POLITICO: In Iowa, Biden confronts a growing threat: Pete Buttigieg

I posted a positive remark on Twitter about mayor Pete and one of the people who I liked on Twitter responded that he was too inexperienced and too young. I responded back by asking if they knew how many people the typical Senator overseas in their offices. The number is maxed out in about 30. Peter overseas 1,500 employees in the city of South bend. I then asked what foreign policy experience do governors get ? Not very much and yet President Clinton, who was the governor of Arkansas, had one of the best foreign policy records in our history.

Let’s get to the age thing. I’m 65 and I think that my generation has screwed everything up pretty badly and it’s time to let those who are going to have to fix the problems get a chance to have their say. Mayor Pete is exactly that kind of person. We need people running for president or going to make young people feel like this is not the same old stuff. I like Elizabeth Warren and she would make a great president but her age is an issue with me. I think Joe Biden has lost his chance and Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat.

One last interesting thing, latest polls show that more than 50% of American people would be okay with a gay president.

So Mayor Pete is my choice right now and his showing in Iowa is speaking much louder than my little post on this little blog.

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