Alaska defunds scholarships for thousands of university students ahead of fall semester – NBC News

Every time I read a story like this it breaks my heart. every time I read a story like this it’s the same political party that is doing the harm, the Republicans. They will funds unnecessary Wars, unnecessary border walls,but when it comes to students education they claim they’re holding the budgetary line there.

I’ve written about the dumbing down of America has a goal of the Republican party and this illustrates that. these are young people who applied for and received these grants and expected to get to use them in a few weeks and now the money is gone. Can you imagine the stress that this is putting on them and their families? there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior. We are the richest country in the world and we can’t educate our young people?

When you saw Betsy DeVos, a useless imbecile, become the the Secretary of education someone who doesn’t believe in public education you knew that we were going down the bat path and this path is now becoming a superhighway of bad decisions.


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A student walks by the Alumni Drive time and temperature sign on a particularly cold February morning

Todd Paris / UAF

Remarks by President Trump at Turning Point USA’s Teen Student Action Summit 2019 – The White House {and how he lied about something that makes him look so small}

This is the first time I’ve ever posted anything from the Trump White House. I am posting it because this is a White House that puts out lies on a daily basis. Some of them are big and some of them are so small that they point out what a tiny man tRUMP is.

this is a speech that most people have heard about if they’ve heard about it because of the mistakein the presidential seal that Trump spoke in front of for an hour and 15 minutes. Some idiot who is now fired was lazy and found the seal online on a website that mocks Trump by selling T-shirts. Briefly the seal hadreplaced the eagle with the double headed hawk from the Russian federation flag. It had replaced the 13 Spears in its talons withgolf clubs that the designer said were specifically tiny to fit into tiny hands that the president has. The other talent was filled with cash replacing olive branches and of course the one that everybody knows is the e pluribus Unum 1 was replaced by the Spanish words he is a puppet.

Now that we’ve had our laughhere Comes what’s really serious wrong with this presidency. during the course of the speech he talked about going to the military academy for the graduation hand he said that he decided to shake every hands, was descriptive in thefact that he said it was very hot and there were Eleven hundred people that he should hands with. He said that he askedif out of the presidents did the same and was told that most of them only stay for 15 minutes and go away. That’s an outright lie. President Obama and President George w bush all went to every military academy graduation because they are the commander-in-chief and shook hands with every single graduate. Why the base those who were in the office before you to make yourself look bigger I guess that’s because you’re very very small.


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Teacher’s union head calls DeVos handling of student loan forgiveness program ‘a travesty’ – TheHill

I feel for those who have played by the rules followed every edict of the Department of education so that there student loans would be forgiven. They have to pay 120 monthly payments in a row on time. They have to work for the government or some nonprofit and then and only then can they apply for forgiveness. It’s the law and yet only 1%, and these are numbers from the Department of education, of those who apply get approved. It turns out it’s all about your acratic nightmares that they have to endure. The Department of education doesn’t seem to understand that we have computers now and they require the applicants to continuously update with where they are working. Can they not just link the IRS computers to the Department of education computers so that the job history is right there but instead know they make it more difficult.

The dumbing-down of America is a Republican goal witch they are succeeding at. The more uneducated the individual the more likely they are to believe what’s on the cover of the national enquirer as they check out each time they go shopping. I really didn’t believe that people actually took that stuff seriously. I had an IHSS worker who was my provider he was an actor and it’s late 50s and each time we walked by the check out he would say to me you see Hillary Clinton is this or Hillary Clinton is that.

Education is important but the Republicans don’t want the citizenry to have it.


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Watch “The French Chef – SNL” on YouTube

It was 1978 and it was hard to watch that tonight live because it was on Saturday night and that’s the night that we all went out. Miami has late hours so my friends came over to watch the show before we went to the clubs. That’s what I saw Dan Aykroyd doing an impersonation of someone I’d never heard of, Julia Childs. it was so funny that I had to find out who this person was in real life. I found out that her show was on PBS but there was no streaming of those days and I have to see her but it was on at noon and that’s what I was at I went to the store called Jeffersons which was owned by Montgomery Ward right across the street from where I lived at the Omni and I purchased a VCR for $1,600! just to give you some perspective in 1979 I bought the most expensive Cadillac they made, the Seville and paid $4,800 for it. $1,600 was a lot those days. If someone saw the unit today they would laugh. It had a clicker to change the channels and there was a cord that you can plug into the unit which had at the end of it a pause button. And for some reason it was a humidity meter on the top of it come out to this day I don’t know why. It was made by Panasonic. So I set my DVR to record the PBS channel at noon everyday. mind you I have never caught, my mom was a good cook and I never found the need for it. I was 24 and found out how TV dinners worked so packed and going to restaurants was my way of getting nutrients. and so every weekend I would watch 5 episodes of The French chef and slowly but surely her knowledge seeped into me. I’m a pretty good cook and I think Julia Childs and Ina Garten for how well I cook.

