I have been putting my opinions up on Facebook and Twitter. But I decided to streamline my news feeds and start my own blog. Opinions solely mine and I hope they may be a bit enlightening.

The header image for my blog is from a painting in The Broad Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles  a work by Richard Prince entitled, Eat, Sleep and Drink, 1989. It says everything I think about politics and one simple line.

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  1. Hey Alain, how are you? Hope you are continuing to heal and get stronger every day. This blog is great!

    I think of you often as I continue to look for low-cost housing ops. The question is, do I want to stay in LA? Global warming has already pushed the year-round average temp beyond my comfort zone.

    Meanwhile, I will definitely keep my ears open for gigs. Meanwhile subscribe to the following that usually have great NGO executive job opportunities, as well as grants opportunities:

    1. California Art Council’s “ArtBeat” newsletter: to subscribe, go to


    2. LA2050 is an org that is really a consortium of various Los Angeles futurist stakeholder orgs. They have some great programs (many are free) that provide wonderful networking opportunities (#TechLA), as well as job listings for many of their affiliated orgs. Check latest newsletter here and subscribe:


    Do give a ring sometime and let me know what’s up: 626-644-8144. Have you signed up with CERT-LA yet? If not, hope you do: more networking ops there too!

    Marguerite Topping

    P.S. — I can’t seem to add you to my LinkedIn because I don’t have upgraded membership. Also, I think that Kitt Crusaders is spelled incorrectly on your LinkedIn listing (Kitt Crudares?)

    1. All caps are secretly planning the death of their owners so they can move out and conquer the world. I work with cat rescues and love these little creatures of mine. I just don’t post a lot of personal stuff on my blog and I guess maybe I should. I am @aberrebi on Instagram Karma there’s enough pictures of my cats there that it’s almost embarrassing.

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