How Congress could tackle cases like Jared Kushner’s college admissions – POLITICO

I want to make it clear that I’m not picking on Harvard. Harvard was not part of this week’s admission scandal. That being said how Harvard dealt with Jared kushner’s acceptance is another question.

Jared Kushner’s father was convicted of multiple counts of felonies and went to prison for it. When his son wanted to go to Harvard so the elder Kushner gave Harvard a 2.5 million dollar gift which seems to have assured both of the Kushner Suns their opportunity to go to Harvard even though in Jared’s case he was well below the standards for Harvard.

I understand that parents want the best for their kids. I understand that parents may even be willing to cheat others to get the best for their kids. That doesn’t make it right and it’s not the way it should be.

Whether or not Congress has it in it to make reforms that will impact future applicants will be seen. I hope they have it but I believe that the giant endowments that the schools have have much sway on whether or not any new legislation with any teeth will be passed by either a Republican or Democraticaly lead Congress. And we should not forget about loyalty to one’s alma mater.

I wonder what skeletons are in the academic transcripts for Donald Trump, Donald Trump jr. and Eric Trump.


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Democrats want answers from DeVos over handling of Education inspector general – CNNPolitics

This is what happens when an incompetent person buys their way into an important and vital Department. I truly believe that the Republicans want to dumb down the general population. They have cut school funding as if it’s more fat and yet we need our schools to be stellar. We need to compete with Germany and France and China and what we are doing is a crime to this generation.

I don’t know about you but I remember how I went to school and the the bands that were placed on me regarding learning an instrument, a language, broadening my scope of education. Is civics even taught in school anymore? My Lord I was in Texas and I had a full year of Texas history in 6th grade. this is criminal and the Republicans are the criminals.

So Betsy DeVos is faced with having to return money ordered by court because for-profit schools were overcharging students. She tried everything not to return this money which was rightfully the students. She needs to go but so does Trump.


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Under duress and forced Betsy DeVos finally returns the money taken from the students. Screenshot from CNN politics.

The roof of the Broad Museum of Modern Art in LA maybe one of it’s most interesting aspects

Writer’s note:
The museum is now

open and you now have the opportunity to see the light that this amazing array of windows creates in this beautiful space with the most iconic pieces of art of the 20th century on display.
I urge you to visit.

When I visited the third floor on Sunday’s February 2nd, 2015 preview, SkyLit, I was struck by how even the light was. I thought it was some sort of skylight but until I saw the roof from above I understood how genius this design is.


If you zoom in on this high definition picture you will see that there are individual light columns that then throw  the light onto the Museum’s ceiling.



I have  seen the first exhibitions in that beautiful columnless  space.20150919_13575120150919_135252
And the plexiglass cylinder which serves as the elevator makes the room have a feeling of being completely seamless.
Add some beautiful art to this and I think LA will have a new tourist hotspot.