Eric Holder would be the right choice for the Democrats and for America

If there was only one piece of bad news that we got from Tuesday’s elections it was that the African American vote was suppressed. They didn’t have a reason to come out to vote and they did not. We need to have candidates that will spark their Joy.

If there’s ever been a boy scout in American politics is Eric Holder. Has the attorney general for President Obama he oversaw the Department of Justice that actually did Justice. We saw rights being bestowed upon people that have been forgotten, the trans community, native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, people of all religions and foremost the American people.

since leaving his job at the Department of Justice he’s been spearheading a drive to end gerrymandering in the US. He and President Obama have been working diligently to turn back the tide on gerrymandering even if it means the Democrats may lose some seats. Unless are congressional districts are drawn fairly people will loose faith in our system of government.

I hope it Atourney General holder does run because he is exactly the kind of man we need to heal our country.


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