To me they were/are the great ladies of cooking on television. and I got to keep the great meal I’m cooked for myself tonight to them.


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Please don’t click on this, this is just a screenshot so that you can see what I was talking about. Screenshot Saturday night Live vintage 1978 NBC

Vatican office calls gender theory ‘confused concept’ in guide for Catholic schools – NBC News

I mean no offense to those of you of the religious persuasion. Let us not forget this is the same church that for years believed that the Earth was flat and still thinks that the Earth was created in 6 days.

And now they are define scientific study again. This time they’re affecting the lives of the lgbtqi community in ways they don’t seem to understand. Many in the community or raised under the Catholic faith and they were holding thatthe Catholic faith would walk in to the 21st Centuries with open arms. Sadly they are not. I have so many friends who are conflicted because of the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Are we supposed to believe in the precepts laid out 2,000 years ago as scientific fact?it’s mind-boggling that a church with over a billion followers and be stuck in the 15th century. I was raised as a Jew, but I no longer practice because I have seen what religion does to the world. let’s look back at history and think about the wars that were not caused by religion and you’ll see that it’s very few and far between. Honestly the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq were caused by religion and I can go on and on Century to Century listing Wars that religion brought on. Why? Why?

Even the article fron NBC says that this is basically sticking a finger in the eye of the lgbtqi community during gay pride month celebrations.


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Pope Francis’s his name is not on this document but his fingerprints are all over it.
Pope Francis celebrates the Pentecost Mass in Saint Peter’s square at the Vatican on June 9
Photo Credit: Yara Nardi / Reuters

How Congress could tackle cases like Jared Kushner’s college admissions – POLITICO

I want to make it clear that I’m not picking on Harvard. Harvard was not part of this week’s admission scandal. That being said how Harvard dealt with Jared kushner’s acceptance is another question.

Jared Kushner’s father was convicted of multiple counts of felonies and went to prison for it. When his son wanted to go to Harvard so the elder Kushner gave Harvard a 2.5 million dollar gift which seems to have assured both of the Kushner Suns their opportunity to go to Harvard even though in Jared’s case he was well below the standards for Harvard.

I understand that parents want the best for their kids. I understand that parents may even be willing to cheat others to get the best for their kids. That doesn’t make it right and it’s not the way it should be.

Whether or not Congress has it in it to make reforms that will impact future applicants will be seen. I hope they have it but I believe that the giant endowments that the schools have have much sway on whether or not any new legislation with any teeth will be passed by either a Republican or Democraticaly lead Congress. And we should not forget about loyalty to one’s alma mater.

I wonder what skeletons are in the academic transcripts for Donald Trump, Donald Trump jr. and Eric Trump.


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Screenshot from the Politico article

Democrats want answers from DeVos over handling of Education inspector general – CNNPolitics

This is what happens when an incompetent person buys their way into an important and vital Department. I truly believe that the Republicans want to dumb down the general population. They have cut school funding as if it’s more fat and yet we need our schools to be stellar. We need to compete with Germany and France and China and what we are doing is a crime to this generation.

I don’t know about you but I remember how I went to school and the the bands that were placed on me regarding learning an instrument, a language, broadening my scope of education. Is civics even taught in school anymore? My Lord I was in Texas and I had a full year of Texas history in 6th grade. this is criminal and the Republicans are the criminals.

So Betsy DeVos is faced with having to return money ordered by court because for-profit schools were overcharging students. She tried everything not to return this money which was rightfully the students. She needs to go but so does Trump.


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Under duress and forced Betsy DeVos finally returns the money taken from the students. Screenshot from CNN politics.

The roof of the Broad Museum of Modern Art in LA maybe one of it’s most interesting aspects

Writer’s note:
The museum is now

open and you now have the opportunity to see the light that this amazing array of windows creates in this beautiful space with the most iconic pieces of art of the 20th century on display.
I urge you to visit.

When I visited the third floor on Sunday’s February 2nd, 2015 preview, SkyLit, I was struck by how even the light was. I thought it was some sort of skylight but until I saw the roof from above I understood how genius this design is.


If you zoom in on this high definition picture you will see that there are individual light columns that then throw  the light onto the Museum’s ceiling.



I have  seen the first exhibitions in that beautiful columnless  space.20150919_13575120150919_135252
And the plexiglass cylinder which serves as the elevator makes the room have a feeling of being completely seamless.
Add some beautiful art to this and I think LA will have a new tourist hotspot.