CBS Los Angeles: Goldstein Investigation: Delivery Drivers Grub On Food Orders Before You Get Them

I like Apple which was started in a garage but started by a benevolent God, these new e-commerce businesses AR terrible. They have disrupted how we buy things. We need regulation on these companies. It’s the wild wild West out there and it’s our food.

I ordered once, and only once from Uber food and I noticed that the guy was sitting across the street from my apartment building. So I walked out there to him and he was looking inside my food back and I asked him what he was doing and said he was checking my order. He said he could not find parking but he was parked. I’m sure he ate some of my food. I called Uber eats and they said they could do nothing except tomake sure he never delivers to me. I called the restaurant that I order from and they told me to call Uber eats. I threw everything away.

Republicans come in and deregulate thinking that this is going to help consumers. It does not. The regulations make sure that big corporations make more money. in a capitalist society we must have regulations on companies or they will go amok. Look at Facebook.

for full coverage from CBS to including video by David Goldstein please click here

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