perfecto} – NPR

For those of us who dislike everything that Trump does I think there comes A negative with that. He is smarter than he looks. every day he got something to distract us whether putting Halloween candy on a little boy’s head or saying profanity today using the word “Perfecto”.

It’s funny that a man who started his campaign by saying that all Mexicans were rapist is using the Spanish word to describe his criminal actions, strong handing the president of Ukraine with denying him the missiles that he needs so badly to defend himself against Putin’s onslaught. By the way the power of the purse lies in Congress and this was fully funded by Congress and Republicans should be up in arms but they’re not.

almost a majority of Americans say they will not vote for this man for president under any circumstances in 2020. He knows that. He said he had internal polls about the swing States but I think the best pole we have is how Democrats did in the swing States in 2018. He looks like he’s got a lot of money behind them but it’s not fair right now. If you put together all the money that the Democrats and we talkin about at one point 22 candidates amassed it’s much larger than what he has. There is an advantage to not having primaries but he’s doing it by stifling candidates who deserve to have a primary against him. I believe at least two of the three Republicans who have declared themselves will run against them and one will run as a libertarian. Hopefully this will siphon off enough votes to make up for the Jill Stein candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

He will distract every day until the election but it’s our patriotic duty to not let him do this go out register to vote if you’re not already registered and make sure that you vote because this time around it’s going to be really important.


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CBS Los Angeles: Goldstein Investigation: Delivery Drivers Grub On Food Orders Before You Get Them

I like Apple which was started in a garage but started by a benevolent God, these new e-commerce businesses AR terrible. They have disrupted how we buy things. We need regulation on these companies. It’s the wild wild West out there and it’s our food.

I ordered once, and only once from Uber food and I noticed that the guy was sitting across the street from my apartment building. So I walked out there to him and he was looking inside my food back and I asked him what he was doing and said he was checking my order. He said he could not find parking but he was parked. I’m sure he ate some of my food. I called Uber eats and they said they could do nothing except tomake sure he never delivers to me. I called the restaurant that I order from and they told me to call Uber eats. I threw everything away.

Republicans come in and deregulate thinking that this is going to help consumers. It does not. The regulations make sure that big corporations make more money. in a capitalist society we must have regulations on companies or they will go amok. Look at Facebook.

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Rep. Katie Hill decries ‘dirtiest gutter politics I’ve seen’ in fiery farewell speech – NBC News

Kenny Heslep, Katie Hills estranged ex-husband, is the epitome of what is wrong with men. He was quite happy when he was included in the menage a trois but one things went dark instead of doing the manly thing he released naked pictures of his wife and her partner to the most vile right wing so-called media organizations on the internet.

Let’s be clear here, if she were a man she would not have had to resign. the hypocrisy of all of this is mind-blowing. We have a man in the oval Office who cheated on every one of his wives, cheat on his current wife after she had a baby with a pornstar and a Playboy model but that seems okay because of course he’s a manly man. I think he’s anything but that. He’s the kind of man who uses sex in a transactional manner, I called them Johns.

One of Katie Hills constituents said it best in an interview: “I’d rather have my congressperson “F”ing someone rather than “F”ing their constituents.”

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Trump anti-LGBT judicial nominee cries over accusation he’s anti-LGBT – The Washington Blade

People’s beliefs do evolve. When someone consistently anti-lgbt in their actions one has to wonder whether they will ever change their opinions and evolve in their beliefs. This judicial appointee, Mr. VanDyke, has gone out of his way in Friends of the Court briefs 2 espouse anti-gay opinions. And now we are to think that when he becomes a federal judge this is all going to end? The thing that is most suspect in this whole situation is that Lindsey Graham paired this nominees hearing in front of the judiciary committee with one other Trump appointee who is openly gay. Were they throwing a bone to the gay community?

Tulsi gabbard has said that her views have evolved oh, I don’t believe her either. And lately Tulsi gabbard and her Ty’s to thinking that is very close to Trump’s on Russia don’t make me feel that she has evolved all that much. Russia and Putin are completely anti-lgbtq and persecute people for the way they were born. If you truly believe in a God who creates everyone then how do you square that with your opinion that He/She creates individuals that go against his/her beliefs, it doesn’t work.

These crocodile tears don’t sway me.


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