I have been putting my opinions up on Facebook and Twitter. But I decided to streamline my news feeds and start my own blog. Opinions solely mine and I hope they may be a bit enlightening.

The header image for my blog is from a painting in The Broad Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles  a work by Richard Prince entitled, Eat, Sleep and Drink, 1989. It says everything I think about politics and one simple line.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Alain, how are you? Hope you are continuing to heal and get stronger every day. This blog is great!

    I think of you often as I continue to look for low-cost housing ops. The question is, do I want to stay in LA? Global warming has already pushed the year-round average temp beyond my comfort zone.

    Meanwhile, I will definitely keep my ears open for gigs. Meanwhile subscribe to the following that usually have great NGO executive job opportunities, as well as grants opportunities:

    1. California Art Council’s “ArtBeat” newsletter: to subscribe, go to

    2. LA2050 is an org that is really a consortium of various Los Angeles futurist stakeholder orgs. They have some great programs (many are free) that provide wonderful networking opportunities (#TechLA), as well as job listings for many of their affiliated orgs. Check latest newsletter here and subscribe:

    Do give a ring sometime and let me know what’s up: 626-644-8144. Have you signed up with CERT-LA yet? If not, hope you do: more networking ops there too!

    Marguerite Topping

    P.S. — I can’t seem to add you to my LinkedIn because I don’t have upgraded membership. Also, I think that Kitt Crusaders is spelled incorrectly on your LinkedIn listing (Kitt Crudares?)

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  2. Politics – you’re a brave lad… cats – maybe also brave? depends on whether your cats pursue world domination đŸ˜€

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    • All caps are secretly planning the death of their owners so they can move out and conquer the world. I work with cat rescues and love these little creatures of mine. I just don’t post a lot of personal stuff on my blog and I guess maybe I should. I am @aberrebi on Instagram Karma there’s enough pictures of my cats there that it’s almost embarrassing.


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