George Conway Joins Others in Calling for Michael Bloomberg to Buy Fox News – Newsweek

I’m Jewish but I love watching Christmas movies. So maybe this is just a Christmas wish but if Michael Bloomberg buys Fox News that would be a miracle.

I have misgivings about his candidacy for president. He’s everything that’s those Trump voters hate. Plus the giant elephant in the room is that he’s Jewish. I still remember those white supremacist marching in Charlottesville saying “Jews will not replace us.” Since proud boys and white Arians are told not to masturbate they also don’t understand math. Choose makeup at best 1.7% of the American population. It’s going to be hard to replace everyone with just seven billion people. This hatred of Jews is so deep-seated that I worry. Look, I thought that I having a African American president would be impossible and yet we had Barack Obama. but the African-American population of the United States compromises between 22 and 27% of the population and they can go out and vote. despite what the Republicans will tell you about voting we can vote more than once. So yes I worry about a Bloomberg candidacy.

But if he buys Fox News I’m in.


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