Bill Gates: I had to explain to Trump the difference between HIV, HPV – The Hill

Do we have a president in the white house or a badly educated 10 year old? This man’s lack of ability to grasp onto and hold on to fax is troubling to the point of panicking me. Let’s remember just a year-and-a-half ago we had a President Who for 8 years studied and looked at issues with a fine-tooth comb and came to correct decisions.

These two infections or both sexually transmitted. But that’s where it ends. HIV is a disease that then causes one to move on to AIDS. HPV causes warts and may also cause cervical cancer in some cases. Not understanding their differences is like not understanding the difference between diabetes and heart disease.

He said in several interviews that his Vietnam was not getting sexually transmitted diseases during the 70s and 80s. Diddy never hear about HIV AIDS? If he did not what rock did he crawl out of under?


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Notes, emails reveal Trump appointees’ war to end HHS teen pregnancy program – NBC News


Study after study show that abstinence programs do not work they cause higher rates of abortion, teen pregnancies and venereal disease. The conservative notion that they can dictate how an individual controls his or her body is against all conservative principles. Conservatism says that the government stays out of your home unless you’re hurting someone in there. The government ends at the doorstep of your home so how dare they decide how a man or woman and especially a woman wants to treat their body.

I remember watching an episode of Samantha Bee’s show where she made a very funny allegory about a woman’s right to abortion. She said and her piece that she wanted a bill passed that said that each time a man wanted to ejaculate that before they did that they needed to go into a clinic and have a camera inserted into their genital so they could see the millions of sperms they were about to kill. In fact is that much what conservatives want to do to women under the guise of saving life. And then once this life comes into being conservatives I want nothing to do with it. They don’t want to pay for education or health care or anything that will make sure that that life has a good I’ve come. Let’s get back to True conservative values and not this Abomination they call conservatism now.


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Trump’s 24-Year-Old Deputy Drug Czar To Resign After Questions Over Work History –

This is just the tip of the iceberg in how Annette this Administration has been in its hiring of staff for our government. Yesterday it was revealed that out of about 450 applications for security clearances 168th have been denied for illicit activities.

How to tight the AIDS epidemic, something I was an advocate for, killed about 53,000 souls a year. Under estimate of the amount of deaths due to the opioid epidemic is 63000. So 45 puts a 24 year old as second-in-command. If you look at his resume since he left College the only thing he did was work on the Trump campaign. Look at what he is done to are State Department hands you can go down the list of how he is single-handedly destroying our government. And yet the Republicans are quite happy to say nothing about it. The Republicans, they were the ones who drank themselves in the American flag and now seem content to have Russians running all over our elections. Shame on them.


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Yes, the guy in the circle, is who 45 thought should be second-in-command of an epidemic killing 63,000 people a year. I don’t think he should be running a fraternity.